15 Rules for Girls…That Are Meant to Be Broken

So here on CollegeCandy, we provide you ladies with what we consider to be some pretty awesome advice. Sex tips. Study tips. Relationship advice, and fashion finds. We know; we’re awesome like that.  But the rest of the world? Well, when it comes to providing girls with great life advice, they’re not always quite as helpful. Their rules? A little bit less enjoyable for women to follow. (I’m looking at you, Seventeen!)

Don’t get me wrong. I love rules. They’re great. They provide order. Structure. Prevent us from killing each other over the little things (Like your roommate eating the last of the Tostitos) and the big things (Like your roommate eating the last of the Lime Tostitos). Those rules are important, necessary even. But some rules, well they’re not quite as important, not quite as necessary. In fact, they’re not necessary at all.

Some rules, especially rules for girls, well, they’re just made to be broken…

1. Always behave like a lady. Prim and proper and absolutely perfect. Think Martha Stewart meets Sarah Palin. Or something like that. I’ve never been all that good with this rule

2. Marry early. And marry well. Because that is what decides our social value, isn’t it ladies?

3. Primp. Always. Makeup is a necessary in order for one to appear presentable. Your hair should look like you just came from the salon. And your clothes, well, you should look like you raided Leighton Meester’s closet.

4. Have lots and lots of babies. And don’t wait! Because if you wait you’ll dry up and then be absolutely useless!

5. Wait for a guy to ask you out. Never make the first move. Ever. Because men don’t like a girl that speaks her mind. Because women…

6. Should be seen and not heard. I’m sorry, isn’t this rule often used for children, as well?

7. Women should wear pink. And ruffles. And lots and lots of lace. No offense to Elle Woods, but pink is just not my color. OK?

8. Be hairless. Down there. And everywhere. And anywhere. (Except, you know, on your head. That hair has to super-model length long, obviously). But guys, well they can look like Chewbacca, and it’s all good. They’re manly men. They can’t wax or shave! They’d cry way too easily if they ever had to manscape. And besides, men are supposed to be hairy and we’re supposed to accept that.

9. Don’t be a tease. But…

10. Don’t be a whore. And, remember, even more importantly….

11. Don’t dress like a slut. I guess I’ll put that sheer, lace dress away then, and grab my hoop skirt instead. Oh wait, I forgot…

12. Don’t dress like a prude. So I’ll make sure that I’m always showing some cleavage. Maybe get a tramp stamp to keep things interesting?

13. Don’t get a pet. Because then you’re the crazy cat lady.

14. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. No. The organ you’re looking for is a little further south.

15. Make sure your man’s not intimidated by your own awesomeness. Because you wouldn’t want to outshine him by having a better job, or getting your life together, would you? (Uh…yeah?)

Like I said, ladies, some of our rules, even the ones we impart on ourselves, are just meant to be broken.

Which rules for girls do you hate the most?

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    1. Quin says:

      I hate the "girls/girlfriends have to be smarter than the boys/boyfriends" thing.
      I don't want to dumb myself down for a guy.

      1. Quin says:

        Whoops, I meant dumber, not smarter. Wow, I make myself look like a genius, don't I?

    2. allie says:

      i agree with most but i do like my man hairy, but then again if i accept him as hairy he should be able to deal with me being a little hairy!

      1. intoyourblueeyes says:

        little hairy is OK but men don't like Jungle…

      2. Alexander says:

        I'm a guy, & I actually like it when my girlfriend's hairy. Most guys do, in fact, even if they say they don't. Try it sometime. You might be surprised by his reaction.

    3. Tamara says:

      This article was, in a word, trashy. I understand and agree with the negative feelings towards the use of rules to hold women down. However, as you say, society operates on a complex system of for the most part unspoken behavioral rules. Many of these are common sense, unless of course, you would LIKE to dress like a prude, or worse, a slut. Being a lady isn't about being "prim and proper and absolutely perfect," it's about learning to behave in a respectable way. Unless, of course, you wouldn't like to be respected? Many of these rules, rather than holding women down, empower women to succeed in life. There is nothing wrong with being a lady, especially if the alternative is being a tramp.

