5 Must-Haves for a Good Boyfriend

Sometimes I think we should just rename winter the season of love. When the cold weather comes in, it seems like couples just come out of the woodwork….or snowbanks. Suddenly they are holding hands in every store, making out on the sidewalks, and sharing kisses between sips of coffee at Starbucks.

Yes, it’s a little nauseating, but come on; everyone’s looking for a little love come holiday time.

But what makes a good love? A rugged jaw, some tight abs and some sparkling baby blues wouldn’t hurt, but when you get down to it, those are only an added bonus. The shiny gold bangle to your already perfect LBD. The truth is, there are way more important things every guy’s gotta have if he wants the honor of calling us his GF. And no, Pauly D, having a 25-minute daily hair regimen is not one of them.

So here are the 5 things we’re looking for when it comes to finding a boyf.

Makeout Skills:
Let’s be honest – no matter how much you love someone, no boyfriend can reach perfect status if there isn’t any chemistry, and chemistry simply can’t exist if the guy is sucking your nose off. Or licking your gums. Or drooling on your chin. A good boyfriend must have kissing mastered. And that means a variety, people. Sometimes we’re totally into a slow, romantic kiss, while other times we want to go at it like were in junior high and our parents could walk in any minute.

A Job
Of course the shallow reasons hold true; we can’t help it, we’re girls. When we decide to date just one guy, we want to know he can take us out to dinner and a movie every once in a while. We’re not asking for diamond rings, but a gift on Christmas and birthdays is pretty much necessary (call it superficial, but when Christmas rolls around again and all you get is another card, you won’t be happy). But beyond the material things, holding a job is usually a good sign of character. Chances are he’s up before noon, has a good work ethic and has a future beyond his mom’s couch.

A Sense of Humor
The physical attraction is only going to keep us interested for so long. Especially when he starts opting for cheeseburgers instead of trips to the gym and that 6-pack begins to soften up a bit. So there obviously has to be things about his personality that have us coming back for more. And while being compassionate or hardworking or loads of fun is important, more often than not it’s the guy with the good sense of humor that hooks us. We want someone who will make us laugh so hard we pee once in awhile. That’s normal, right?

An Equal Desire for Fun and Romance
There are some nights where we just want to get into our sweats and cuddle on the couch watching movies all night. But the next night we’re ready to slip into some heels and go out dancing. A good boyfriend also has this desire (to party…not slip into a pair of heels). We don’t want a boyfriend who wants to sit home all the time, but someone who is out every night of the week is no good either. It’s all about balance (and/or a mutual respect for all things Gaga).

Love for My Dog
Sorry, but before he came along my pooch was the one snuggling up next to me at night, sharing my dinner and watching TV curled up with on the couch. If you don’t love my dog as much as I do, it’s just not going to work out. Plus, a guy who doesn’t love animals is missing a piece of his heart… if he even has one.

What else do you guys think a good boyfriend must have?



    1. LMaine says:

      The section about holding a job sounded vapid for the most part ("the shallow reasons hold true; we can’t help it, we’re girls"). In a LTR it's normal to expect gifts on holidays/birthdays but it doesn't have to be something materialistic (make a meal, plan an inexpensive outing like camping, etc). In these tough economic times it is selfish to expect your SO's paycheck to be in any way dedicated to you for fun and pricey date nights (my BF and I always split the bill or alternate footing the entire bill). I guess what I'm saying is that the importance of holding a job is the indication of maturity and responsibility, and in this article that seemed like an afterthought.

    2. Lace says:

      I think the job one should have been worded in saying that a good boyfriend is a Hard Worker. A hard worker is someone who is willing to work and finds the incentive to even have a job. Any job. Its not about money, buying gifts, or anything like that. Its more like putting in the effort. Something I wish all women would possess. Some women still have the idea that they are "too good" to work, or dont need to. I think a materialistic girl cares about how much money their man makes. A girl who actually cares about the other person only wishes that he tries his best. Cheesy, but it make sense through my eyes.

      1. LMaine says:


      2. MissRadioactive says:

        True, to a degree, but I just got out a relationship with a guy who was "trying his best" when it suited him, or when I asked about his future job prospects. As far as I am concern, money isn't the issue, it's just that a continuous, decent jobs is proof of character, rather then having to rely on excuse/reasons, after all, "I'm trying my best" is opinon, a decent pay check is a fact.

    3. Charlotte- University of Birmingham says:

      this is cute.
      i've just met a new boy and i'm excited about the future.
      i don't have a job and he's only just graduated so nothing on the job-front yet, but he ticks all the other boxes :]]


    4. nazarienne says:

      So true! Especially the last point is (for me) very important. My last bf didn’t like my dog(s) ( abd other animals) and it was one of the main reasons it didn’t work. Without my dog?NO WAY!

