How is Charlie Sheen Still Working?

It’s no secret that Charlie Sheen is one of Hollywood’s bad boys. And by “bad boys” I mean “has a serious drug problem.” He’s been in and out of the news for years for his addiction to drugs and the things (and prostitutes) he does while on them. Charlie clearly needs help… and a lot of it.

So I have to wonder how and why CBS is sitting idly by as story after horrific story surfaces about their golden child.

Okay, so we all know Charlie Sheen isn’t really the best role model and as a grown man, he shouldn’t have to be. It’s not like little 10-year-old girls are looking up to him. But wait, they are! Charlie stars in the number one family show on a family network. A show that families watch together, children and all. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or a TV executive) to realize it might be a bit of a problem to have a man who is famous for benders with 5 ‘escorts’ to maintain his starring role.

But CBS isn’t pulling him. In fact, they’ve announced that they will be shooting the show around when Charlie is high on coke and when he isn’t. (Well, not in so many words, but that’s the gist of it.) Way to be flexible, CBS.

But this is about more than CBS rewarding Sheen’s behavior with oodles and oodles of money and fame. Charlie has a real problem and it’s been going on since 1990 when he shot his fiancée in the arm. (True story.) From failed marriages to hospitalizations, the guy’s personal life is in shambles and he continues to put himself in danger.

So why hasn’t Sheen gotten the wake up call he oh-so needs? Why hasn’t CBS stepped in and tried to help? Why are we continuing to berate the likes of Miley Cyrus for smoking a LEGAL drug or the cast of ‘Glee‘ for taking some “racy” pictures, yet saying nothing about the terrible message Charlie Sheen and CBS are sending to the world that you can mess up as many times as you want and there will be no repercussions?

Before the hate comments start to roll in, I will give Sheen props (although I say that through clenched teeth) for making an effort and going into rehab. That is a huge step for someone with a drug addiction.  But the whole letting Charlie slide under the radar for the stuff he’s pulling has got to stop. And if Charlie doesn’t have family or friends to help him through it, then it’s up to CBS to push him in the right direction. Anyone who’s ever seen an episode of ‘Intervention’ knows an addict needs to hit rock bottom before they’ll agree to help themselves, so maybe it’s time those CBS execs caught an episode and learned a few things. Maybe it’s time they created that rock bottom for Charlie. Maybe it’s time they tell him that he needs to get his act together or he’ll lose his job. Maybe it’s time they stop rewarding his bad behavior with bigger paychecks and a more flexible shooting schedule.

Maybe it’s time that they stop thinking about the ratings and the money for a moment and actually take care of someone who can’t take care of himself.



    1. Leora says:

      Idk…have you really ever watched Two and a Half Men? The show and its innuendos (and there are numerous innuendos EVERYWHERE in that show) isn't really marketed to kids and I don't think most 10 year olds know who Charlie Sheen is, as opposed to Miley Cyrus or the cast of Glee. CBS might be a family network, but those who watch the show he's on know he's not the most wholesome person, and neither is his character on the show. Maybe that's why people just don't mind that he is who he is. I'm not saying he's the greatest guy, but I think we should cut him some slack. As of right now, if he does his job, he does it well, and it doesn't decrease ratings, why should CBS care?

      For the 10 year olds that do watch his show, I sure hope their parents let them know that cocaine and hookers are not something to aspire to.

    2. Ana says:

      Miley Cyrus is a girl. The glee characters who were attacked were girls. Guys can get away with TONS more crap than girls can. It the american double standard

    3. Cam says:

      I believe if he was not white he would have been fired years ago. He does not put a lot into roll since he is playing the same lowlife on TV as he does in real life so there is not much acting there. CBS should be ashamed of themselves.

    4. Patty Farley says:

      Charlie Sheen is a talented, awesome actor/babe.That's why he is tolerated by CBS. He is custom fit for the role.
      He makes no apologies for his behavior and has said many times that he does not pay for sex. He pays so they go home after sex.
      Plain and simple, he may have his faults, but he is totally "for real"

      1. kerriann says:

        I agree. Charlie is a great actor that has a problem. He is doing what he can, the best way he can. People should leave him alone. His show is a success and they should keep him working. He is getting help and they should allow him to keep his job. He hasn't hurt anybody but himself, yes others are affected but soon will not be. He will clearly get a hold of himself and carry on the way most addicts do. He is not evil because he is sick. His disease is an illness that is being treated, he can't help his behavior when he is using. So people, leave him alone-he is a man that has a disease that is being corrected.