      1. Jenn - Wagner College says:

        Normally I don't respond to comments, but I had to say something after you called this article "trashy." Its not about not dressing like a prude or a slut. Its about the fact that those labels exist at all. Women should be able to decide for themselves how they want to behave and what they want to do without worrying about stereotypes and labels. Of course I want to be respected, but I don't think anyone will respect me if I don't have self respect. And I don't think I'd be able to have self respect if I depended up someone else's opinions to define who I was.

        And for the record, I think there's a world of difference between "lady" and "tramp". The world is not black and white.

      2. allie says:


      3. Winnie says:

        I sure hope you don't think the "have lots and lots of babies rule" or the "marry early rule" are empowering to women, because that's ridiculous. It's not the 1950s, and despite what crazy conservative anti-choice assholes will have you believe, women are human beings, not incubators.

      4. Kari says:

        I'm not sure you understand the era these rules are based from. They're based mostly from an uneducated world where Christianity and the Church ruled most aspects of the common man's life. Women were meant to be ornamental only, and were used only to create offspring and ensure the continuance of the male line. Haven't you ever read the books and seen the newspaper clippings about women being considered for marriage based on their ability to "produce a male heir"? These rules are from those days. True, they held tightly through to the 1960's and well into the 1970's. There was change in those rules, but only barely. If you don't understand the difference between being a trophy-wife baby-machine and a woman who's a man's PRIVILEDGE and NOT their right, who's entitled to her own opinion and her own mistakes, then you really need a better education. Your mother, your mistakes, your way of life is there to teach you to behave respectably. Eventually a girl realized that when she walks around with her legs open to men, she's treated like a piece of trash, but if she holds her ground she's considered a goddess.
        This article was merely pointing that out. I'm sorry you can't read between the lines.

    4. Jen says:

      Agree with Tamara. It's called class.

    5. lynn says:

      i loved your post. be a human being, not a natural-size barbie or whatever merchandise want you to be.

    6. criolle johnny says:

      Don't have pop-up links attached to your articles. Sorry, the damned links are hijacking my browser every time I try to read comments on this site.

      1. pop-ups suck says:

        Sounds like you need to use a better web browser. No problems with pop-ups here, although my browser's pop-up blocker shows 3 that tried to open but were….. blocked. 😉

        (Firefox prevented this site from opening 3 pop-up windows)

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    8. Katelyn says:

      I also agree with Tamara. This article is stupid.

    9. Shan says:

      You should really not be encouraging girls to wait as long as they like to have kids… aside from "drying up" by which I assume you mean hitting menopause, there are a slew of health reasons (for you and your child) why it's smarter to have children in your late twenties to early thirties, and really no later if you can avoid it. Obviously that's not the main point of the article, but I just wanted to point it out!

      1. Jenn - Wagner College says:

        Its not really so much about the fact that they should have kids early or later so much as its about the fact that society assumes they need to have kids at all.

      2. Sasha says:

        Good point: the world is overpopulated. Although, in most parts of the country, attitudes are far better than you seem to think they are.

    10. Kathryn says:

      Congratulations! You've set girls back in the dark ages. Sorry but what year do you think this is? This article might have been great and progressive….. 50 years ago. If you're a girl still holding onto these rules as widely accepted social norms I have ZERO respect for your intelligence. You make it sound like we’re actually still living our lives by these rules. Should any guys read this article the primary information they will absorb is that girls believe these things and need some trashy, pepto-bismol laced website to tell them otherwise. It's girls like you that think they're making a difference when they're truly spewing unintelligent garbage that bring down our sex as a whole.

