A Guide to Having the Best Vagina in Town

There’s been a growing trend in the vag-o-sphere. And it’s all about making your lady parts look pretty and shiny and….bedazzled?! Yes. Bedazzled. Because it’s no longer about the sexy lingerie and the sexy banter. It’s all about dressing up your vagina like every sexual encounter is a debutante ball for your most fun body part. Unsure about what we’re talking about?

Check out our guide to making your vagina sparkle (possibly, literally):

So you’re a beginner Vag-terior Decorator? First, you need to remove all your hair. Now you have a few options, let’s discuss:

Waxing: Popular, yet painful. But it sure beats shaving.

Brazilian: Bye bye hair. Like all your hair. A few screams, a few Advils, and you’re hair free for 3-6 weeks.

Laser: Because hot wax wasn’t enough torture for you. The upside? It’s permanent. The downside? Someone is shooting a laser at your vagina.

Now that you’re hairless, it’s time to get fancy:

Vajazzling: The sounds-like-an-SNL-skit procedure was made popular by Jennifer Love Hewitt in 2010. It’s basically bedazzling your down there. Once you’re freshly bare, the crystals are applied to your lady bits. Oh and don’t worry, there is a do-it-at-home kit that comes stocked with different patterns and colors.

Hair grown back? No fear!

Dye it! You now have the option of matching your curtains to the rug! Any rug in your house that is! Yep, you can go for a more natural strawberry blonde or a more wild electric blue.

All these vagina treatments get your Hooha stressing out? Well then it’s time to hit the spa!

Vagina Steam Bath: This treatment involves squatting over a boiling pot of a mugworth tea blended with wormwood and some other herbs sprinkled in. Apparently, this is supposed to reduce stress, fight infections, clear hemorrhoids, regulate menstrual cycles and air infertility.

Vajacial: No you didn’t read the wrong, I’m talking a facial on your vajayjay. Don’t worry, it isn’t like a trip to the gyno. It’s more of a facial. They rid you of any acne (I pity anyone who has the problem), take out ingrown hairs, exfoliate, cleanse, and make you smoother than smooth.

Okay, your destressed, always ready to impress Vag has been getting tons of action….and now it’s feeling a little loose. Don’t worry! There’s a treatment for that!

Vaginal Rejuvenation:ย  There is a surgery that goes into your vagina and fixes/tightens all of the muscles. You can also get your hymen redone (in case losing your virginity wasn’t awkward enough the first time). But if you aren’t into surgery,ย  then you can still strengthen your va jay with a new kind of “heath” spa called Phit (pelvic health integrated techniques). Yep, that’s a thing.

Okay, okay, your vagina is in the best shape of your life…but you’re still not getting to the big O.

Well it’s time for a G-Shot. The G-shot, clever name, was created to amplify the G-spot sensations. It involves a shot of collagen in your G-spot, while you lay there under local anesthetics. The shot takes 8 seconds, and all in all is a quick procedure. The effects last for 3 months.

So, now that we’ve given you a guide to redecorating your vagina, we want to hear from you! Have you ever done of these things? Are you okay with girls vajazzling for guys? Or maybe you think hair removal is sexist….tell us in the comments!

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    1. Jennifer says:

      Just the standard brazillian for me. Although I have been tempted to do the shave it to a square, dye it powder blue thing.

      1. criolle johnny says:

        From the screeches I heard, I thought "brazillian" was the number of hairs getting yanked!

    2. Concerned Vagina says:

      Steaming your vagina over a pot of boiling water is psychotic.

      1. CG2626 says:


    3. criolle johnny says:

      Wait, WHAT?! As a fella who makes candles, crystals and glitter are GRITTY! Ahem, gritty substances and folded bits of skin are a bad mix, even if they are very finely ground bits of grit.
      The potential for scratches and abrasions and subsequent infections are stuff of nightmares.
      I agree with RCM in keeping it "happy and healthy". Nobody is asking us guys to shave, wax, glitter and steam our ticklish bits.
      I personally do not see anything "standard" about a brazillian, (how many zeros are in a "brazillian" anyway?). Seems like a waste of good wax. That stuff is getting EXPENSIVE as the price of oil gets higher.

