True Story: I Regret The Way I Lost My Virginity

Everyone says your first time should be with someone you love. Well, here’s something “everyone” didn’t tell you: just because you lose it with someone you love doesn’t mean you won’t regret it. I certainly do. While I loved Sam very much, it was not at all the right time. When I look back on it, I don’t have a pleasant memory.

I had a really tumultuous relationship with Sam for about six years on and off at the time, which probably was a red flag to begin with. But I was young and in love, and he was “the one.” The timing with us was always wrong. We’d both be seeing other people, but always gravitated back to each other regardless. We would stay up all night on the phone, bitching to each other about anything and everything.

One night we were talking, and the topic of sex came up. He was curious, I think, if I had slept with someone. I was shocked that Sam would even propose the idea that I would lose it to someone other than him. He was relieved; “Good because I love you, and I want to have that experience with you.” That’s funny because he wasn’t a virgin. He had actually lost it to my ex-best-friend, but that’s a whole other story that we won’t get into now.

Then something terrible happened: one of my best friends ended up in the hospital with a fractured skull and was put in a medical induced coma. I was a complete mess, but Sam was there for me. He always answered my calls, no matter what time it was. He comforted me and let me know that it was going to be okay. But it wasn’t. My friend died a week later. When I found out, I immediately called Sam. I worked with my family on the weekends and my mom didn’t want me to drive home myself, so he came to pick me up. I remember sitting on the curb, bawling my eyes out when he pulled up. I got in the car, put my head in his lap, and cried while he drove to my house.

He carried me into my room and sat on my bed, but I felt sick and decided to take a shower. I think I stood there for half an hour just in complete shock. I didn’t know really what was going on. I put on my towel wrap, moseyed back into my room, and curled up next to Sam. I felt safe. He kissed my forehead, then my nose, then my lips, and before I knew it, we were having sex. I don’t even really remember it because I was so mentally removed from the situation.

He stayed with me that night, which was nice I suppose, but then I didn’t hear from him for a month. I had just lost a dear friend, my virginity, and Sam. Eventually, we talked and moved on, and even dated for two more years. It was not at all what I had wanted, but it happened. I couldn’t change it, I had to move forward, and I did. But still, I wish I had been strong enough that night to say something. To not get caught up in the moment. To take that moment and that act more seriously.

While I regret the way it happened, I don’t regret who it was with. I loved Sam, and he was the right person. I just wish I had waited for the right time as well.

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    1. Anon says:

      I totally understand that feeling. While I lost mine to 100% the right person (who I am still dating), I too wish it was different. I did it because of other things that I felt compelled me to finally say "yes"

    2. Dirk Diggler says:

      Durr… that's pretty @#%^ing slick of him to bang you while you were under the duress of extreme grief and shock. What a player. You actually like the guy?!

    3. Tawama says:

      What a douchbag, my heart really goes out to you and I know Karma will hit him in the ass!

      Check out my blog!!

    4. Yawn says:

      Losing virginity is severely overrated. Not quite as big a deal as people seem to think.

      1. who cares says:

        with std rates and pregnancy it's better to be safe then sorry. its a big deal when you lose it when your not ready and with the wrong person. you never forget your first time.

      2. Emi says:

        I agree, imagine this story in reverse. A girl taking advantage of an emotional guy would be viewed entirely different. Our society puts way to much emphasis on a woman's virginity and virtue. The first time is often made out to be the most important time. Truthfully, it's only a big deal if you make it one.

    5. who cares says:

      He sounds like an insensative jerk who was only thinking of himself. He got what he wanted and left for a month. That's not a man that's a coward. Seems he was thinking about himself all the while you thought he cared about what happened. His intentions were shown in the end. He saw you in your weak moment after the death of your friend. He used it to his advantage. You should find someone better. Someone who doesn't pull disapearing acts and leaves you high and dry in a vulnerable state.

    6. anon says:

      That's some pretty sketchy consent right there. Being in an unusual state of mind like that's kind of a grey area – like if a girl's completely wasted and says yes, but wouldn't have in her right state of mind (when she was sober), is that still consent?

      1. Scarlett says:

        Nope, at least in my state (Texas), a person cannot consent if their are not in their right state of mind. Be that drunk, shocked, drugged, etc. and gender doesn't matter. If your partner is inebriated, sex is technically illegal. Does that stop it from happening? Maybe .25% of the time (and that's just because I'm feeling optimistic).