      As a college site I would assume most girls here were raised in the 90's and by then strong, intelligent women were already being celebrated as the way of life. True, in the past few years the media has bombarded us with stupid, sexist entertainment that we just lap up but for god’s sake WAKE UP to the fact that women in politics, as CEOs, as highly successful, independent individuals are the norm! True, as we grow older we notice how much of a man’s world we’re still living in but then I read things like this and realize it’s stupidity like this that’s still holding us back.

      Go enjoy your life thinking about nothing more strenuous than what color to paint your kitchen because apparently that’s where you’re headed.

      1. Cherie says:

        Congratulations! Because obviously you can't read! It's titled "15 rules for girls… that are meant to be broken". DUH.

      2. Carly says:

        Okay–what Kathryn's saying is that these rules have ALREADY been broken repeatedly for over 50 years. Her point was that maybe back in the 1950s, it would have been radical and forward-thinking to say that "women don't HAVE to wear pink and ruffles!!!!" but in reality, we have been wearing things other than pink for a long-ass time.

        So, Congratulations! You can't comprehend other people's points!

      3. Jenn - Wagner College says:

        I'm not still living by these rules, never have actually, and its great to know that you're not either. But there are plenty of girls that still are. Women are constantly still labeled. Baby girls are still always dressed in pink. There is a pressure from the media, from family, from everywhere for women to settle down and have children because that is their ONLY option. And that's just in the U.S. Because while our country is actually considered to be progressive, as you've pointed out, plenty of others are not. Just look at some of the stuff that inspired this article if you don't believe me.

      4. Holly says:

        "WAKE UP to the fact that women in politics, as CEOs, as highly successful, independent individuals are the norm! "

        Actually women are not the norm. Women make up 13% of congress while being greater then 50% of the population. Women CEO's are not the norm either, maybe only 4-5%. The most powerful woman in America is considered to be Oprah. You wake up!

    11. Cassie says:

      Do only twelve year olds read this site or are you writing for our grandmothers when they were in college? Jeez Jenn, either open your eyes or grow a brain. The day I listen to advice like this is the day I spontaneously develop severe mental illness.

    12. Kathryn says:

      What an intelligent and original observation. Did you learn that in woman's studies at Devry?

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    14. anonymous says:

      Okay….while I agree with women having a choice in these matters, duh, I do not agree with considering all of them BAD! Why is it bad to have lots of babies, and not dress trashy? I'm not saying society should impose those rules upon us, but if I CHOOSE to get married young, and be a stay-at-home-mom with lots of babies before I'm 35, then why should any woman, who should be open-minded, look down on me? I'm sorry, but this article is SOO one-sided and talks about society as if we are actually put in cages that often anymore. In fact, I feel widely encouraged to live the OPPOSITE KIND OF LIFE than the one that you say that society wants us to live. I do agree with the double standard about sex lives though. I'm remaining a virgin until marriage, and I'm pretty sure I want to marry a guy who has lived the same way. But that does not mean I think that girls who have sex are sluts, or that guys can have sex and girls can't. It should be equal.
      And about a guy asking me out: I'm sorry if I like being pursued! But that doesn't mean I don't respect myself as a woman who could DEFINITELY ask a guy out if I want to!
      OHH, and this article sounds like you were stretching for these ideas-I mean, women should be seen and not heard? Where in heck did you find that rule? I think any woman who actually puts herself in a situation where that is true better be smart enough to get herself out of it!

      PS: I like wearing pink. But I don't feel encouraged to. But dang it, sometimes I LIKE FEELING GIRLY! Nothing wrong with it. So please don't rant about this stuff

      1. Jenn - Wagner College says:

        I never meant to imply that following these rules are bad it you choose to follow them. This post was actually meant to point how impossible it is to follow all of the "rules for girls" that do exist out there, how its impossible to please everyone, but everyone thinks they know how women should live. That's why a bunch of these rules actually contradict each other. You should be able to choose whether you want to ask a guy our or not, whether you want to wear pink or not, not feel obligated to behave in a certain way.

