He Said/She Said: Sex…on your Period?

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I think I can say with 100% certainty that nothing raises eyebrows (and elicits “EW. OMG. WTF. Nooooo.”) more than period sex. Seriously, just writing the words “period” and “sex” in the same article made me cringe a little.

And for very, very good reason. Beyond the fact that a woman riding the crimson wave is bleeding down there, right where all the happy business is going on, being on your period comes with a whole host of other issues. I mean, I think most women would agree that we’re far from our sexiest selves when we’re bloated, cramping, cranky and feeling generally dirty for 6 days in a row.

But once you get past all that, and you should, having sex when Aunt Flo is in town is just like sex any other day of the month. Actually, it’s better. Why? Because Mother Nature has this nasty habit of pumping up our hormones during that time of the month, making many of us want/crave/NEED sex more than ever.

So I say go for it. Ignore your insecurities and preconceived ickiness notions. As long as you and your man have discussed it in advance and he’s game, why not take advantage of your hormones when they peak?

Look, just like the beautiful act of gettin’ freaky, surfing the crimson wave is natural. It does NOT make you some ruined woman where all romance goes out the window. The week your on your period doesn’t have to be off limits as long as you and your guy are on the same page. OK, so he might not be up for the usual foreplay, but so what? It’s not you and just because he doesn’t want to get up close and personal (literally) with your monthly gift doesn’t mean he doesn’t find you sexy and doesn’t want to get all freaky deeky with you.

Plus, rumor has it that sex relieves menstrual cramps, and you know that ish is way more fun than a heating pad.

I know that Period Week is one full of cramps, Midol, chocolate and your fat jeans but you’re still you and if your guy cant help but want you, don’t let your inhibitions get in the way of some good lovin’.  Just remember to gear up with two kinds of protective gear: condoms are a necessity as the opening to your cervix is wider during your period, putting you at higher risk for pelvic infections, and you’ll want to throw down some towels and stick to positions where your body isn’t upright to minimize potential mess. Then do your thang, girl.

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    2. Lauren - University of Michigan says:

      I dunno. I get what you're saying, but I still don't know if i could do it. And it's less about the mess and more about the fact that I barely want to see myself naked during that time of the month let someone else see me in the buff.

    3. Deena says:

      In my experience, sex on your period really doesn't have to be nasty. In fact, I think it makes for BETTER shower sex than when you're not on your period. The water won't wash away your lubrication, and I certainly don't feel dirty when I'm in the shower… at least not the icky kind of dirty😉. No stains on your bed or towels, no cleaning up to do afterwards, and immediate wash-off if blood does get anywhere it shouldn't be. You can even go for some manual foreplay if your partner is cool with it. And, as Anjli said, your hormones make it ESPECIALLY hot!

    4. SLW says:

      Too bad if you can't convince the guy!

    5. Anne says:

      Sex on your period is fantastic. Boobs are perkier, most people end up being hornier, and in my opinion it feels even better. As long as your partner doesn't mind it, why should you? Besides, for those of us in healthy monogamous relationships (ie we fuck without condoms) we have to deal with HIS mess, why not let him deal with ours for a change?

    6. kim says:

      When I first started dating my boyfriend, he told me he didn't mind having sex during my period; he said it was a beautiful thing & i shouldn't feel embarrassed. Over the 2 yrs. we've been dating, we've stopped having sex during my period & I don't know why. The only time it might happen is if it's my last day.

      Sex is a lot better during your period. Just get a towel and don't go on top. Period sex is not the time to break out the crazy positions.

      1. L.C.T says:

        hahaha agreed with the crazy positions!

    7. Mitchelle says:

      Sex on your period? I don't think it's my cup of tea. I personally wouldn't have sex on my period because I would 1) avoid any kind of a bloody mess and 2) like Lauren said, I barely want to see myself naked around that time of the month. It's just one week I do without sex. And for all you religious heads out there, in the book of Leviticus, it's actually considered a sin. But that's just me.

    8. dfsg says:

      this has to be the mosr retarded webpage in the universe

    9. Lettie says:

      I'm glad he said she said is back:)
      Period Sex icks me out too😦

    10. Chacal says:

      I have seen this debate many times. I can honestly say, as a guy, it is something that I'd never want to get into with a new relationship but in a long term relationship, it is no problem at all. Every woman I have dated is very turned on during that time. Some of the most intense sexual experiences of my life were when my girl was on her period. It seems strange that the hormones are so raging during that time.

    11. Kenzie says:

      My boyfriend and I tried it once. We were both really horny and since I was having a relatively light day we decided to give it a shot. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't exactly the best sex we've ever had either. After we had cleaned up, we were both like, "Eh." I don't think we've officially ruled it out, but in the future I think we could take it or leave it.

    12. viscosity1972 says:

      I don't like period sex, not because of the mess, but because of all the extra lubrication. I can't feel a thing!

      It bothers me when people get all over guys about not liking period sex because it's "gross" or whatever. Yeah, it's a natural womanly function and women shouldn't be ashamed of menstruating, but… it is gross!! I don't want to have anal for the same reason. Get over it.

    13. justme says:

      I love period sex, me an my partner have been doing it during her period for many years, there is nothing gross or wrong with it at all, and yes before you ask i do give her oral when she is bleeding and i quite like the taste.

      1. A.Z.B.Y says:

        ugh.. you were going just fine until you said "i quite like the taste". But heyy who am I to judge you right?

    14. mwahaha says:

      My ex and I did it once, after he and I talked about it. We were both interested in trying it, and it was amazing! It ranks number two on both our lists of fav ways to have sex. His only complaint was that his condom was disgusting to take off, so I suggest you only do it in a long-term, monogamous relationship without a condom. I'm pretty sure the guy would rather rinse it off than get the bloody mess all over his fingers.

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    16. sarah says:

      There's no problem with it – women don't go 'ewww' when men ejaculate, we are expected to accept their bodily fluids, so why shouldn't they? It's natural, periods are still taboo.

    17. Farrah says:

      Eeeeeeeeew the thought of my womb juices being all over his “places” grosses me out, ooooh n the way it might feel while he’s inside me…although i do feel hornier on ma period *grinn*

    18. natalie says:

      My hubby says its warmer down there during my time of the month…lol

    19. lucas says:

      Im down but she’s not. I see her as being beautiful everyday of the month. Suggestions?

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