CC Beauty Live: Holiday Updos (2 for 1!)

The holidays are my favorite time of the year because I feel like it gives us all an excuse to get all prettied up almost every day. There are just tons of holiday parties and gatherings, which I l-o-v-e getting dressed up for. But my favorite part of all? The hair! I mean, how often do we college girls have an opportunity to go all out on our hair?

That’s why I nearly died when I saw a billion gorgeous holiday up-dos in the magazines this month! I decided to walk you through two looks I saw in Cosmo’s December 2010 issue that every girl must try this season. One is a messy up-do and the other is a messy side ponytail.

Do you see a pattern?

Yup, messy is in. But it’s cute messy. Deliberate. Intentional. Not, “I just woke up and threw on this LRD.” How do you get it just right? Let me help.



    1. beth says:

      Your videos are always great, but I can NEVER hear them… the volume is always so low. Maybe you can get closer to the microphone?

      1. Caitlin-University of Alabama says:

        Hi beth, thanks for watching! As far as the audio goes, I bump it up as much as I can and when I play it back, it's very loud. I know when I watch on my laptop I can't hear as well because the speakers are at the bottom. I'm sorry you're having trouble with the volume, I really do everything I can to bump it.

    2. Olivia says:

      I wore the second up-do yesterday after watching this video. And let me just say, I looked really cute! Haha but seriously, it only took me like five minutes to do and the result was a really pretty, semi-messy 'do :]

      I also bought the Clinique Moisturizing Gel over the weekend and I absolutely love it! It's perfect for my combination skin.

      Thank you sooo much for your videos! They've helped me out a lot =]

      1. Caitlin-University of Alabama says:

        Olivia, I'm so glad that look worked for you!! I absolutely love those two because they're so quick and look so cute:) And I'm glad the gel is working too, it's one of my favorite products! Thanks for watching!!

    3. Janelly says:

      You should have a youtube channel! I have one myself!

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