        This post was actually inspired by a trending topic on twitter, and some of the rules that show up. This does a pretty great job of summarizing some of the stuff showing up. That's where I got my rules from…

      2. Holly says:

        I think the whole point of the article was to say this is what is generally expected of women, but you have a choice to follow or not to follow.

        @Jenn – I applaud your article. I'm a 30 year old unmarried professional women and I encounter sexism in the workplace every day. Thank you for drawing attention to this serious issue that women are batteling with. It is not a topic men, and a lot of traditional women want to touch.

      3. tyrebitre says:

        Hell yes, anon, I like feeling girlys too.

    15. Anne says:

      This article was poorly written and overall ridiculous. Yes, there are rules that are meant to be broken, but the tone you took in this article made you sound like an airhead, and you didn't even give decent reasons for why these are bad "rules." Lazy writing. Ugh, I want my 90 seconds back.

      1. Sarah says:

        I can't help but agree. It would have been more interesting if all of the rules were well known (ex: Don't call a guy the night you get his number), not something that the writer pulled out of the top of her head. I also wish the tone was a little less attacking.

      2. Denise says:

        Also, when were these rules, rules!?? 1955?? I'm sorry I have not heard girls should wear pink and ruffles (except from my 5 year old!) I want my 90 seconds back too! :)

    16. The humor of this article went waaay over some people's heads😄

      1. Amy says:

        Agreed! Some people need to relax!

    17. Michelle says:

      Hey, lots of negative comments on here. But I loved the article.

      I thought it was really witty:)

      Plus, even if the rules sound outrageous because they're laid out here so bluntly, I still encounter variations of these rules – but unspoken – in my daily life as a girl. So these conceptions – they're still out there. Just because sexism doesn't slap you in the face every day doesn't mean that it doesn't exist.

      Great article. I appreciated it:)

    18. Anya says:

      I'm not sure why I bother reading the comments on here. You all are much too negative.

      1. James says:

        Russian Babes FTW!

    19. Blair says:

      Love it! So true!
      xo Blair

    20. Hannah says:

      I don't understand why everyone's hating on this article. These are double standards, stereotypes, and expectations that modern women are STILL contending with. I personally encountered two of these just yesterday. The point of the article is not to encourage anyone to dress like a slut or never have kids, it's to encourage readers to not do anything just because other people say you should. Be your own woman!

      Jenn, you are my new hero.

    21. Beth says:

      Seriously? These are your rules to be broken? I don't know what kind of strange, ultra conservative world the author lives in, but I havent hear anyone espouse these rules since oh..the 1950's. Some are even Victorian!. It's like you're forcefully rebelling against a set of mores that havent existed for decades. Seriously. Ruffles?

      1. Holly says:

        Well I am a professional business woman in Texas and these stereotypes exist here still. Of course Texas is ultra conservative, and I hear racist comments as well where I work. Over the past five years of my professional career I've heard countless jokes about how women are stupid, women cant drive, women are wothless. These jokes come from the bosses and my co-workers. My co-workers have made these jokes infront of me and bosses and they are tolerated. I complained and was told I'm too "sensitive" and I need to get over it. Some women play up their sluttiness to get ahead. Other women I see are referred to as "prudes" they are the smart hardworking ones that never go anywhere, they just work and work and eventually quit.

      2. tyrebitre says:

        Seriously. Ruffles. They have ridges, you know.

      3. Christina says:

        These rules continue to exis, the author didn't just pull random crap out of nowhere for this article. Maybe it's just a southern thing (I'm from Tennessee), but this stuff is still around. If you've never heard this kind of crap, you're lucky, but if you grow up down here you'll hear it all at some point in time.

    22. rox says:

      Well, I like to look pretty and act like a lady. I also would also like to have babies before I'm 30, Sorry if that bothers you?
      Honestly I feel pushed too far in the opposite direction. As a business student at an Ivy League, everyone assumes I want to wear conservative suits and become a highly-paid VP for some corporation. It really just makes me want to wear pink and buy nice makeup and have babies. Go figure.
      Societal pressures work in more than one direction.