    4. Liz says:

      Woah, this is awful. It's a joke, right?

    5. Lynn says:

      I think most men would be happy to just be up in one….undecorated! I'm just saying…..this is nuts!

      1. Trent says:


    6. Michelle says:

      This could come in handy since my vagina was recently created via GRS on 1/31. Sweet.

      1. Connie says:

        'scuse me??? what are you saying???? ๐Ÿ˜Ž

      2. Maggie says:


    7. Blue Dildo says:

      The wife would love never having to shave again! Although, I dont think she would be able to go through with laser removal. Now….the vaginal rejuvenation is a great idea. Ive seen it advertised here in Atlanta. After she popped out my daughter, its been in the back of my mind.

    8. Jael says:

      If you know you have the goods, you know if you do, all you need is the g-string and what comes in it. Better yet, just whip cream or I like caramel.

    9. blah blah says:

      lazer is a good idea… but really this stuff is crazy!!

    10. Tomi says:

      That is seriously one of the most stupid articles I have ever read. What the author much have been thinking is beyond all reason.

      1. Tanya says:

        It's satire.

      2. Emily says:

        No it's actually not satire. The author is serious about these options, as all of these options DO exist. Cosmo has had articles about most of the things mentioned in the article. I for one don't believe that any of it is necessary. Aside from waxing, the rest of it is just plain ridiculous.

    11. Not dumb enough says:

      This is idiotic. Especially the part about steaming your bits over boiling mugwort and wormwood. Those plants are poisonous, highly toxic!

      1. shan says:

        uhm….no? These are herbs that do help with infections and swelling. Very well known to herbalist and wiccans.

    12. Ariel says:

      Women are already competitve against other womens looks, clothes, style, etc. Now we have to worry about having the "prettiest" vagina too?

    13. I cannot agree with you more. I am a woman who loves to look good and have a pretty "hoo-haa". What woman doesn't? But, in today's society, we are trained to think that we must have skinny, bony bodies in order to attract the opposite sex or just to attract others. That is so sickening. I have personally had to fight bulemia and anorexia as a teenager because of this imagery. I am 37 now and still have to fight the urge to make myself barf because I gained 5 pounds from binging over the weekend. It is not good that women are killing themselves just to make society happy. It is wrong! Great post!!!!

    14. juhygtfr says:

      I'm a MAN, and I got some news for any women dumb enough to believe this crap!

      If you think big silicone balloons on top, or glitter down below, will ever get you a man, you are INSANE, as well as waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy lacking in confidence.

      A loving, caring little girl could have tiny boy-breasts, and huge floppy labia lips, that hang out of her underwear, as well as tons of pubic hair, that goes up to her stomach and down to her inner thighs.

      Guess what?

      She is STILL doing to get hot oral sex every time she wants it.

      And, she is going to be loved, and married, because she has love to offer in return.

      I do NOT select a woman based on her vaginal appearance!

      I select her based on personality.

      Be a nasty-ass #unt (rhymes with runt), and you will NEVER have a man, no matter how big your breasts are, or how pretty your vagina is!

      Smarten the fuk up, will ya?

      This is nonsense!

      1. THANK YOU juhydtfr (especially) and all the other men who posted about all the reasons these are all bad/ridiculous/oppressive/etc. ideas. How refreshing it is to hear the male voice of reason on this topic, and to have reassurance that men really do want a woman of substance and character rather than silicone and glitter.

      2. jill says:

        May I just express my admiration for your description of the chick with the "huge floppy labia lips that hang out of her underwear" as well as the expansive pubic hair. Best thing I read all week.


      3. lauren says:

        agreed so so so much!

    15. Adam says:

      Shaven is the best. Anyone who says anything else is lying. men love it and if women do it, the men will be better men.

      1. Emily says:

        Pig! Any man who will be a "better man" if his girlfriend shaves down there is a total douche.