    5. JOE DAVIS says:


    6. sheilab2 says:

      What is the big deal with Charlie? Any moron could play his part – all he does is drink, have sex, make nasty cracks. Jon Cryer is the real star of the show, along with Conchata Farrell and Holland Taylor – now there is real talent. Charlie could disappear from the show and have a half brother show up who can still drink, have sex and make caustic comments. I cannot fathom why CBS continues to put up with this moron. He isn't worth saving as he has proven over and over again. Just let him wallow forever with his drugs and bimbos and keep him off tv. Has anyone notice how awful his face looks? No amount of makeup can hide the bumps, erosions and general mess of his face.

    7. Bob says:

      Sheen doesn't work for CBS. He works for the WB and you can't fire someone who does there job. Which Sheen does.

    8. Bob says:

      Having read this article took away about 5mins of my life that I will never get back, so I thought I'd waste another 5 by replying. Why should I or anyone else care about the decisions CBS has made concerning the issue with Charlie? The man is a good actor, does his job very well and has made CBS a whole bunch of money, which if I'm not mistaken is the whole point. So the man wants to snort and smoke some stuff and have relations with multiple women at once, BIG DEAL! I really think you should be more concerned with the issues that effect us as Americans and less about what some actor is or isn't doing.

    9. Juan says:

      Who in the name of GOD is watching Two and a Half men with their children? I am not sure how any intelligent person would categorize this show as a "family" show . Probably some type of person who writes for AOL "News".

      1. Rita says:

        I think the author of the article was implying that TV sitcoms shown during certain times are considered "family viewing." I would hope families weren't sitting around the TV with a bowl of popcorn and letting the 10 year olds watch the show, but you never know.

        CBS is after one thing. The money. I do believe that if they let him go, maybe, just maybe he'd start to see what his lifestyle is doing to him, but they probably won't.
        As for the peope in some of the comments who said, "he's real. He doesn't apologize for who he is" or
        "they can't fire him for doing his job." Well, sorry, but if he hooked up with your sister, your mom, your aunt or anyone you considered a friend, and did some of the things he's done, I wonder if you'd say, "he's real." Yep, he's a real loser. He's got talent up the wazoo and squanders it on his addictions. Sad.

      2. kim says:

        I thought the same thing. My kids are in bed before I watch this show. This is def not a family show.

      3. kim says:

        I thought the same thing. My kids are in bed before I watch this show. This is def not a family show.

    10. Melissa says:

      I loved this article – I completely agree. He really needs the help and it's sick that his problems have been ignored for a TV network's gain, while other people get berated for things that are (in my opinion) a lot less serious.

    11. Debra says:

      I think Sheen is a giant a-hole and what was at first a parody show has become a reality show. Time to get it off the air. I am not going to watch it anymore. I don't want to contribute to that lifestyle, although I am sure the porn girls are happy that he is keeping them employed. And for those clueless fools who do not know that parents are allowing their kids to watch this crap, wake up. It is in a prime time slot. It would not occur to most parents that there is anything wrong with having their kids watch the show, after all, there is a kid on the show (who will no doubt be scarred for life with the adult humor he has been a part of in his role.) I am offended by Sheen and his activities that have become mainstream news. I for one will be glad when he is gone.

    12. Ash says:

      I'm fairly certain that Charlie Sheen has absolutely NO impact upon the values of 10-year-old girls. Sure, Two and a Half Men contains high levels of sexual innuendos but there are plenty of shows that are actually marketed towards tween/teen audiences that also promote promiscuity (e.g. True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl). Charlie Sheen has never pretended to be something that he isn't (I'm looking at you Tiger Woods) and his show attracts millions of viewers. His personal life is his own and as long as he brings in the cash, I don't think the CBS has a right to intervene.

    13. ally says:

      Charlie Sheen is going to do what he wants to and there is nothing that anyone can do about it but him. If he is able to do his job and his employers are happy then why are we here talking about it? I'm outta here…

    14. chris says:

      first of all anyone watching Two and a Half Men with a ten year old is a lousy parent….. but they are out there… You know the saying you need a license to drive, hunt, fish but anyone can take a influential child and screw it up any way they want… With that being said… my husband and I love the show and we hope Charlie gets better… as to why he has a job… he makes the show great….

