The Church of Scientology Just Got a Whole Lot Shadier

We are all aware of Tom Cruise’s involvement with the Church of Scientology. We are also all aware of how weird that is. I bet you’re not aware of just how weird it really is.

For those of you who are not Scientology experts, here’s a quick rundown of what they believe:

1) You’re an immortal being. Like vampires. Just not as cool.

2) In order to be a part of this church, you have to make bank. Because it costs mucho dinero to be ‘religiously connected.’

3) While you’re also an immortal being, you’ve also been reincarnated several times now. Plus, your past souls or lives have lived on other planets. Like Mars.

Now that you’re well acquainted with this lovely religion, here’s the even weirder stuff:┬áTom Cruise and the Church of Scientology are both under federal investigation for human trafficking and other scandalous happenings. For those of you who don’t watch Law and Order SVU marathons, human trafficking is SELLING HUMANS. (Read all the dirty deets about that shady bizness right here.) Though both Cruise and the Church of Scientology deny claims of mental, physical, and financial abuse, it kind of makes a girl rethink her Tom Cruise crush. Remember how cute he used to be in Risky Business?

When did that boy become a rich, reincarnated immortal alien??



    1. ThisIsJournalism? says:

      None of those "weird" beliefs are particularly weird. Most religions believe our Soul is immortal. Also, many religions and people believe in reincarnation. So why not other lives on other planets, as well as earth. Plus I don't know of any organized religion, church, synagogue or temple, that doesn't either charge membership fees or have their hand/offering plate out every week begging for, and sometimes even berating people into giving, tithes or donations. The church of Scientology actually sells various kinds of self-development coursework for their fees. I find Scientology less offensive than the rampant molestation of innocent little boys by priests/the Catholic Church around the world. I agree with Mark Warren at "Esquire." http://theweek.com/article/index/211919/who-cares

    2. Doverblue says:

      ALL religions are nothing more than a personal lifestyle choice yet are granted far more importance and authority than is warranted. There are only two basic types of religion. The first is aimed making money for those at the top (Scientology could be classed as one of this type) and usually succeeds in rich countries where the "faithful" can buy their way into whatever their religion has for "heaven". Poorer, less educated countries tend to have religions aimed at gaining power (Islam as an example). In these countries the government, such as it is, will be controlled by a high ranking cleric rather than a democratically elected leader. To maintain it's position, the leaders of the religion will preach superiority of one gender over another; such as the man of the household is the boss and the wife and daughters are his possessions. To enhance this position the law of the land will also echo the discrepancy by making something legal for a man to do but illegal for a woman to do on pain of physical punishment or even death. The money based religions tend to be less violent than the power based types but also tend to be less open about their actions which are frequently suspect and often criminal so I am not surprised to see Scientology suspected of being involved in human trafficking.

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