10 Celebrity Couples That Make My Skin Crawl

Okay, so I don’t know if you ladies have heard the news, but apparently Sean Penn and Scarlett Johansson are actually dating, which really just makes my skin crawl. I mean the girl is legitimately half his age. It’s weird and it’s creepy. And since I am forever grateful that Scarlett let go of Ryan Reynolds so we could some day find each other and be together, I felt it my duty to at least point that out.

But in the process, their creepy crawly relationship got me thinking about all of the other creepy celebrity couples I’ve encountered over the years. And, well, there were actually quite a few of them. Ugh, my stomach is churning.



    1. Anah Namas says:

      How much, if at all, do you get paid for making lame articles like this? Instead of just throwing up the latest entertainment news which we could find on E News (See what I did there), do some real articles. I hope you didn't pay for an education.
      I realize I can choose what to read but come on!

      1. Katie says:

        Two things.

        1. I don't see what you did there…as far as I know this article isn't on E News..

        2. CollegeCandy writers are paid 1,000,000 dollars a word. It's rumored to be the highest pay in the industry. But that's not confirmed.

      2. Candace says:

        Katie has stains on her meat curtains.

      3. Riko says:

        I agree with Annah. The writing on College Candy has gone down substantially. Paired with the annoying ads, I barely come to this website anymore. Much different from freshman year when I used to check this site multiple times a day. Sad.

    2. Kenni says:

      When did you start dating? Clearly it must not have been until well into college if you think 17 and 18 year olds are too young to be kissing. Plus half of your article is moot since most of the "couples" aren't couples anymore.

      1. Sara says:

        I think she meant that to her they still seem younger than they are.

      2. liz says:

        More than half of these couples are still dating. I think that qualifies as most.

    3. super-duper says:

      i don't know why she has such a big deal with people of different ages dating. if they are both legal adults and enjoy each other's company- just let them be. and i don't even think scarlett johanson is any better than average and i can't stand sean penn.
      it's a good thing this writer does not have any ability to make laws of any kind because her standards are much to strict.

    4. Anna says:

      It seems that you find the majority of these couples to be creepy due to their difference in ages. This has phenomenon has been around for centuries and won't stop anytime soon. What does it matter, anyways? If they're both consenting adults there's nothing wrong with it.

      Frankly, as someone who is attracted to older men, I was rather offended. Just because happened to be born before me doesn't make what I feel towards him gross. You have no insight into these relationships; you can't possibly judge what they're based on.

    5. Cahaje says:

      Personally, I agree with you completely. When someone is old enough to be your dad, that's just not natural…GGRRROOOSS!! Don't worry girl, they're only hating on you cause they know what they're doing is disgusting and they're trying to make themselves feel better about it.

    6. KIss says:

      I like Scarlett Johansson . she is a very good actress😉

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