    15. Barbara says:

      While I agree with your points, what you said at the end is very profound…..CBS will not stop thinking about their ratings or the money involved. Neither will most networks, record labels, movie studios, etc. etc. That is why there are so many sad drug related deaths in "Hollywood" still today!

    16. Jen says:

      Family show!?! The whole show is about SEX. This was the worst article I've ever read.

    17. Bug says:

      Why do we care anymore. He is a lush; a no good drunk with a lot of money. Let him the hell go. I hate we would lose that show but ya know, enough is enough. Charlie survived all this time on the good graces of his fans who gave him another chance after his last big crash.

      So many people have helped him and now it's time for him to find out money can't buy everything.

      I'm done.

      1. skydrive65 says:

        Your a rather slow individual arn't you? Assuming intelligence is not your thing. He has not survived on the good graces of his fans. It is the fans who want to watch the show. I have never seen the fans rallying to give him another shot. Rather the opposite as he is no where near being fired the fans and the supposid good graces you talk about mean nothing. Wish idiots like you would go to hell. Being famous doing his job just because he makes more money then you are even worth does not mean he should have to live up to some unheard of impossible moral standard. His talent keeps him where he is at not the fans good graces. Sick of people going on about how the famous should be setting examples and this message and that message. Meanwhile we have idiots in the government the ones who should be role models. On top of that the parents are a real joke thinking that the celebrity should be setting the example for their child, when its them that should be. Yay for the liberal idiots who want the schools to raise their children, with the excuse that their own lives are of more importance. You probably fit int hat category, seeing how you call the guy a lush and a no good drunk. So because you read something you are somehow the authority on it. My guess is you have never met him and are not worth the dirt on his shoe to be even around him yet you feel your allowed to judge him. Sorry get over the fact that you think as a "fan" you have the power, because you do not. The one with the power is him because his talent is the show and no network is going to let that leave and cause others to lose a job. If your worried about it somehow being a bad example for your child then I have news for you moron. Start parenting better to be honest a child should not be watching the show its not a kids show. So honestly stop criticizing him and go learn to be a human being or parent that is worth more than the spit on the side of the road.

      2. trudye says:

        I agree…….just let him go to wherever drunks go…..and good riddance.

    18. debbie says:

      people will egg him on til he kills himself or goes to prison. shame on cbs you will get sued in the end.people like charlie never think they are going to die.

      1. Emma says:

        why would CBS get sued?! The only thing they are guilty of (and I use that word only for lack of a better one at the moment) is being pigs. Charlie Sheen is a grown man. It isn't up to anyone to "make him" clean up his act. He's an addict. The only one who can help an addict is the addict himself. VIEWERS are the only ones who can urge CBS to cut him loose and help him find his "rock bottom". YOU keep watching, he keeps earning and he keeps partying. Maybe it should be viewers who get sued if you go by your thoughts.

    19. Tiffany says:

      It's clear that the writer of this article hasn't watched more than 3 minutes of Two and a Half Men which makes it hard for me to take this article/blog seriously. A company has the right to protect it's interest so normally a business will step in if a worker stops performing adequately or posses a threat to the image the company is trying to maintain. This doesn't apply to CBS and Charlie Sheen. CBS isn't Disney, Charlie Sheen isn't 17 and Two and a Half Men isn't Glee. The comparisons are ridiculous. The show most likely will be cancelled the day Charlie truly cleans up and decides to become a less interesting person. Entertainment doesn't have to be moral to be good or successful, it just has to entertaining.

    20. Doug says:

      So because this show isn't a family show, it gives Sheen a license to act wild and be "Real". Do lots of cocaine and hire hookers to go home after sex?

      If the average person acted like MR Shreen, (Some jobs actually do drug testing as well) they would have been fired. Its a valid question why has CBS closes its eyes to this problem. For those that remember Chis Farley, John Balushi, and others If you love Charlie Sheen's talent you should be hoping for CBS to help him not ignore it. He has been luckier then Robert Downey Jr and Lindsey Lohan, to not bottom out, but his time is coming or maybe its not GOOD luck, but BAD.

    21. Mark says:

      Why hasn't he been arrested for illegal drug use, and put in jail?