    16. LadyBabe says:

      This is insane! Who looks at your vajayjay if they're NOT going to have sex with you? (Yes, there is your OB-GYN, but honestly, all this just leads to a bunch of questions and a whole lot of awkwardness) All guys probably care about is the feel, and pointy gemstones aren't all that comfy. Also, what is sexy about BLUE HAIR? Whatever. To each his/her own. Also, along with the brazilians and lasers, there is the far simpler and less costly option of shaving. Brazilian: $200 (a guess, never had 1) Drugstore Razor: $2.50 Giving your boyfriend the opportunity to take a pic of the weirdest vagina ever: priceless

      1. dee says:

        Brazilians are between 40 and 60 dollars!

    17. Indrejit Singh says:

      I want a beautiful Girlfriend

    18. Inderjit Maggo says:

      Hi i am 40 & want a vergine girl for lofe time relationship

    19. DerryOD says:

      OK, since when did the vagina cease to be an internal organ? If you have a hairy vagina, there's a book of world records that wants to hear from you. If you're going to shave anything I would suggest your mons or labia majora. As a man I can tel you that I like to see a shaved Mound of Venus. it's not a requirement, or a deal breaker, just a nice treat. Especially if I'm going to be South o' the Border often.

      1. Sara says:

        THANK YOU. I'm in my first year of college, and I took Health class in high school. This bugs me so much. How did all those girls fail that class?

    20. tammy says:

      wow. I think the only thing any women need do is shave, mosturize, and keegules. (not sure if that is the right spelling.) shave because it’s been proven to reduce bacteria build up, moisturize cause u can get dry skin down there too, and the excercises for a better ‘O.’

      1. dee says:


      2. Katie says:

        Shaving all your vadge hair off is not "proven" to reduce bacteria build up. It is a myth that being bare is "cleaner" and better hygiene. In fact, it's really dangerous to take a razor to such a sensitive area – it risks cuts and infection. Much safer just to wash and keep it trimmed.

      3. lauren says:

        very true. All a woman really needs to do is bathe.
        theres nothing wrong with not shaving

    21. Jada says:

      This is HILARIOUS! Come on people, lighten up!

    22. captianbacon says:

      girls should just not care so much and throw themselfs at guys cause were probly not gonna say no

    23. Ruchit says:

      Sweet & Sexy, Good…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    24. coupe says:

      I'm a man and I would do any fine women who went thru all this for me!!! As amatter of fact I would go POSTAL…..LICK IT BFOR I STICK IT !!!!!!

    25. @BEAUTASIA says:

      Great advice! Didn't know about the collagen. But if the fella's did their job, there is no need for that!! Don't forget about the bleaching creams you can use for the ladies of darker fair ;B Beautasia@Hollywood Beautiful

    26. […] A guide to having the best vagina in town, with handy hints like “shoot collagen into your g-spot!” Two words: “fuck” and “you.” (College Candy) […]

    27. insomniac says:

      office assistant
      ya.. i can have that one!!!!!!!

    28. insomniac says:

      office assistant ya sure.. can get one!!

    29. Amanda says:

      Is this a joke? Did somebody actually write this? G-spot collagen? If you need a shot of collagen to your g-spot (EWWW), than your man is doing something very wrong.

      1. Lori says:

        Awww eff the G-spot…just go for the clitoris!! Too difficult for a guy to find in the first place (they always get it wrong and THINK they are getting it right)…let alone know how to accurately use the G-spot to achieve anything near an orgasm. Sometimes I feel like telling him to stop playing with my cervix or pelvic bone and just concentrate on my clitoris. It's a fact that MOST women have never, and will never experience a G-sport orgasm…some just physically CAN'T (most womens actual G-spot, if touched, doesn't give them pleasure anyway (take notes guys!!!! forget the Gspot!)…and it causes too much frustration and anxiety to make it worth anything. However, clitoral orgasms are much more common, much easier to achieve (for both men and women), and feel just as good- if not better(!!) than a G-spot orgasm. I'm NOT saying that G-spot orgasms can't and don't happen…they certainly can and do happen! However, 95% of women cannot attain a G-spot orgasm- no matter how hard you try! Again, it's too hard to locate, and even harder to pleasure. Just stick with the clit and think like a vibrator!!

    30. Sara says:

      This pisses me off so much. Not just because it's a stupid idea- you should be gentle with the delicate skin down there!- but because you aren't talking about the vagina. You are talking about the mons pubis and the vulva. The vagina is the internal structure that a guy sticks his dick in.