      1. Holly says:

        Why bother with college? You don't need to spend 100K a year on education to "wear pink" and "have babies." Nice aspirations though.

      2. James says:

        Dont waste your Ivy League .EDU on babies! Make them a few mil first! Be Responsible. – Im a guy, and dont want kids until I'm 40

    23. asdasdasdasdasd says:

      The comments show that when a writer presents male stereotypes in a satirical way, women take it for fact…

    24. lover12grl says:

      Why is Ruby Lin the photo here? She is neither a College girl nor a rule breaker. She doesn't even live in US!

    25. Tess says:

      This article is a little over the top, don't you think? First of all, I've never had anyone tell me that I have to wear pink, have lots of kids, be seen and not heard, or do most of the other stuff you listed. I'm pretty sure that most of these alleged "rules" are no longer cultural standards. Second, it so happens that I really try every day to behave like a lady – which means being thoughtful, kind, courteous and considerate. How is that ever a bad thing to be? Finally, some of these rules are ones that experience (not other people or the culture) have taught me to follow – for example, last time I asked a guy out, I ended up having to take the lead in our whole relationship and plan all the dates. Um, no thanks. From now on I'm letting the guy make the first move so he doesn't expect me to take charge of every effing detail from then on. In conclusion, this article relates very poorly to my life and pretty much gets most things wrong. Come on, College Candy, I expect better of you.

    26. Emily says:

      Ladies- wow these posts got really hateful, really quick! Personally, the only thing I hate is women cutting other women down like that, just because of a difference in opinion. I have a few other observations as well…
      To the women who think this article is dated, juvenile, or irrelevant in today’s society, please tell me where your society is!! I grew up outside of Houston,TX, where “liberal” and “feminist” are still widely considered dirty words. It’s not a question of if a woman will get married and have children, it’s a question of when, and the sooner the better! Every girl I know my age is either already married,
      has kids, is planning her wedding, or is waitingon a ring. I get looks of shock (and sometimes
      disgust) when I mention that I am not sure if I even want to get married. If you are fortunate enough that you don’t have to deal with this type of pressure in your society, definitely stay where you are, I am jealous of you! But don’t pretend it doesn’t exist; in some parts of the country it is how the majority of people still think.
      To the women who think this article is too trashy,over the top, etc., please think about what Jenn was trying to achieve. Some women fit into the box that these rules create, but others do not, and they have no reason to feel ashamed or inadequate if they don’t follow these unspoken rules. Men and women should both be encouraged to follow whatever path suits them, regardless of the gender roles our society insists we all follow. In fact, there is some research that indicates people who possess both traditionally masculine AND traditionally feminine traits are more successful, better adjusted, and happier individuals. Isn’t being “thoughtful, kind, courteous, and considerate” something every human being, man or woman, should strive for?
      To Jenn, I applaud your bravery!! I could never take this kind of criticism, you must have a very thick skin! I personally liked your sarcasm, and found your post motivating. Keep up the good work!

      I hope what we can all learn from this article, and the angry responses that followed, is that we all have a unique persective on this controversial issue. If 15 women comment on this post, we are hearing from 15 different points of view. No two people come from the exact same experience, so how can we expect everyone to share the same opinions? Think about it.

      1. Madison says:

        I think this article is humorous and a good jumping off point for examining why these "rules" and frustrating double standards exist. I know the f-word scares some people, but you might like reading the posts over at feministing.com. Or are you already way ahead of me :)?

      2. Sasha says:

        I'm afraid that, living in Houston, you are stuck in the 50s. I'm from Louisiana, so I know what you're talking about, but in the rest of the world, only 10-12 in the article still hold. Sorry, but it's true. You seem like you don't like it any better than I did, so I recommend NY. It's really a breath of fresh air.

