We Love You, Lauren Zizes

This was a special week. Not because of the Super Bowl or Fashion Week or anything else that’s happened this week that I’ve already managed to forget about, but because after weeks and weeks without our favorite group of singers, we got two episodes of Glee. That’s right, not one but two.

And as I sat down to revel in their renditions of Michael Jackson and Katy Perry’s greatest hits, I was glad to see that the writers had kept Lauren Zizes around even after sectionals. And even more so, I was glad to see that she had a pretty large part in this past Tuesday’s episode.

Here at CollegeCandy we love Glee not just for its cute but oh so dumb boys and awesome musical numbers, but also for what’s at the heart of the show: being true to one’s self. Embracing who you are, strengths and weaknesses, the good and the bad, and taking pride in that. These characters are all underdogs in one way or another but being in Glee helps them to remember who they are, and to be okay with that.

But Lauren Zizes doesn’t need Glee club to help her break out of her shell. She’s a confident, independent, strong, badass woman, and she owns that. And that’s why Puck is crushing on her.

And it’s why we are too.

Because Lauren Zizes isn’t the type of character you encounter on TV every day. Yes, we see strong women, and yes we see “fat girls.” But what we don’t see is a “fat girl” who knows exactly who she is and what she wants, who’s not riddled with insecurities, and afraid to speak her mind. A girl who is confident enough in her body and in herself to not settle for just anyone or anything. She tells Puck, “I’m not desperate so if you really want this you best come correct ’cause I spell woman Z-I-Z-E-S. And I need to be wooed. You understand me? Wooed.”

She’s not going to fall at his feet just because he’s suddenly decided to look her way. He has to earn it, and if he doesn’t want to, she’s okay with that too. And that’s awesome. She likes Puck but she’s also confident enough to know she wants a real relationship and she’s not going to settle for anything less. So they can take it slow, or not at all, and that’s fine with her, because she’s not afraid of being alone.

Which is more than what can be said about Rachel who’s too concerned with Finn to remember she’s a star all on her own, and Quinn who can’t figure out who she is or what she wants if she’s not the Queen B with the star quarterback on her arm. Or even Santana who can’t seem to fathom the idea of being alone on Valentine’s Day. In fact, the only girl on Glee who might rival Lauren in self confidence is Mercedes, who spends the majority of the episode reminding Rachel and Kurt that they don’t need to be in a relationship to be happy.

So thanks, Glee. For providing us with a unique, new, and interesting female character. For reminding us what your show is really about. And for remembering that even though “being a part of something special makes you special” you can still be special all on your own.



    1. Anna says:

      I'm kind of glad some of the characters are insecure about men and themselves. If they werent, how would we relate t othem?

    2. Kris says:

      Anna, I totally agree but I definitely have to say that it's great to see the characters, who I know my guys friends are drooling over, being totally insecure, while the girl who doesn't necessarily fit the conventions of beauty is the one making guys chase her. I love Lauren, I think she's awesome for knowing what she deserves even if the high school world isn't ready to see it yet

    3. […] so she never tries too hard to win anyone’s affections.  It’s totally foolproof.  Just ask Lauren Zizes.  She knows what boys […]

    4. Beth says:

      So awesome! I was a little tired of Glee, but the whole Puck/Lauren dynamic has captured my interest once again. Fat girls deserve love and respect too, and its about time Hollywood (and men, for that matter!) picked up on it.

    5. Gleek says:

      I think Mercedes and Lauren should sing a song together, like a "bigger girls are sexy too" thing.

    6. Steff says:

      I love how feisty she is!
      Puck should Sing "Big girls" By "Mika" to her as a woo'ing tactic!:)

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