      You will notice that the vagina is listed in the "internal" structures. You are talking about the "external" structures. I don't understand how so many girls have failed Health class to the point that they don't understand that.

      1. lalalameons says:

        you know, my health class never actually mentioned anything this. They barely mentioned vaginas at all unless they were horribly diseased and only as a warning that sex was evil and horrible. It's a side effect of living in the bible belt.
        So perhaps it's not them who have failed health class, perhaps it's health class that's failed them.

      2. blakat says:

        this just made my day lalalameons. thank you for being amazing.

      3. PleaBargain says:

        Thank you!!! The vagina and the vulva are NOT the same thing. Obviously, these people don't know their ass from a hole in the ground.

    31. Allie says:

      JUST putting this out there- if a vagina can almost go back to the same tightness after pushing out a BABY, there is no way in hell that even a lifetime of penises can stretch it out and make it "loose". Looseness is just a myth (google if you don't believe me), and I'm incredibly disappointed with this article and how it encourages women to get surgery. I hope for our generation's sake that this is satire.

      1. Lori says:

        "Looseness" may be a MEDICAL myth, but in REALITY, it is very, very real. I'm female, and a medical professional. I've spoken w/ men and various boyfriends (AND my fiance) and "looseness" when it comes to how the vagina feels during sex, again, is real. I've been told about girls so loose (likely loosened muscles, therefore less flexion of those muscles…which consequently leads to a "looser" feeling.) the man can't (couldn't) even tell when he is (was) inside of her. True story. Likely, there was no pressure (aka that "tight" feeling) around his penis. Causes of this? Childbirth (stretches you out), genetics (sorry…) and using that area too much. One would think that using the area a lot would cause the muscles to bulk up and strengthen, but if you think about it, the reverse happens. Unless you are actively using those muscles during sex, i.e. squeezing (aka Kegels..which fyi…guys say feels great), you aren't doing squat but having them stretched. So…while medical science may not support this phenomenon and it may not be listed as a medical problem or condition…it certainly exists.

    32. Emily says:

      I've visited this website a few times, but after reading this article, I am DONE. The whole thing about waxing, coloring, decorating, and getting "vajacials" and "g-shots" is shallow and preposterous! No sane person could possibly take this seriously. I really hope young girls entering college don't actually believe that any of this is expected of them. I guarantee that if you did any of those things, perhaps with the exception of waxing, you would be LAUGHED AT.

    33. a. hitchcock says:

      you can do it if your man wants you to and he'll pay for it….duh! don't do it if you don't have the dough, just do the regular in-shower meowing cat grooming.

    34. Rottmeister says:

      I wish they published something that makes for a witty brain in the bed. That's what men want apart from responsiveness. I'm telling this and I'm a man.

    35. Scott says:

      As if women don't have enough things to obsess about, along comes decorating your nether bits….damn, its no wonder you women are nuts….This is why I go for the farm girls, they understand being nice, `cuz if you're nasty to the animals, (men included) they won't come to you…looks may open the door, character and personality keep it open…

    36. insomniac says:

      i have been in abuvise relation
      Office Assistant

    37. laughing says:

      Is this a joke? Do people really do this crap haha!!!??

    38. Joss Stone says:

      Wouldn't want to swallow sequins and fancy gemstones while eating em pussy

    39. kiki says:

      I must be insane.
      I dont shave. I trim, im doing my bikini line – and… thats it.
      I have lots of very short red pubic hair around my vag and guess what,
      my b-friend loves it! he's shouting every time i'm shavig myself bold – which happens every few months.
      the only time hes giving me oral sex is when i have vag hair!
      U know what? I LOVE it!!!๐Ÿ˜€

      1. lauren says:

        my bf hates shaved. so i never do and never trim.

        i think people should just do whatever they want , thi article is insane

      2. Lori says:

        I'm female…and for some creepy reason…being totally bald weirds me out. It makes me feel pre-pubescent…and it honestly makes me wonder WHY a grown man would WANT to look at a vagina that is reminiscent of a 9 year-olds. Gross. HOWEVER, the notion that a man wouldn't want to mosey down south w/ some nice oral thoughts in mind and coming across a forest…then trying to weed through that to get to the goods- (not to mention…and I apologize for the graphic here…getting a mouthful of something no-so-pleasant) is completely understandable. Trimming and grooming…nicely kept…works for me. The totally bald thing is just…WEIRD.
        Personally, I found the article interesting and entertaining. It's fascinating to learn what some people do to themselves…and even more fascinating to read how people react to it.

