The Weekly Ten: Worst Christmas Gifts Ever

"A razor? What are you trying to say, honey?

Christmas is fast approaching. (Five days, but hey, who’s counting?) While I’m sure you’ve already picked out the perfect gift for everyone on your list, I bet you haven’t given much thought to what you’re getting this holiday season.

Well…I have.

I’ve taken my favorite Gleek’s (Brittany S. Pierce!) advice and made my Christmas list early and sent it on its way to the North Pole. But I know that even someone as prepared and as considerate as me (making it easy for my parents by adding what I wanted for Christmas to their Amazon shopping carts) will more than likely get stuck with a few bad Christmas gifts. It’s okay though, it’s a burden we all have to bear, so I’ll brave the post holiday madness and head to the return lines.

I just hope I don’t get anything quite as bad as these gifts.

10. Scented Candles. Not only do they more often than not smell like nothing more than a cheap imitation of what they’re supposed to smell like (Birthday cake? Sand castles? Ginger tea and honey?), but they’re also a bit of a fire hazard.

9. Useless gadgets. I’m sorry but I never have and I never will have any use for your vibrating slippers, your Bumpits, your BeDazzler or anything else that has AS SEEN ON TV stamped across the front of the box.

8. Socks. I don’t care if they are Christmas themed, personalized, or striped. I don’t care if they are toe socks, or fuzzy socks, or just plain, regular, everyday socks. They are not appropriate Christmas gifts. And I’m sick of people passing them off as though they are. Just because they come in lots of funky patterns doesn’t mean they make a good gift. End of discussion.

7. Anything from Bath and Body Works. I’m not even going to touch on the whole scented thing because that was already covered. But really, let’s think about this, when was the last time you used cucumber melon body splash? When was the last time you wanted to? Scented soaps and creams and antibacterial soaps that smell like a garden? My allergies act up just thinking about them. No, I won’t use the bath salts or those cute little themed baskets that just seem so perfect either.

6. Picture frames with a photo of the gift giver in them. First of all, the picture frame is almost always something ridiculous that you would never use and doesn’t match anything in your dorm. Second of all, you are not going to place a picture of this person next to your nightstand like you two are finally going steady or something. Moving on.

5. Anything that looks like you got it as a free sample. I’ve gotten these gifts before, and believe me I’ve been able to tell. Oddly enough, when you give someone who hardly ever wears makeup Clinique cover up it’s kind of a clue that you didn’t buy the gift for that person. Oh, hey, is that a complimentary tote you’ve got there on your arm?

4. Fruit cake. Yes, people still give these. And yes, the cliché is still very, very true. No one wants a fruit cake, even if it is homemade, because chances are, it’s not very good. As for a peanut butter cup cheesecake….that’s a dessert I can get behind.

3. Themed gifts. You know, it’s Christmas, so obviously any gift you give or get has to, in some way, be Christmas related.  Your Aunt Mary is going to get you a Santa sweater. And, oh wait, Aunt Sue got you candy cane socks to match. Now all you need is one of those headbands with the reindeer antlers and you’re all set. Thanks Dad!

2.  Homemade coupons. No, I don’t want your free hugs. Or your promise to do my homework. Because I don’t want to hug you and I wouldn’t trust you to do my homework for me. Ever. So if you’re going to get me a coupon, that coupon better be a gift card. And by gift card I mean one of those things that look like a credit card and works in a real establishment. (Like Starbucks.) That means you can’t use crayon to fill this one out either. Pity.

1. Self-help books. We have issues. We know. The holidays are not the time to remind us of them. So just buy us a drink and leave it at that, okay?

What are the worst gifts you’ve ever gotten?!



    1. Charlotte- University of Birmingham says:

      I personally love self help books, but I think I would be slightly offended if someone got me one!!
      I agree with everything else though- however a soft, wool pair of sexy knee-high-socks would be a perfectly acceptable gift :]]


    2. Priya says:

      A friend gave me the cutest beret with a matching scarf. However, the material wasn't great and has now gone all over my coat. Ah well.:)

    3. that girl says:

      Socks are the best, what are you talking about!!!!

      My sister specifically asked for them, and she's 20. Honestly, they're the one item of clothing that wears out quite quickly, and getting them once a year at Christmas makes a lot of sense.
      Especially those awesome Smart Wool socks❤

      Now, if that's the ONLY gift you give… there's a problem.

    4. Sherri says:

      My best friend gave me 5 pairs of socks for my birthday. 5 PAIRS! They're all Christmas-themed, and one is scented. Ridiculous.

    5. ALG says:

      WOW! Oh Yeah Cause Christmas is about getting the best gifts.

    6. jessica says:

      i think some of the things here sound really ungrateful. if you're going to be such a stickler about what you get, just tell people you don't want anything! gift cards are so impersonal, and asking for gift cards is ridiculous, to me. christmas is all about thinking about the people in your life.

    7. beth says:

      Socks are actually one of my favorite Christmas gifts. I have a mad sock addiction… The crazier the print the better. Extra points if they're knee or OTK socks.

    8. Dina says:

      I agree.. Most of these gifts I would actually be greatful for.

    9. mememee says:

      I know someone who wears mis matched socks everyday and she got into a bad accident. so people in my area are asking for mismatched socks to support her. u sound super shallow. i would be glad to get any of that except as seen on tv and fruitcake.