        I too, lost my virginity in the wrong time with the right person. I'm still with him, 5 years later, but even he has mentioned he regrets not giving me better. We've moved past it, but the memory will always be there for us both. I feel that if the author has forgiven Sam, who are we to judge so harshly? We've all made selfish mistakes and it seems that once he came to terms with his, Sam returned to face the consequences. I say good on ya to him for manning up (admittedly late but that is certainly better than never), and to her for being understanding, even in her fragile state.

      2. criolle johnny says:

        A "person" cannot consent, … or a "woman"?

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    8. Stephanie says:

      I am so sorry that this happened to you. & I think that Sam is a disgusting human being that is either completely self-absorbed, or turned on by dominating and controlling weak women. But you moving on from these horrible incidences really shows your resilience.

    9. alexandra says:

      I just want to say that I think everyone is jumping to conclusions saying that he was a douchebag. Was it the right thing to do at the time? No. But it probably seemed like it could have been, and when he didn't realize until afterward that it wasn't, he freaked out. That they got back together later proves that he wasn't just trying to get with her—obviously their relationship was much more in depth than that with all of the history. People often have sex when they're overrun with emotion. You should all consider having some respect for the author.

      1. cdj0815 says:

        I agree with you Alexandra. I got the feeling from reading her article that he may have regretted what they did as well and was unable to face her afterwards. He may have felt guilty. I think if she ever discussed it with him, he would probably now be able to tell her the truth behind the month absence. It is always more to the story than the person telling it. But I do understand how she feels. That is why I do not take sex likely. I am just not that liberated.

    10. S says:

      i think there are a great deal of people who regret losing their virginity at a certain time. My story is not as traumatic, but I wrote about it on my blog.

    11. Brandon says:

      I agree that it's not as big a deal as people make it out to be, but her whole situation just sucks, regardless if it was losing her virginity or not.

      Hope all is ok now.

    12. Not Damaged says:

      Don't regret what happened. It has made you who you are today. I was molested by a family member as a child, and while it was a horrific thing, it has shaped my life in ways that are not bad. Wrong person, wrong time; look at what you have become because of it. I bet you pay more attetion to who a person really is, not what they say they are. Or maybe there is some other way but take the best of a bad situation and find a way to be …..grateful isn't the right word, but the only one I can bring to mind. If nothing else you were brave enough to write this story.

    13. Dexter says:

      Why does this website look like its planted inside a giant vagina?

      1. Dexter says:

        (planted sideways)

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    16. Mike Nike says:

      I'm surprised any man waited around that long. When woman treat their vagina's as something they will finally reveal after 6 years of dating, I have news for you, your vagina isn't that special. In fact there are billions of them on this planet. Get over yourself. I'm surprised any man would wait longer than two months. If i date someone and she won't sleep with me after two months, its SOOOOO over.

      1. Caitlin-University of Alabama says:

        I'm surprised any woman would stay with you for two months with that kind of attitude.

      2. cdj0815 says:

        Well my vagina is special, I do not care about all the other women's vagina. And any man in my life and I mean any, will have to earn the right to be allowed to share it. I do not mean money, compliments or any crap like that. I care too much about myself as well as my partner to give my body to anybody.

      3. "I have news for you, your vagina isn't that special. In fact there are billions of them on this planet."

        Hey, guess what? Your penis isn't that special either. In FACT there are billions of them on this planet. I'm surprised any woman in her right mind would choose yours over the billions of other worthier penises out there.

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    18. anon says:

      if you really believe people should make their own minds up, you shouldn't be trying to dictate how they should see things. if they want to wait, they should. if they don't, it's up to them. the author was only sharing her experience, not forcing an idea down anybody's throat (the title kinda clears that up). your truth isn't the only valid truth. and THAT'S all there is to it.

    19. Alyssa says:

      I regret the way I lost mine as well. It was with my teacher and I just wanted to get it over with. I felt so awkward and really rather bored. After it I thought that it was not all it was hyped up to be. But now when I think about it, I wish I would have listened to everyone telling me to save it for the right person and the right time.

    20. Andy King says:

      Honey I think you are more emotional than you ought to be. It is not big deal. I agree it is painful. However let me tell you love is not the only thing in life. There are so many other thing that one should concentrate. Get out of it and move forward. There might be someone else waiting for you, of course the way you want.

