5 Majors To Date Before You Graduate

Since I started college a lot has changed. I went from doing all my class readings in advance to cramming them in right before the final.

I went from playing it safe with a cranberry vodka on the weekends to a nice scotch at the end of a particularly trying weeknight.

I went from crushing on different guys (all with the same bad boy attitude) to dating guys from all ends of the college major spectrum. In high school we were labeled by our extracurricular activities, from the football stars to the choir geeks to the French club sluts.

But in college, our majors are our labels. And because your major says a lot about you, I’ve decided to put my own major (journalism) to work and tell you which majors you have to date before you graduate.

The Music Major:
Because who doesn’t want to be a seriously smoldering musician’s muse? But before you cue the swooning, let’s dig a little deeper because, after all, with a musician, that’s what you’ll be getting: depth. Put the stereotypes of John Mayer and what he may or may not have done to Taylor Swift aside because while a musician tends to get a bad rep for being a bad boy, he’s more than your average player. He’s deep, insightful, genuine and not afraid to tell the truth. He’s the kind of guy that you can stay up all night talking to and never once think to check the time. He’s supportive and caring.

The catch? The usually shy and independent music major tends to keep to himself so you’ll probably have to make the first move but believe me, when he’s serenading you outside your bedroom window, you’ll be glad you did.

The Business Major:
Totally opposite the musician, we have the business major, who’s in the business of schmoozing. He will wine and dine you, open your doors and literally charm the pants off you. He’s polite, courteous, levelheaded and cool as a cucumber. He remembers the little things, like the name of your first pet and when your roommate’s birthday is. He knows all the right questions to ask to make you feel like you’re the only person in the world he wants to get to know. You can probably find him rocking a navy blue blazer with brass buttons on his way to one of his many student organization meetings. He’ll kiss the cheeks of people whose ass he needs to kiss and make you feel totally included while you’re on his arm. The business major is a true people person.

The catch? While the business major is eloquently spoken and seems to be inherently cool, he has a tendency to come off as fake and manipulative. My advice is not to fall for his chivalrous tactics and instead, get to know him when he’s not in his “boozing and schmoozing” mindset. In short, don’t fall for the Armani suit, fall for the man wearing it.

The Radio/Television/Film Major:
The RTF major is driven, intelligent and funny. With just the right dash of artist and tech savvy, the RTF major is more than creative; he’s a visionary. A hipster to the core, he’s more than likely into obscure indie bands and documentary films. The RTF major doesn’t just have an opinion about everything; he has a strong opinion about everything. He’s well-read and will make intelligent jokes that you won’t always understand. The RTF major is the epitome of the “cool nerd.” The RTF major’s idea of dinner and a movie is dinner is at a mom-and-pop Brazilian restaurant you’ve never heard of and catching an old-school horror flick at a retro-revival drive-in movie theater. He’ll make you want to follow your dreams as you watch him follow his, whether it’s launching a dry humor web series about teenagers in America or writing a script doused in existentialism.

The catch? Not always the most humble, the RTF major can be a little self-absorbed and too caught up in his own world to remember the things going on in your life…like your twenty-first birthday.

The Engineering Major:
The engineering major is intelligent in a different way than the RTF major. The engineering major is where book smart and tech savvy meet in the middle. Always thinking, the engineering major’s mind is constantly churning with ideas. He is logical, rational and reasonable. He sees both sides to every story and he is full of questions. Though he’s fiercely confident in his academic life, socially his confidence falls short as he keeps to himself most of the time. He feels most comfortable in one-on-one situations, which makes for dates full of fascinating conversation that will both perplex and amaze you. Though he claims to be the least creative person in the world, he’ll still come up with dates that impress, like taking you to the tallest building on campus with a telescope to check out Mars against a city skyline. Because he generally doesn’t act on impulse or emotion, the engineering major is consistent and stable.

The catch? Because the engineering major isn’t one for affection or putting himself out there, you’ll usually have to make the first move…on everything. Eventually he’ll open up but until then always being the first to make a move can be exhausting.

The Pre-Law Major:
While the pre-law major is the most headstrong and stubborn major on the list, he’s also the most loyal. He’s read more books than you can name, he keeps up with politics and he wants you to know it. He’s the perfect guy to spend a Friday night in with, watching CNN and eating takeout. He’ll fight you to the death on something seemingly minute, like which one of you left the toothpaste cap open. And while it sounds exhausting and annoying to be with someone who can fight over the littlest things, just know that he fights passionately but he loves with just as much passion. He’ll worry if you’re getting enough sleep or if your car needs an oil change, because he genuinely cares for you. He’ll be the first to stand up for you and the last to back down from anyone attempting to make you feel less than you are.