    27. there MAYBE 2% chance any girl acts like this…lol funny…

      Alcohol Death Calculator: How Many Drinks Would it Take to Kill You? Quiz http://t.co/aYXFRiL

    28. This article was a bit obvious but kind of refreshing compared to some of College Candy's content (anyone remember the Hipster or Gay article?).

      I tend to hate all gender-based social conventions equally, but one of my least favorite is this idea promoted heavily down here in the Bible Belt where I live that a woman is supposed to subsume her desires and identity to her husband's. As in, follow your husband's job prospects (even if yours are better), take your husband's last name (or else you must not love or respect him enough), things like that.

      1. Holly says:

        I completely agree. Women have been treated like slaves for all of history. My worth is greater then washing someones clothes, cooking and doing dishes.

      2. tyrebitre says:

        Obviously not a mom, are you Holly ? You have no concept of "worth" until you have a child. I washed clothes, cooked, did dishes, cleaned, homework at night, etc. and so on raising my daughter from 6 years on: she is currently the best gauge of my "worth" I can think of ( I'm a guy, btw, and a true feminist ). However, my "worth" doesn't hinge a bit on making someone with an attitude like yours happy.

      3. Madison says:

        The other day I was talking to a friend who went to school in Tennessee for awhile, and he mentioned girls in the south going to college for their "MRS." I live in a northern state and go to school in a moderately liberal town…it's just unreal to think that this kind of stratification exists in our own country…it's not like halfway around the world that women are conforming to these outdated gender roles, it's in places like Alabama, Texas, Mississippi, everywhere. But it sounds like I don't have to tell you that:)

      4. Alicia Lili Mauer says:

        I go to school in a very liberal town in the Northeast and while most girls are here for more, I know quite a few who are out only for their MRS. It's slightly terrifying to me, but to each their own. The beauty of feminism is the right to choose the path that makes us happiest, even if it fits into traditional gender roles that the rest of us feel are outdated and damaging.

      5. Madison says:

        Right. The only problem with the gender roles is if women never take the time to examine them and identify the reasons why they exist. If women find true happiness in being mothers and homemakers, it should be on their own terms. Not due to societal pressures.

    29. Andy King says:

      I liked the article very much. Little sexy, little funny, little attitude…. I liked all. Mainly "The way to a man's… "
      Thnx and keep up…

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    31. marysakathrin says:

      This was a great article – it's so true!

    32. James says:

      That's because women are like Trash Dumpsters when it comes to women, and are much more prone to picking up diseases. Those guys who fool around with lots of women usually get Herpes or something, and the girls….well I don't even want to think about that.

      1. lle says:

        That makes no sense.

    33. intoyourblueeyes says:

      Well done, Excellent post…
      I really love your way to represent and way to put up the topics…

      How To Make a Guy Fall In Love With You

    34. lol says:

      “If a key opens a lot of locks, then it’s the master key. If a lock is opened by a lot of keys, then it’s a shitty lock.”

      1. Sarah Milton says:

        I'm surprised this is down-voted. It's actually a good observation. Women have the role of rejecting/accepting sex. A guy always accepts. So if you are a guy, and you're looking for sex, then you have to impress, charm, persuade, etc. If you are a girl, you could literally go out to a bar and ask a random guy, and you'll get it. So…the quote makes sense. And, from one perspective, so does the double-standard.

      2. Hahahahaha says:

        That's a good quote😉 I'm stealing this!

    35. Matt says:

      If a key is able to open many locks, it is a master key. But if a lock is opened by many keys, it is a shitty lock.

    36. Blonde Ambition says:

      Fun article, can't stop applauding. I happen to be someone who thinks it's ridiculous for gals to be afraid of a mouse or to lie about their age. Should we bring back panty girdles & beehive hairstyles, too?