    21. cdj0815 says:

      Amen Anon, Amen!!

    22. christypz31 says:

      Wow..I do remember my first time, it was Christmas eve and I was 19…had a huge fight with my mom & sister and I wanted to get away, well this "friend" told me come have a drink with me and I did …he was ugly & I wasnt attracted to him at all…he took me to his place and we did it…my luck he was very & still to this date the biggest u know what I've ever seem and it was so painful…stupid me thought I was punishing my mom by losing my virginity cuzz I've told her I would wait for marriage…the funny thing this guy didnt even know I was a virgin, after he pop my cherry he said, I think u have your period cuzz my comdon its stupid…but I 'll let believe that and told him…yeah ur right!!!! Lol

    23. just-some-old-guy says:

      You know, now, that Sam was a jerk. Good. Now work on how you can know earlier, what were the clues?

      Some you know already, people who are right for each other don't bicker.

      Next, the people you are friends with usually have some idea of what's right for each of us. Not in my wife's case, though. All of her friends told her I wasn't the one for her. That was 32 years ago. Today, their all divorced, some after doing real harm to each other. But my wife and I are close, and because of her I still gaze up at the ceiling, not really seeing anything.

      (Ah, that would be the bedroom ceiling…)

      If you can't see yourself waking up to breakfast with that person day after day, (a horrible idea — my wife and I meet in bed but have different schedules,) then again, you probably should keep looking.

      My advice to you: date but don't connect until you are very sure. Sometimes my wife and I shop together and I see the magazine covers. And am reminded of two things: a) how different men and women are, and (b) that women are under incredible pressure to connect.

      Stop. Because when you accept such pressure you're virtually certain to make bad decisions. You want to take your time, after all, this is your life and if that guy you just met is really right for you, then he'll see it too and won't go away.

      And be empowered a little. Don't go to bars, instead put yourself in situations where you're likely to meet someone you can still be in love with in six months or in two years. That would be places like churches, even college campuses, but not bars and not the guy taking the college course on how to avoid paying taxes. It would be courses that actually prepare people for life, even, maybe, just maybe, an English lit course.

      And no I don't teach on a campus, anywhere. But my wife and I do have several friends with young adult children and am dismayed at the choices some of these kids make — because they are creating circumstances which guarrantee that they will be alone later, in exchange for a date or two..

    24. beenthere2 says:

      yeah, sometimes we don't know what's happening, and it can be confusing afterwards…but sometimes, it's okay to be mad too, sometimes it's okay to realize that someone we cared about has possibly taken advantage of us, cuz' sometimes, that's simply the case…best…

    25. Annie says:

      That is horrible; I can't believe he left you when you were most vulnerable. This is a really well-written piece, but it is so full of sadness, its practically tangible.

      Your first time is meant to be full of joyful memories, not pain and sadness.

    26. lknowledge says:

      I sympathize with you, and can understand you. Good thing you didn't end up pregnant, otherwise you'd be making a even more foolish decision by marrying someone when you're not ready. As for the man, don't worry, If he's like those on TV, Your EX-best friend will one day show him the kid(s) and say "Dearies, this is daddy". I can just Imagine the look on his face.

    27. i don't regret giving to her in the back of the school bus…=)…good times..but I heard every girl regrets the first person they had sex with..

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    29. OMG! That guy, what a jerk! In my eyes, that almost amounts to rape. He took advantage of you when you were most vulnerable. Your best friend has just died, for God's sake! D: Psychologically speaking, at that space and time, you were so vulnerable he could have convinced you to commit suicide if he had a mind to. That guy disgusts me.

      And I disagree with all those people saying "oh, it's not a big deal" or "sex is only a physical act." Blah, blah, blah. Maybe to them, losing their virginity was not a big deal.

      But then what do they know of? They didn't go through the emotional pain you went through that night. You lost someone who was very dear to you. I know it sucked and I can only hope but the best for you. I'm sure not all guys are like that. Next time you see him, punch him for me, okay?