    22. phyllis says:

      he is disgusting and nasty and what bad boy he has a fu***ng problem he should be put away and lock that door before he does something real bad i would like to know why his wife put up with his shit for so long hope she finds someone with sence

    23. NurseRiverBoat says:

      EVERYONE really does like Charlie Sheen, what he does in his personal life is nobody's business and has nobody's blessings either.
      One day we'll all wake up, and get the breaking news that Charlie's dead.
      oh well…..can't say we didn't see it coming, huh?
      CBS should help him but they are not psychiatrists, nor are they a drug and alcohol rehab center.
      Charlie is having a ball and having tons of fun and it's going to be the end of him but if that's what he wants, who are we to argue?
      Everyone choose their own destiny.

    24. ncisfan says:

      I liked Charlie when I was younger, I mean some of his stuff was funny. he may be over 40 but why doesn't his parents step in and try to get control over him. its worked before. as for watching two and a half men I watched one and never again.

    25. chryzz says:

      ok Charlie eventually the party is over you''ve done your homework now move on and show your real talent I dont care how messed up you get it would be sad that you died and your fans would suffer I really enjoy your moves/tv and would hate to see it end A lot of the baby boomers can relate but seemed to pull themselves up and grew up sad but true the party is over at least that party I like to party but not the kind that could kill me or make my kids ashamed of me so party on I am, just not the old kind of parting I'll bet you are more interesting sober sincerely yours, one of your fans

    26. SUE says:

      That's what I want to KNOW !! WHY DOES HE STILL HAVE A JOB ??

      This man is crazy and full of all the immoral actions a man can be. If CBS does not fire this

    27. Lindi says:

      someone needs to take him out of his misery, instead of cocaine take some of his money, buy a gun and load it and show him where the trigger is, he's a worthless, no good bastardo…CBS fire the hoe monger!

    28. trudye says:

      I can't wait till he needs Viagra, if not already. What a totally sad individual he is….but what the heck, sometimes the best thing to do is let it all come crashing down. Then, if there are any pieces left, pick things up and start from there. I lost my brother, at a tender 46 yrs. old, to this type of behavior, but by the time he died he'd gone from a wonderful little brother to a nasty, hateful, abusive person I didn't know. The change took years and years, and in the end he did too much damage to friends and family that his death was a relief. We no longer were around this wretched individual. Peace to those of us to tolerate this type of behavior. Someday, it does all end.

    29. vegheadwhitney says:

      I agree partially with the writer of the article. I don't think Two and a Half Men is a family show at all, but it is on at a time when most kids are glued to the t.v. its not unthinkable that thousands of children are tuning into the show. The real problem isn't the show and who its aimed towards though, its Charlie. I agree that he should not be being rewarded for such atrocious behavior. He is a menace to himself and the people around him.

    30. Pedro says:

      well well, all I can say is that there is a lot of killings south of the border, just to get the cocaine across for the consumption of it from people like "the bad boys of hollywood".

    31. Tim says:

      I too blame CBS and it's greed for allowing this whole thing to continue. From the shows beginning, they have been exploiting who Charlie is and all is personal weeknesses…yes he is the highest paid actor on TV but at what cost? They continue to write the storyline around this lifestyle we all claim to be distructive and we laugh at all the sexual innuendos and booze induced tyrants. So who really is to blame for Charlies failure to overcome his personal demons….we all are , because he knows that we like his character and that is what fame nutures. Who can blame him for wanting to stay in his character, everybody watches his show and would hate to see it end. I truly wish Charlie a life changing rehab, to find his true identity…and hey, maybe he start to act in a different role…who knows we just might accept him for who really is.

    32. Harper Fan says:

      First, he is not a role model nor are boys growing up wanting to be him. I did not see one kid dressed as Sheen on Holloween. Nor do you see his picture on little girls' walls. So lets lay off the "he's a bad role model."
      CBS has him because of the money, we watch the show because it's funny. And all this free advertising does wonders for him and them.
      Now, as a human being, you have to feel sorry for him and hope he does get help. But with all that money and the desire to party, he'll just keep being Charlie Harper. (You know Chuck Lorre is thinking how to get a few zingers in there regarding this latest circus act).
      CANT WAIT FOR NEXT YEAR'S Three and a Half Men! Will Charlie be checking into a rehab, will he have seen the light, will he be sent to jail, will he get so drunk that he wakes up with Bertha, will he see that it's cheaper to hget hookers if he's a pimp? Man I can't wait!!!