    37. Lwee says:

      You forgot the all important one….talk softly, sit so as not to take up any room (because you shouldn't really exist) speak like you're always unsure, please others, especially men, at all times, look frightened, have long hair, because short hair conveys strength and is scary to men, suck up to and admire anything a man does, put down anything a woman does, agree with male put downs of women (womens talk shows are trivial and stupid, male sports and shows are really important) look like a clown as often as possible, because strong women are scary demons who need to be removed from sight…The media does ALL of these things and we need to not put up with these put downs of women anymore.

    38. leeans says:

      You forgot the all important one….talk softly, sit so as not to take up any room (because you shouldn't really exist) speak like you're always unsure, please others, especially men, at all times, look frightened, have long hair, because short hair conveys strength and is scary to men, suck up to and admire anything a man does, put down anything a woman does, agree with male put downs of women (womens talk shows are trivial and stupid, male sports and shows are really important) look like a clown as often as possible, becuse strong women are scary demons who need to be removed from sight…

    39. steevo says:

      "8. Be hairless." That rule needs to be permanently revoked. So many pedophiles liking the bare vagina. No hair is a turnoff.

      1. Alexander says:

        Can't agree more. Hairy armpits are also attractive. :)

    40. Billie says:

      Terrible. Absolutely terrible. If you're going to knock "rules," they should be rules that people have actually heard of. Making up rules just to knock them is stupid and a waste of time.

    41. Tonya says:

      Hey that's great. Encourage girls just out of high school to do as they please and spread the STD problem even further than it needs to be. Aren't you just so courageous.

      1. Alicia Lili Mauer says:

        Generally not recommended to insult the intelligence of a demographic while cruising a website geared towards them. Actually rather surprised you haven't been flamed yet.

    42. CR13 says:

      These comments just prove that the majority of your readers have no clue as to what satire is.
      Also, they got all pissy because you hit a nerve. You said something they do/did is wrong and now they're attacking.
      Truly, that is sad and that is the kind of stupidity that sets everyone back 100 years, not just women. Grow up ladies! =/

      1. wordup says:

        that and read a book! Preferably by a woman author. And whose central themes do not involve having a boyfriend, vampires, or having a boyfriend.

    43. fred says:

      the rules for moolem girls are so easy, be fat, dumb, uneducated, don't think, praise alah, don't talk with men, stay inside and do what you're told . a little like the hasidic jewish chicks, and some of the tru born again christians. Praise Jesus

    44. Michelle Mac says:

      Men are finally getting their balls back and standing up to women: http://manhood101.com

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    46. Lady says:

      HAHA!!! CHECK OUT THIS AMAZING BLOG AND LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS!!! trust-your-instinct.blogspot.com


    47. […]   So here on CollegeCandy, we provide you ladies with what we consider to be some pretty awesome advice. Sex tips. Study tips. Relationship advice, and fashion finds. We know; we’re awesome like that.  But the rest of the world? Well, when it comes to providing girls with great life advice, they’re not always quite as helpful. Their rules? A little bit less enjoyable for women to follow. (I’m looking at you, Seventeen!) Don’t get me wrong. I love r … Read More […]

    48. NOMI says:

      Any women who is strong and powerful, deserves respect . Any women who can play a video game better than a man, deserves praise. Any women who scores in the bedroom, should be praised as a hero, just as the man she slept with would. Any women who's comfortable showing a bit of skin, should be looked as confident not slutty. And any women who chooses a man who loves her for who she is, should give him forever love and devotion, just as he would her:)

    49. Haylee says:

      For # 2, 4, 10 and 11, I thank you.

    50. Adrienne says:

      I feel sad that any of these "rules" are considered even vaguely relevant anymore. (I'm what you'd call a 3rd wave feminist – both my mom and her mom were) and I really hoped we'd gotten to a most post-modern perspective by now. Every time I find out that women are still hating their bodies, for instance, I get really bummed out. Of course, I feel that way when I realize that people are still beating each other up with Bibles, too.

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