    30. […] One night we were talking, and the topic of sex came up. He was curious, I think, if I had slept with someone. I was shocked that Sam would even propose the idea that I would lose it to someone other than him. He was relieved; “Good because I love you, and I want to have that experience with you.” That’s funny because he wasn’t a virgin. He had actually lost it to my ex-best-friend, but that’s a whole other story that we won’t get into now. Read more… […]

    31. […] One night we were talking, and the topic of sex came up. He was curious, I think, if I had slept with someone. I was shocked that Sam would even propose the idea that I would lose it to someone other than him. He was relieved; “Good because I love you, and I want to have that experience with you.” That’s funny because he wasn’t a virgin. He had actually lost it to my ex-best-friend, but that’s a whole other story that we won’t get into now. Read more… […]

    32. alicia says:


    33. […] One night we were talking, and the topic of sex came up. He was curious, I think, if I had slept with someone. I was shocked that Sam would even propose the idea that I would lose it to someone other than him. He was relieved; “Good because I love you, and I want to have that experience with you.” That’s funny because he wasn’t a virgin. He had actually lost it to my ex-best-friend, but that’s a whole other story that we won’t get into now. Read more… […]

    34. […] One night we were talking, and the topic of sex came up. He was curious, I think, if I had slept with someone. I was shocked that Sam would even propose the idea that I would lose it to someone other than him. He was relieved; “Good because I love you, and I want to have that experience with you.” That’s funny because he wasn’t a virgin. He had actually lost it to my ex-best-friend, but that’s a whole other story that we won’t get into now. Read more… […]

    35. […] One night we were talking, and the topic of sex came up. He was curious, I think, if I had slept with someone. I was shocked that Sam would even propose the idea that I would lose it to someone other than him. He was relieved; “Good because I love you, and I want to have that experience with you.” That’s funny because he wasn’t a virgin. He had actually lost it to my ex-best-friend, but that’s a whole other story that we won’t get into now. Read more… […]

    36. I have to say , don't regret about it, it was you who decided to go for it. Now that you have gone through it stop regretting and start moving ahead..

    37. Rudy Davidge says:

      What's the big deal? You didn't lose it to a jerk. You lost it to a long-time friend/boyfriend who you loved and loved you back. That puts you WAY ahead of a LOT of people!

      Did you ever stop to think that sometimes the body knows better what the mind/heart needs? In the midst of your grief, you two found a momentary respite in enjoying each other's body. Count your blessings, and adjust your attitude. The only thing you have to lose by doing so is a good memory you've colored as bad.

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    40. Lisa says:

      I lost my virginity when I was 13. It hapened in a garage. He pulled down my shorts and panties, and did me vaginally and then anally. It hurt, but it also felt great.

    41. avihu124 says:

      well iRegret is the place for you.. ! come check it out
      Share your daily regrets and comment on other people's regrets😛 should be fun dont u think ?

    42. ray says:

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    43. Michelle says:

      That bastard! He had no respect of your situation, someone close to you died!!! I really want to meet him and punch him senseless! But that's full of futility. Please, I recommend you to not see him again, It doesn't matter how much you think you love him, If he loved you, he wouldn't have takaen advantage of the situation… You seem a sweet girl who deserves the best, think about you.

    44. Alexandra says:

      Hi there, I'm sorry you had this experience but I hope you can come to terms with it. I hope you have found someone else that will treat you with the love and respect you deserve. Many of us go through similar experiences; you're not alone. You should definitively check out for more stories like yours. It's not porn, or spam. Just a website that collects first-time sexual experiences through short narrative. It helped me a lot to make sense of my own experience. The website shares real experiences and real emotions. Thanks for sharing your story and I wish you all the best.

    45. The Pinch says:

      I don't agree with the author.

      You had been off and on with him for SIX YEARS. He was always there for you. He picked you up at the hospital and stayed with you. You contininued to see him ANOTHER TWO YEARS. This is clearly not one night stand stuff.

      He could have been more noble and contacted you the month following, but eight years of time should have compensated to some degree.

      It has been my experience that some people, through no fault of their own, do not do particularly well handling major crises. I am not making excuses, but maybe he was one of them.

      It is impossible to be absolutely certain about life in general. Thank G=d that you picked someone who stood by you that long, and had the judgement to do so.

    46. aminat akinwale says:

      Eyaa, sorry take heart if SAM is for u, he will surely come back.