The catch? The pre-law major is an interesting paradox. He can come off as condescending and cold when you don’t know the name of your state’s senator but he always wants what’s best for you. You can expect to have fights that are completely blown out of proportion but you can also expect the most over-the-top, generous and thoughtful gestures from him. It will be a roller coaster but the highs will make the lows worth it.

Even if you don’t get a chance to date the majors I listed, I highly recommend you dabble in dating a variety of ’em. Even if you’re set in your ways with your certain type of guy, be it the bad boy or the athlete, dating outside of your typical dating niche is an eye-opening (and sometimes toe-curling) experience that even if you regret, you’ll grow wiser from.



    1. LilahLily says:

      I'm sorry- but the way you describe the pre-law major is an extremely dangerous dating mindset:
      "It will be a roller coaster but the highs will make the lows worth it." Films already give us the terrible message that dating should be full of drama and fights. But no healthy relationship should be an emotional rollercoaster…the highs only make the lows "worth it" because the two extremes exaggerate each other, meaning the lows make the highs "higher".

      1. Jen says:

        I don't think that a roller coaster relationship is a bad thing, maybe for some people it is, but life is a roller coaster. Things can change out of nowhere and feelings are unplanned and unexpected and fights happen everyday over things that you didn't mean and you should be comfortable enough in your relationship to show those feelings. Maybe it's cliche or wishful thinking but as long as the feelings are genuine, it doesn't matter how dramatic they seem to others. But at the base level, that's life. Unplanned fights over the who forgot to let the dog out happen all the time, we have good days and we have bad days and as long as no one is putting on a show, life is not a steady stream of emotion and neither is love.

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    3. alexis says:

      what about pre-med/science majors??

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    5. Jfahr says:

      I'd like to say, that I agree on most parts. But I believe Pre-med/science and Agricultural majors need to be one this list.

    6. Chef Wear says:

      I am a geology major, so I should meet most of the math, physics, etc type of requirements. It is the classes like statics that I will be lacking.My understanding is that so long as you have the right preparation and can show that you're mathematically highly competent, your undergraduate major does not make a difference.I understand your frustration. People in my department and I often poke fun at the business majors. I also have the experience of having all my gen eds be ridiculously easy A's.

    7. En. says:

      I don't think I've met anyone who actually conforms to any of these – heck, I don't think I've managed to find accurate stereotypes for people by major. Folks go into the same major for all sorts of different reasons and with all sorts of different personalities.

    8. Lee says:

      Ok, for better or for worse, I'm a pre-law major and this describes me PERFECTLY.

    9. Heather says:

      My bf of 2 years (who I met in class) is a Computer Engineer major. He is very intelligent, methodical, and very stable; he is also very outgoing and extroverted. Not all engineers are quiet!

    10. sarah says:

      As a music major, I have to say I wish more of the guys were like this! Definitely not the case here lol

    11. Elizabeth says:

      I disagree with what you've said about the Business Major (being one myself), but one small technicality. Business itself isn't actually the major. You get a Bachelor of Commerce (BCOMM), then you can major in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, International Business & Business Management. So, I think the point I wanted to get at is that each of these majors within the BCOMM degree is full of groups of totally different people – none of which you described:)

    12. personface says:

      You forgot math majors- they're the best lovemakers. Downside: they are constantly horny.

      1. carmenglezrdguez says:

        And their geeky glasses are so cute!

    13. Rose says:

      I'm a music major and – yeah, the stuff about music majors is just laughable and so not true, and it's clearly been written by someone who doesn't know any of us.

      For starters, most college music majors are studying classical music. Significantly less sexy now, isn't it? And most are there purely to perform, not to write music (that would be us music composition majors and there aren't many of us).

      Also, music majors aren't really any deeper or more introspective than most people. I WISH that were the case, as I came to college expecting to date some super-sexy virtuoso, but alas, music major guys can be just as immature and silly as any other college guys. Also, there are a fair number of music majors who are music majors because they are good at playing an instrument/singing and not much else.

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    15. All relationships are emotional roller coasters…and the business major sounds like me…I had to chuckle under my breath a little bit…speaking of relationships have any of you girls Guys told you any of these 3 lies?

      Flo Rida & His Hairline Squash the Beef & Reunite Onstage For the First Time Since Puberty

    16. Cat says:

      I just have to say, my boyfriend and his friends are Engineering majors and they're nothing like that (I wouldn't even trade him for a Comm major, like me😉 They're good at thinking logically, but they're also really funny and sweet..and crazy partiers.

      Do Business majors really wear blue blazers with gold buttons? (I'm Chuck Bass.)

      Anyway, the whole article was pretty clever and fun to read.

    17. hmmmm says:

      music majors I've ran into= former bandgeek music snobs who only listen to "real" music (classical, zappa)

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    19. Ben says:

      Totally disagree about business majors. Dated one once. Totally concerned with the material, and her friends were like hanging out in a young conservative club.
      No thank you.

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