Friday Faves: What Your Bikini Wax Says About You

bikini bottoms

For most of us, bikini waxing is a summertime requirement, along the lines of flip flops and SPF 15. You can’t go to the beach with a fur skirt, right? But did you know that how you landscape says a lot about who you are? It’s true – guys can read your vajay like a book. I asked a couple of dudes what they think when they come face to…er….vajeen.

What kind of story is your bikini line telling?

Goin’ Natural:
If a guy can get some booty, he usually doesn’t care what’s happening south of the border, but that doesn’t mean he’s not paying attention. A woman who lets her forest grow wild is either totally inexperienced in the bedroom or super hippie-dippie-trippie and lets that stuff grow everywhere. “I’m afraid to see what her armpits look like,” says dude #1.

The Traditional Clean Up:
So, you take care of anything that might poke out of the bikini bottoms and do some basic trimming everywhere else. What does this say? “She’s considerate, but probably not going to let me flip her around in bed.”

Landing Strip:
Leaving a little patch is a big turn on for guys. Duh. Dude numero 3 tells me: “She takes care of herself and knows what a guy wants. I’d be willing to ask for some more adventurous sexcapades from her.” Dude #1 chimes in, “The landing strip is the holy grail. When I discover it, I almost can’t control myself. Instant turn on.” (As if he really needed one at that point…)

Baring it All:
If you’re daring enough to go totally bare (and I commend you – OUCH!), guys don’t really know what to think. “I feel like a pedophile when there’s nothing down there,” said one guy. Another can’t stop wondering if it was a “shaving incident gone awry.” But there are some that like it. Guy #2 explained: “I’m much more willing to take myself downtown if there is no worry of coughing up a hairball later. And a girl who gets rid of it all is most definitely a freak in the sheets.”

Fun With Shapes:
Yes, there are women out there who treat their vajays like a work of art. Butterflies, hearts and arrows (?!) are some of the more common shapes women will shave into their nether regions. But what do guys think? “Do not enter. That woman gets around.” Guy #3 agreed: “Like a hot dog in a diseased hallway.”

Do you think guys are “reading” us right?

[This story was originally posted by one of the fantabulous CC Editors. That’s hard hitting journalism, people.]

Likey? Don’t worry, there are plenty more faves where this came from.



    1. Parissa Wax says:

      Their interpretations probably aren't too far off the mark – but I can't help but be amused that our grooming habits basically boil down to a measurement of how "freaky" we'll get in bed:)
      Funny article, thanks!

    2. criolle johnny says:

      Pig time … That hair is designed to hide the hook!

      You can scream at me or for me at your leisure. I'm busy pouring "creme brulee" candles.

    3. Amy says:

      Every guy I've ever talked to about this likes a clean brazillian the best. I have never heard of any guys actually liking the landing strip…

      1. rox says:


    4. Katie says:

      What a terrible article!!! Now women are supposed to shave or wax according to what some random dudes (that have apparently slept around enough to become pubic hair connoisseurs) think is hot? What about our opinion? Even worse, they judge the skill of the woman by this outer appearance before even doing the deed. Ugh, there's no way I would be getting in bed with any of these superficial guys. College Candy, I'm disappointed that you'd publish such a demeaning article that suggests that men's opinions matter more than what we women are comfortable with or prefer. This is most definitely not an "awesome post" that needed to resurrected. I might as well be reading Cosmo or something.

      1. Jessica says:

        Wow, you need to chill out. Yeah these are random guys, but it's just entertaining to see how some guys think, and if it aligns with our own thinking. It's not suggesting that their thoughts matter more. You obviously take life way too seriously.

      2. Katie says:

        Haha, I agree with most of your comment; I like reading magazines and online articles to get insight into the male's mind just as much as any girl. I just don't think it's right that men get to dictate what part of our body looks like. I don't coerce my boyfriend into changing things about himself. This article took an extremely stereotypical view (does skill with the razor really make someone skilled in bed?) that may make some women feel pressured into conforming to society. It furthers women from the goal of being viewed as equals to men, which, believe it or not, hasn't yet been acheived.

      3. SLW says:

        I agree with you Katie. It is downright demeaning.

      4. rox says:

        Ok, then ask real guys. Who will confirm what this article says, and say that they prefer you to be well groomed.
        And how exactly was College Candy very different from Cosmo to begin with? Its just a younger-ish target crowd.

      5. Katie says:

        Since they actually make fun of Cosmo's articles, I would hope that they would have higher standards for themselves than their own version of "What Guys Want!"

    5. Abbalene says:

      Don't pretend you don't care what guys think about your vagine

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    7. […] back. Every Friday we'll be posting some old faves – posts that have made us think, posts that have made us aware and posts that have made us nod our heads in that "we totes get that" sort of way. So kick off your […]

    8. Jake says:

      I'm a guy. I have been around. Personally, I like all or nothing. Some like it hairy, others like it bare, and there are many who like something in between. The "boys" that gave their opinion in this article sound very sexually inexperienced. The sexiest thing on a girl is confidence. Without that I'd just rather date my hand, which I've done and been happier with. So if you're a girl and you're reading this, do whatever you want, but do it with intent. If it doesn't violate any personal boundaries, ask you man "or men" what they prefer and do that if you are in a pleasing mood. That's all I have to say.

    9. BigDickBoyyy says:

      O tf naaa, my bitchess gotta be BALD. #NuffSAID #SayNoMORE

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