    10. Jane says:

      Bath and body works is heaven!! And whats wrong with fruit cake esp if you're giving it to family. Sometimes, you need to just take the snobby side off yourself

    11. Jenna says:

      I LOVE cute socks and candles and Bath and body works, but I guess its all just about personal taste

    12. Rosy says:

      One of my close friends gave me a pack of neon rainbow striped socks from Hot Topic. She knows how much I love colorful, neon, and striped things!😀 Most of the things on your list I would love to get. It really is just a personal preference thing though.:)

    13. Pete says:

      What a bitch! Someone gives you a gift (I can't imagine why. I doubt that you are married, nor will you be until you grow up) and all you do is complain??

      Enjoy your Christmas with your multiple cats.

    14. Bobby Adamson says:

      When you leave home you have to deal with the fact that not everyone is going to buy you new cars and college degrees like mommy and daddy did and do. Grow up.

    15. ted stevens says:

      Women love bad gifts, because the only thing a woman really ever wants is something to complain about.

    16. Elfa says:

      This year, one of the people I think knows me the best let his girlfriend (someone I've met three times now) get me a reed diffuser. A REED DIFFUSER. It gets even better…it was a Cinnamon sent with a Christmas theme. Cinnamon makes me sick as a dog…something my "brother" knows.
      What a Christmas.

    17. Steve says:

      dental floss ! ! !
      are they trying to tell me something?

    18. Sparrow says:

      I like getting socks for Christmas, and Bath and Body Works is good too, but I always prefer when somebody asks me which products I like first.

      I agree with the scented candles though, mostly because my mom is a teacher, so we ended up with ten or so of the things every year, along with a lot of ugly mugs and cheap chocolates. I never want to own a scented candle again.

    19. Richard says:

      Here's a perfect gift for Uncle Ernie who thinks he fools everyone with his horrible comb-over. It's hilarious!

    20. […] has some great advice for gift-givers this season: If you want to make your receiver happy, stay away from bad gifts. What constitutes a bad gift, you ask? Well, as far as I can tell, anything super generic or…well…boring. Here are a few of the key items on the list I’d like all to be aware of: Useless gadgets. I’m sorry but I never have and I never will have any use for your vibrating slippers, your Bumpits, your BeDazzler or anything else that has AS SEEN ON TV stamped across the front of the box. […]

    21. Mikayla says:

      You make me feel bad. I made my mom some home-made stuff including coupons that I made myself for 3 fish, I was going to pay for the fishes she picked out and I actually worked really hard on them so they were nice and neat. Well, at least I know that not ALL people are as harshly ungrateful as you! I'm the kind of person who ASKS for socks for Christmas! Apparently all Christmas is to is to YOU is greed and what you get! Think of all the people who don't have the delicacies of even a candle, or a sock, or even FOOD! They would KILL for how WE live, what WE have! You selfish, shallow, ungrateful person! You could have just had a list of what you would prefer not to have, but, no, you had to push it, you had to COMPLAIN about how "horrid" and "terrible" these gifts were! Apparently, the real meaning of Christmas and giving has been lost in some of today's modern society.

      And P.S, this was typed by a 12 year old. Yeah, that's right, a CHILD like ME is more grateful for what they have then you are. Like "Pete" said, have fun living with your multiple cats.

    22. Lisa says:

      I hardly get any gifts so I would be happy to get anything. Send me your unwanted candles, lotions, socks and fruitcake!

      1. Hey Lisa send me your email and I will definitely get in touch and get your info to send you some of my fabulous handmade gifts that the candles smell like what they're supposed to without the waxy smell. In fact you can crique my products for me and tell what you think. heh ? I'll send you products 2 times each month and you critique them for me okay? how;s that. full size mind you. Verne

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    24. You may not like tham but, some do. There are those who have just about everything so a nice gift basket is quite nice to receive for some especially if they're all natural and true to the green thing. Candles are great too if you love candles that actually smell like what they're supposed to and arent't just some old waxy smell with a lot of soot emitting in the air. Sorry you're such a hard person to please. But, actually it's the thought that counts!

    25. for those of u who are just constant complainers of everything, it seems your unhappiness is showing. Stand back and re-evaluate yourself. You have to realize that some of the gifts you give aren't top of the list things others want either but, they graciously accept them and some even cherish the thought. If ur spending a ton on gifts and think that is a satisfactory gift well think of it like this they can't take it with them so, no matter how much u spend doesn't matter it the thoughtfulness u put into it, or just that u didn't for their date, BD etc., etc. Stop thinking so much of what u don't want and think more of how nice it was for them to even think of u. And, yest there are those who love cucumber Melon that's one of the resons Bath N body works make millions -Do u ? U sound like a spoiled rotten, selfish unthinking, inconsiderate Brat…

    26. Beck Keays says:

      Wow! You sound like a horribly ungrateful person. Sounds to me like you're one spoiled brat! One of the presents that I recieved that always sticks out in my mind was a fluffy pair of socks, I told my friend I couldnt find any and months later she found and bought me some……very special. Grow up, smell the roses and see how the 'other half' live.

    27. Kristen says:

      So do you think an "I'm with Stupid" shirt would be a good gift or a bad gift? I guess it depends on the shirt. Here's the best one I've seen.. . (You have to see the picture).

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