      1. Niha says:

        Such a kind of persn never cmes back.. he used her in a state, where she needed care, love nt just to hav sex n then being forgotten

    47. moi says:

      sorry but sam is an asshole. had sex with you when you were vulnerable and then ditched you. you should have never had sex with him. you may have liked him but you deserve better. delete his number and forget his existence

    48. Niha says:

      i understand hw u feel about it, might not be able to forget about it ur life time, but even i believe that you should regret about it al all..coz it wasn't your mistake to begin weren't in condition to decide whats right for you..
      even to tel you abt my story, m stil virgin yet but being in a deep physical relation of a few days with my friend..
      He was my 5 years old best friend, i cared alot for him..n secretly loved him as well..after 5 yrs he proposed me..n i happily accepted his proposal..being in first time love n happy feeling,.. as a celebration he invited me at his house once..i thought m gona stay happy with him forever now..
      but the worst part was..that day he druged me ..n than tried to hav sex with me..but mayb coz of our long n now lost friendship he stopped at once when i denied him that am not ready for it..
      but after that he told me it wasnt coz of love that he was with me, he only wanted a friends wit benefit scheme with me..i was so hear broken..even cried in front of me…why he did that only to me..but after that he never showed me any cared n even stopped contacting me..i dearly loved him once but now..somehow there is only hate left from y side towards him..

    49. Almit@ says:

      In the beginning of your story you mentioned Sam lost his virginity to your ex best friend. If that isn’t a red flag of an ass hole I don’t know what is. The fact that you continued to date him after he banged you and then abandoned you for a month is a testament to your bad judgement. @ Niha : Can you please learn proper English and correct grammar before you post something online for the whole world to see? As for Ray: Get a fucking life and stop posting ridiculous chain letters. Lots of ridiculousness going in on this page.

    50. tori says:

      Im happy to see youre doing better now. Dont ever beat yourself up. Every human being makes mistakes no matter how big or small. If you never made mistakes you would never be making better choices later on. Nobody is going to hold it against you. Im still pure. Im 19. Never had a boyfriend. Never been kissed. Why should i have sex if im not married? idc if its the ‘cool thing’ or not, id rather be healthy with no regrets. Idc if i lose friends over it. Those are the people idc about bc they arent my friends. If they were my friends, they wouldnt do that to me. There was a guy i had talked to 4 awhile, he knew my mema died and i was pretty sad, he asked me to be more than friends, i told him that i needed a friend more than anything. He got mad & said since we cant be more than friends i dont see why we should keep talking. I asked him to please be there 4 me and be a friend in my tradgic time and hes like no sorry, i want a relationship and u want a friendship not a relationship, bye. He was so selfish 4 thinking about only himself at a time like i was going thru. That proved to me he doesnt deserve any of my firsts and they all are still going to a better guy and the best one too. I always personally for myself thought and still do think ALL of my firsts should be with my soulmate that im to be married to for life. I mean thats why they call it ‘making love’, right? i pray you find the man 4 u just like i will find the man for me. I know we both will find our soulmate someday. Hang in there.

    51. lerato says:

      here wat matters z jus da tym…u were in a bad emotional state ur bf shld hv considered dat since t ws ur first tym bt f u gave in easily he myt hv thot dat ts wat u want so personally l rily dnt blame him… Make e best out of ur relationship da past z gone now pal

    52. Stressed says:

      I lost my virginity on saturday with my boyfriend. The problem is, that I was so drunk that I don’t remember anything and I feel horrible about the fact that I lost my virginity while drunk and that I lost something that I have been taking care of for my life…

    53. Bessy says:

      what a jerk leaving you for a month,well you must have have loved him to take him back.
      i am crazily in love with this guy whom i have dated for a year but i do not know if it is the right time but i am quit sure it is the right guy.did i mention i am 20 and a virgin.

    54. Jane says:

      wow girl i don't know what to said but i understand you…

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    56. Anonymous says:

      He should go kill himself

    57. emily says:

      i lost my virginity at 10, the day i had my first period. i first stripped naked for him at age 7, but we thought sex was unsafe. we still had sex before that, but he never let his load out in me. i never used a condom

    58. Mitchelle Adhiambo says:

      Hi,am Mitchele 20 ma guy dumped after 6 month of our ril/ship.I remember after 2 days in campus he called me up and generalisd everythin that he dnt feel me anymore i ws heartbroken n regreted 4 letin him tek advantage of me.Damn it this heartles guy used me n lef at the bay without carin about ma feelings nwey ladies b4 we get into a ril/ship we shud take our 2 tym know partners better!Am movin on with ma lyf bt stil it hurts

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