Holiday Gift Guide: For the Bookworm [GALLERY]

The holiday seasons are all about eating too many dips, spending way too much money on frenemy gifts, and watching Elf on repeat. This year we’re prepared to take the stress and the frustration out of holiday gift giving by giving you the ultimate gift guides to buying the perfect presents for your favorite people (and we’re splitting into 3 different price ranges so you can choose the gift based on how much you actually like the person!). So set this series as your favorite because all week we’re bringing you the best.

It’s tough to buy gifts for the friend who loves to read. The choice should seem obvious, shouldn’t it? Buy a book. But what type of book? What has she read? What does he want to read? Hardcover or paperback? New or used? The questions are endless. And that’s before you even get into accessories. Are bookmarks too cliché? Will she even use them? Are all those gadgets really necessary?

All valid questions. But more importantly, all answerable questions. College Candy is breaking down the answers for you. With prices ranging from $11.99 to $139 we’ve got all your bases covered, from the books, to the book lights to the book shelves.

So no more standing in the middle of Barnes and Noble staring at the stacks of bestsellers attempting to figure out which one is actually worth reading. I’ve done the hard work for you and scoured those (cyber) shelves to provide you with the best gift options for the bookworms in your life.

Get even more gift giving inspiration in CollegeCandy’s Holiday Central!



    1. Eimear says:

      Buying an electronic 'book', in my opinion, is like a bookworm selling their soul to the devil! Half of my love of books is the new book smell.

    2. Charlotte- University of Birmingham says:

      For me, a good book is the best gift. Except Louboutins.
      Get them a book you love, they'll really appreciate it. It might seem egotistical but I love reading books other people have recommended.


    3. I do agree that a good book will be the best gift for a person who likes to read but if someone who's not much into reading has to select a book that it will indeed seem to be a hectic task. A good search over the Internet will also provide with some good options but then when it comes to buying, he will indeed have to think about the on that will indeed work.

    4. holiday gifts says:


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    5. theonlineshopper says:

      I agree, books are so much nicer then ebooks, I think its because of the 'unplug', read and relax part. Its also easy to turn pages, more portable then a computer and doesnt hurt your eyes if you stare at it too long (debatable?)

    6. […] College Candy has quite a few gift guides floating around, like the one for the ‘bookworm’ […]

    7. Tsa locks says:

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