5 Reasons Taylor Swift Makes the Ultimate BFF

I realize that my beloved T.Swift has been getting some harsh words thrown her way. There are a lot of people out there who don’t love her, her songs, or her “NO WAY! I can’t believe I won AGAIN!” award speeches. Some people question her talent. Others question her character. Some even wonder when she’s gonna start straightening her hair.

I am in none of those categories. Taylor’s lyrics may not be as boundary crashing as GaGa and she might not have a voice like Beyonce, but we can all relate to her songs about heartache and that feeling you get after an amazing date. Tay Tay gets it and more importantly, she gets us. So don’t turn your back on the girl who introduced you to a happier side of the story of Romeo and Juliet!  We always need a best friend like Taylor Swift in our lives to sing us through the bad times AND to give us a lyric high after an amazing night.

So here are 5 reasons why Ms. Swift is the ideal BFFAEAEAEAEAE…..

Taylor Swift will never leave you. Her music can forever be with you, on your iPod, ring tones, blasting it in your car…I think you get the point. T.Swift will always be your friend, even when there is no one around. Which leads me to my next point…

Taylor Swift comforts you when no one else can. Sometimes friends just don’t know what to say, but T.Swift…she knows what to say. Better yet, she puts what to say in a catchy song that you can belt out to get rid of your frustrations. Taylor, like you, has been through some pretty messy situations and can probably relate to them just as well as your friends. But unlike your friends, you can put her on repeat and dance to her advice in your PJs.

Taylor Swift can help you get dressed: The girl’s got style.  And unlike many (ahem Miley ahem) she’s a celebrity who dresses appropriately for her age AND…wait for it…stays classy! Taking cues from T.Swift wouldn’t be a bad thing. Even your parents would agree.

Taylor Swift is just plain cool. I want to be able to write a song about my ex, have him hear it…then have him wish he had never dated me! The courage that she puts into her songs, by writing about her OWN life, amazes me. I wish more people would be able to speak their mind. And make millions for it.

I have a feeling Taylor Swift has kick ass dating horror stories. Let’s be real…if her dating life is like her songs, which it obviously is, then girl has got to have some amazing horror stories (or at least details about what Taylor Lautner/John Mayer/Jake Gyllenhall look like nakey). What’s better than hearing her tales and sharing your own over pancakes and coffee on a hungover Sunday morning?

Even if you (claim to) hate T. Swift’s songs (and secretly listen to them in your car), you can’t deny that deep down, you sorta love her and her catchy beats. And for good reason; there’s a lot to love. Which is why instead of hating on her we should rally around her and be grateful for the girl who understands what we’re going through and is there to go through it all with us.



    1. Christy says:

      Yay for this post!!!! I love Taylor Swift:)

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    5. Ranie says:

      I agree Tayla Swift is an insparation. Thanx for puttin this up xxx
      anyone ho doesnt like Tayla is crazy.
      And if Tayla has read this i no sh'll be happy.

    6. Bella says:

      I don't really like Beyonce, I do not think her voice is the best in the world, and Lady GaGa I have to say is not my favorite either I mean i like both of them but I only like some of the song i have heard from them, not all. I like Taylor mush better, even my little 10-year-old sister likes her.(she is WAY to young to date) She likes Taylor's music anyhow. The melody everything. Some songs she does not really like, but how many songs does Taylor have? MANY! SO MANY! There are some songs of hers that are not the most popular but i think are great

    7. Bella says:

      well she is really good beyonce but i am just not the biggest fan of her. she is a really good singer. yes better than taylor a bit. but her songs are not really to my taste. i am only 13 but still. so i guess you understand why she is not my favorite(yet maybe) i mean i am still to young to date but i still like taylor better since i am only 13. and lady gaga is good but i do not like all her songs i only like a few…

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