If Bristol Palin Can Promote Abstinence…

So, apparently Bristol Palin is rolling in the dough from participating in the Candie’s Foundation’s abstinence campaign . If your saying “whaat?!” right now then we are in total agreement. How can Little Miss Get Pregnant at 18 While Your mom is Running for VP be making so much money (click here to see just how much!) promoting something she knows nothing about. And also, sidenote, why are people considering BP a celebrity?

Anyways, it got us thinking…if Bristol Palin can make this much money for promoting abstinence, then who else should be making mad dough for being a complete hypocrite…



    1. beth says:

      You know, sure, she made a lot of money. But so what? I think that if anybody knows the challenges of being a teen mom, Bristol would. Not only that, she was pregnant while her mom was making an ass of herself on national television. Seems to me she did a good job of maintaining her dignity during that whole circus, AND while the eyes of the entire nation were on her. You know she must have felt awkward knowing everybody was talking crap about her. Hell, it's obvious that people are STILL talking crap about her.

      I don't see her situation as being any different than an ex-smoker or alcoholic promoting abstinence from drinking or smoking. Just because you've done something before, doesn't mean you can't realize that it was a mistake and try to use your experience to prevent people from going down the same path.

    2. SAO says:

      She got pregnant and her school offered abstinence only education. Perhaps this is an indicator that this doesn't work?

    3. Blaire says:

      I disagree completely. Who can speak better about the misery of teen motherhood than a teen mother? You can't liken her to someone who smokes preaching about the dangers of smoking. They're still performing the behavior they preach against. If Bristol Palin is still having sex, then she deserves this scorn. However, I think she is speaking out against something that caused her a great deal of pain. If anyone can speak of the consequences of unprotected sex, it's a teen mother. It's like someone who got HIV from having unprotected sex speaking out in favor of condom education.

    4. myhousemd says:

      It does not make her a hypocrite! I lost my virginity a little over a year ago, and I still completely support abstinence! I practice it now. I made a mistake, and I have come to terms with what has come to pass because of that mistake. Am I a hypocrite for telling girls to stay virgins until they're married? Nope. I'm speaking from experience. Maybe that's what Bristol Palin is doing. My values didn't change because I failed to live up to them. Don't call her a hypocrite. She has admitted that she made a mistake. Stop berating her for that.

    5. Hannah says:

      I don't see her participation in this as hypocritical, mostly because the Candie's Foundation is advocating comprehensive sex education. If she was making ads for abstinence only education, that would be a different story. I applaud what she's doing, and the other celebrities involved with this campaign. The video clips are cheesy but they aren't ignorant. In fact, the Candie's Foundation is just as concerned with funding cuts to Planned Parenthood as CC is.
      I know it's tempting to mock the Palin family, it certainly seems like there are plenty of opportunities but this is one where CC falls flat. Honestly, I'm a little disappointed.

    6. kim says:

      Why are the comments here, more logical then the article? This is running theme for this site. I always learn more from the comments then the auctual article.

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    8. Jessica says:

      This is so funny! I also find it ridiculous that Bristol Palin is promoting abstinence, ESPECIALLY after I saw this commercial of her and The Situation:

      I'm pretty sure Candies picked the two worst "celebrities" they could to promote abstinence and safe and responsible sex!

    9. Margo says:

      There is nothing wrong with spreading a good message just because you can't live up to it all the time. How many times do we talk about eating healthier, or dating guys who are more compatible with us. If this post is about unveiling the hypocrisy of Bristol's message then I am very afraid there are more members to this club than just her.

      My personal opinion is that I have learned more about the complexities of teen pregnancy from an old Seventeen magazine article then I would have learned from Bristol's adds. That is just my take on it, I think that many girls in her position do not have an open avenue to making such money and getting such fame from a life changing event, but there is a different way in which famous people and your average private citizens are perceived.

    10. Casey says:

      Actually, it's hard to preach about the downsides to sex (the unplanned pregnancy, STD's, heartache from bonding hormones, etc.) when you HAVEN'T done it. If people didn't have such a problem with the Palin's there wouldn't be so much hate surrounding Bristol promoting abstinence. In fact, if there was a virgin promoting abstinence the tables would be completely turned, "How does she know!? She's never even experienced sex before. Who is SHE to give a message on the upsides to abstinence when she's never experienced the other side?"

      There's a reason anti smoking ads use chemo patients, and old scary bald people who look like aliens with holes in their throats, because they can tell you, "DON'T do what I did! This is where you'll be if you DON'T listen to this message".

      Consider it learning from there mistakes, who better to send a message than someone who's been there, and has the credibility to speak on the subject? This article is total garbage, just like this site. All hate and no love or understanding.

    11. Milli says:

      I think Bristol Palin is doing a good thing here… I think it's just because of who her mother is that people are giving her crap for this. If it was another celebrity speaking out about the dangers of drugs after recovering from addiction, or abuse, or rape, or anything, we would think it's heroic. I mean, look at the commercials with the celebrities speaking out against the AIDS epidemic. Um, hello, they're making money too! I guess you can accuse them of feeding off the sickle-celled blood of the African children.

      Also, I think it's funny how feminism has such a strong hold in this country yet they do not step forward and defend women such as Sarah Palin and her daughter. I guess some people are an exception if they do not fit into your agenda, which I think is the most shameful thing of all.

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    13. ricky says:

      She's a hypocrite. Posters here are fake, covering her fat ass. She's a grifter crook like her mom. She deserves to be laughed off stage. She isn't suffering pain. She's cashing in for getting knocked up.

    14. Expect a mini DWTS (Dancing With the Stars) reunion as Kyle Massey, squads up with Bristol Palin, for a forthcoming reality television show.

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