    33. Rrrr says:

      Hey stupid writer of this story. When you can pull in 100 million for your boss, we'll see what you can get away with.

    34. kat says:

      So creepy that it's a family show! I don't think kids should watch it but I think it definitely is treated as a family show. I'm not suprised it's on the air. Networks don't care about that stuff. Kobe Bryant brutally anally raped and strangled a girl and he is portrayed as a role model. The president of South Africa raped a woman and admitted to it, but said it would have been rude not to rape her. Hillary Clinton met with him. Considering how they treat rapists I'm not suprised that coke and hookers are ignored. It's just annoying that women are treated like the scum of the earth when they wear something low cut or have drug problems, but people tend to ignore these guys who do genuinly violent things (like shoot and hold knives to the throat of his wife in Sheen's case.)

    35. ted409 says:

      harpers got the right idea

      thank god for re runs . im just wondering what is charlies occupation on the show supposed to be
      maybe he just charges his brother alot of rent so he lives on that
      if charlie would quit hangin out with and giving hoes 30k checks and take up a new hobby like golf or fishing
      i burned the candle at both ends for a year and half after my first divorce. people told me stuff i did i didnt remember doing so i figured it was time to slow down so i started home improvement on my house thats kept me busy for years now. i got money and something to show for it instead of all screwed up and with a woman or women hangin around waitin for a hand out . i ll betcha shes already spent that check !!!

    36. 2cents says:

      I would guess two reasons CS is able to get away with his behavior because (1) Hollywood has largely done away with "morality clauses" and (2) his actions give verisimilitude to the character he plays. (1) Those clauses were utilized frequently in the past (40+ years ago) and actors were terrified if their off-screen activities were found out by the studios. (This was especially true if the "rags" at the time – e.g. Hollywood Confidential – or the gossip columnists – e.g. Hedda Hopper, Louella Parsons, Walter Winchell – got their hands on the story.) Hollywood wanted to project an image of "wholesome celebrities", so anyone engaging in prurient, immoral, or unlawful behavior would be subjected to the clause and perhaps forced out of the business.

    37. 2cents says:

      (2) Sheen plays a drunken, debauched fool on a show that makes a lot of money, and exhibits those qualities in real life. For the sake of finances, the powers-that-be are willing to allow him to do just about anything he wants. As stated on other posts, he would probably be in jail if he wasn't famous, scion of a famous family, and a cash cow for the network.

      So, if he dies, his network, enablers, etc. will have to deal with it. Now, they're saying that Sheen will "rehab" at home. For starters, "rehabbing" at home for a substance abuse problem is the wrong way to go. It's okay if you had knee surgery, but it does not seem likely to work for substance abuse.

    38. Thad Allenby says:

      Why does he have a job still?

      He's white, isn't he/?

    39. manny says:

      Please!!! Leave Charlie alone. Despite his personal problems that probably stems from some deep place, he is a great guy. He is funny and has a naive face that goes with his character. Two and a half men is a funny show, and charlie makes it very funny, indeed. Its my favorite comedy hour post married with children. So, keep Charlie going and help him out to reduce his concerned habits.

    40. snappysandy says:

      What I would like to know is whether anyone who has been arrested for using Cocaine or having a suitcase full on the premises has used the "Charlie Sheen" defense? You know when you go to court and your lawyer says "My client would like to invoke the Charlie Sheen defense, your honor. He wasn't arrested so neither should my client be arrested". I wonder if this would work for the rest of the drug addicted Americans, or is it because he's filthy rich that he gets off? Bottom-line, isn't "Justice for all" mean equal opportunity for all???? This guy is a real loser, and the legal system is no more than a joke if they keep letting him use the "I'll go to Rehab defense".

    41. Bolt Upright says:

      He's Irish, that's how! They control everything and everyone I know has2 or 3 jobs and usually good ones like police, fire, court administration, Hollywood. They were here first during the potato famine-mid 1850's-and impregnated their ilk into every conceivable position of power in commerce, government and education. Every cowboy movie you watch going back to the beginning is almost always cast with majority Irish. John Wayne, Gene Autrey, Audie Murphy, just do the homework, watch the last names in every facet of life's work. They stick together like the Jews and I mean that with all deference and respect. It's just the way it was set down from the beginning!

      1. Tiff says:

        …But charley sheen is like…hispanic. SHeen isn't his real last name. It's Estevez…ie his brother, Emilio Estevez.