      Also he had a bad sense of humor and he was that kind of guy who never wanted to go out. It was frustrating having a bf who didn’t want to meet my friends.

      Also I think it’s very important that family and bf get along with each other.

    5. Joachim says:

      Really!!! That is all you girls needs from a guy?
      I am in the wrong country…. In all the articles I read it seems the job is the most important. In my country you don't need a job. You need a decent well paying job. You need to own a car. And not a 20 year old one, no matter how well it is looked after. You do have to have your own place. If you bought it, so much better…
      We are a third world country that still believes in chivalry. Open doors and such. I have read articles where girls complain about stuff like that! Here it is a given.

      1. Sierra says:

        Dude this is a college candy article…that means this guy is probably 18, and earning some degree that will get him that high paying job later, but right now is working as a waiter.

    6. aish says:

      make out skills n a good sex hell yes
      the job??? nah….i dont give a shit….come on ladies its the 21st century….split the damn bill

    7. Erin says:

      This article sucks. Have you ever been in a legitimate long term relationship? You sound like you are 13

      1. Jen says:

        I must say your response is rather amusing. This article isn't literally telling you what you need in a boyfriend, it is taking a humorous approach to the subject.

      2. *rolls eyes* says:

        I have to agree with Jen; what a silly response, Erin. I think it's shallow in places (6 packs? Blue eyes? Naaa…), but the underlying points are good and hold quite true (and really, what 13-year-old thinks about her crush having a job or not? You sound more like you're 13).

    8. Commentor says:


      In third world countries is where women get treated the worst, among other things, being coerced into prostitution at ages 12 and above. Look at Mexico. I find third world country men put on a show of chivalry, but when it comes to the quiet, steady, implacable work of making lives better for girls and women, there is only one true country for the ladies: THE USA! Briefly, the education and professional prospects for women are best here. Look at our sports … we want our ladies to have all the men have and they are rockin' the world … word. Chivalry is wanting women to be happy with or without us in particular and being a forthright gentleman in kind.

      1. LMaine says:

        While I agree that the US is better than in third world countries, the US has a long way to go to compare with other nations like the Nordic countries.

      2. Kris says:

        You're an idiot. Have you ever lived in another country? People who think USA is the BEST OF THE BEST in terms of everything have clearly never experienced the rest of the world.

      3. AussieMale says:


    9. Alison says:

      It's important for a man to be educated or to work. In my opinion,materialism has nothing to do with it. I don't want to date somebody who is lazy and depends on others' incomes. Women want a man who is independent and self sufficient. If you don't go to school or work, chances are, you are not self-sufficient.

    10. julia says:

      INTELLIGENCE? wow. wow.

    11. Rain says:

      Do you guys really think it's shallow to require the guy to have a job, and/or go to school? How many guys have you known who never worked and didn't go to college? My friends have dated plenty of guys like that, and believe me, they are losers. It's not "split the bill" instead, the girl is a sucker who pays for everything. You have no future with a man who will not work, who has no ambition, who lives off his parents or you.

    12. raj says:

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    13. Kim says:

      There is nothing wrong about wanting a guy with a job. It does not make you shallow and it does not make you a gold digger. If a guy has a job and goes to school, it gives you great insight into his character. He's ambitious, he's determined, and he's making moves in life to secure his future. One day, a boyfriend will become a husband, and you want to make sure that person will be just as hard working as you are.

      I also agree with the sense of humor. Funny people just make life so much easier.

    14. Johnny says:

      I was with you right up until #5. I hate your dog.

    15. Guest says:

      I can't believe no one has mentioned an "honest" man – doesn't lie to you or cheat on you! Also, if my boyfriend lives at my place, he should be willing to split expenses and not live off of me (a woman!). The "I love you's" only go so far – and actions speak louder than words! I don't want to feel USED by any man! Love is blind, so they say, but woman, take the blinders off and see what really is going on. I became blind and stupid while in love….and when I finally faced reality, I didn't like what I saw. Not only do you have to love HIM, but you have to love yourself too!

    16. Pat says:

      Guest: You couldn't have said it better! I too just ended a long term relationship! I was such a schmuck. I realized I was good enough for a good time but not good enough for a life time! I got used royally!! I couldn't see past the "dream" I had to be together to see how he was treating me. He was very slick. He lied, he cheated and he treated me like s@#$%t. But I woke up. I feel so free and so happy, like a weight had been lifted from my soul. I agree. Honesty and trust is the main foundation of a good relationship. The humor, fun and all the rest are perks to be sure. But the foundation must be there first!

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