    42. rodney says:

      where are his parents? forget agents & publicists…he needs some good ol' kick your ass and get ready for the real world parenting" which probably he never had…hense the mess he is

    43. angryinnv says:

      i love charlie and i love the show.
      i have an idea of how to save the show if cbs decides they don't want him back. have herb and judith get divorced and herb moves in with alan. charlie can be on some extended trip around the world with his jingle songs. this way you still have the 2-1/2 men. it could work with creative writers.

      charlie, you are 45 yrs old – middle-aged. get your head out of your ass and get the help you need. your family loves you and so do your friends, and also fans. the people who work on the show need you there. they are depending on you, so get your act together already. enough is enough.

    44. Joe says:

      He's a white male so it's no surprise that he gets a pass and everyone over looks the drugs, booze and women.

    45. Bud Slattery says:

      I can give you 250,000,000 reasons why CBS wont dump Sheen….Thats what it would cost the network without him…It's all about the buck

    46. Flagrante Delicto says:

      I'll bet $100 that he leaves rehab within a week.

    47. Mel says:

      I agree that the biggest issue is the parents who allow their children to watch 2 and a half men.

      Why does CBS allow Charlie to keep the show? Well quite honestly, there isn't much of a difference between Charlie Sheen and Charlie Harper. How can Charlie Sheen take the rating down of a show where he just plays himself.

      You really think people are horrified when they hear Charlie has been with a prostitute or porn star? All the trouble we hear of Charlie getting is essentially every episode we watch on two and a half men.

    48. Grandma Gayle says:

      Charlie Sheen makes the big bucks simply because "Two and a Half Men" is hilarious. It is his job, he does it well. It is a "family show" at our house, but we are a family of 4 adults. No way is it appropriate for children. When this show ends, I will miss Charlie, Allen, Jake, Berta, and Rose (don't ya just love her?) They are like eccentric, naughty neighbors who crank up the fun factor in the neighborhood. I hope Charlie Sheen gets his personal life in order…. but professionally, he is at the top of his game.

    49. Jon Kite says:

      Charlie has been a loser for years. Just go back and read the articles." In The Beginning", I watched a few of 21/2 show. and that was enough for me. A lot of you critisize CBS and Charlie. Go look in the mirror. The only reason the show is still on the air….YOU who continue to watch. If you like the kind of garbage Sheen & CBS is putting on the TV…watch it and don't be surprised if Sheen ends up like Jackson. (You Know.) And if he thinks rehabbing at home is the way to go….well that's right he dosen't have a problem.
      Jon Kite

    50. Vanessa says:

      I don't condone Charlie's behavior. It's really pretty gross. However, it's clear to me why CBS has not punished him. It's the almighty dollar. We tune in to watch Charlie and his antics. His tv persona reflects that of his real life persona. A drug loving man whore who is usually drunk and irresponsible. It's like watching the Charlie Reality Show. He makes 1.25 million an episode! The whole thing is obscene. We pay the likes of Charlie Sheen over a million dollars a week to be gross and disgusting (yes, there is a bit of humor in the show), and we are firing teachers, police, fire fighters and the like for lack of funding!America.. land of screwed up priorities and no values…+

    51. Jamie says:

      Who's business is it any way what he does in his free time? Free country, personal liberty . . . if he wants help, he'll get it. If not, he has every right to do what he wants. Period. As long as he can act and do a good job at it, good for him. Not all companies drug test, and that's b/c some in this country actually believe in individual liberty . . . up to and including the right to do drugs and have as much sex as someone wants. You don't like it? Don't watch him. You don't think people should live that way? Don't live your life that way.

    52. Candy Thornton says:

      Simple. Its a popular show that makes money. & no Charlie no show…. duh. Anyway most of us have come to accept & even embrace inperfection.

    53. Becky says:

      It seems insane to me the amount of money he gets paid by CBS to be himself. This stint in rehab may very well be a publicity stunt. On the off chance it is not I wish Charlie well. He needs it!

    54. why does the stylist for the show insist on having charlie sheen always wear bowling shirts?

    55. Alex says:

      Check out what others are saying about Charlie Sheen and his drug problems here on the monitor page: public.contextmine.com/CelebNews.html

    56. intoyourblueeyes says:

      Controversy and sex always work…
      thats why here we have too many responses….

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    57. Lady says:

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