    40. a concered teen says:

      FML first the wory about shaving now is it shiny enough..?? seriously!?!? soon all this bull**** is gonna lead to depression, lack in confidance enouigh to stop sexual intercourse full stop and stress. just *uck up about being bigger and better it annoying to have all this worry about do you look okay down there or not.

    41. prove me right says:


      oh and wow@feminazism even though no feminazis will be able to comprehend that because you all have no idea what free thinking and open mindedness is and because(of course) you carry the heavy burden and impediment of severely limited intellectual abilities inherent with not being born the nobler sex

      NOW i think a lot of these ideas would be a nice thing for a woman to do just to switch things up once in while vaginas are pretty cool but they can get boring seeing/feeling something different is another way to make things new and excited wish my gf shaved…

      oh and inb4 downvotedtothispostcannotbedisplayed prove me right!

      1. Not so smiley says:

        You're kind of a dick.

      2. Not so smiley says:

        You're still a dick.

    42. jill says:

      Yeah, I guess I will just have to go with have the 37th Best Vagina in Town.


    43. Zac F-Ron says:

      My advice is just keep it trimmed and don't get it all bent out of shape by sleeping with every guy who "comes" your way! The best thing a girl could do for it is what's on the inside that counts and I don't think there's much control you have over that, other than restricting access!

      1. Lori says:

        Mr. F-Ron,
        You need to read about Kegel exercises. Women don't have control over WHAT is inside, but they do have control over what the insides can do!! And if a woman has never "flexed her muscles" (literally AND figuratively) during sex for you…well then…you're truly missing out!:)

    44. Malinda says:

      Calm down, please. If you don't want to follow this advice, then just leave it and enjoy your vagina as is. I know plenty of men will appreciate it just the way it is! However, there is nothing at all wrong with a woman wanting to follow the advice in this article. A woman with brains does not have to sit still and ignore every superficially-targeted piece of advice. A woman with brains can determine for herself whether or not she wants to have some fun with her vagina (or, for Sara, the "mons pubis and the vulva"). As a 20 year old COLLEGE STUDENT (not some old, traditional, stuffy matron) who is totally for the empowerment of women, I can safely say that there is nothing wrong with a woman wanting to be waxed, vajazzled, or anything else, be it for herself or for a man. The issue truly lies in the case-by-case confidence of the woman.

      1. Katie says:

        As a 22 year old COLLEGE STUDENT, I completely disagree. It's not merely a personal preference, like what's your favorite lip gloss. The idea that girls need to go through painful procedures (waxing, shaving it all off can hurt too, and going under the knife) in order to live up to porn ideals is incredibly sad. To inflict all that on your vagina, as the author suggests, means that a girl is not comfortable with herself the way she naturally is, and it hints at self-degradation. Part of accepting your sexuality and your body as a GROWN woman (not a prepubescent child) is being happy the way your body naturally is.

        I hope that this article is satire, but I'm afraid it's not. Girls, stop being ashamed of your pussies. They're awesome the way they are!

      2. lauren says:

        As a 20 year old COLLEGE STUDENT

        I completely agree with you katie!!! we shouldnt have to be like porn starswe shoul just be Ourselves!!!

      3. Sonam says:

        so all of this is real.. your not joking? .. :

    45. Marisa says:

      Great post! Absolutely hilarious!!
      I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you for posting it:)

    46. Larry says:

      When a man gets down to looking at your vagina, do you think he will think to himself, "boy this is really ugly! I am not goig with her again!"?

      Men get turned on by how you act and preparing your vagina in any way, shape or form and letting him know, somehow is the biggest turn on men get. If you have to , fake it.

      Just the thought of thinking a woman wants you sexually is a big turn on, even a bow tied in your pubic hair would be a sign of "wanting him"

    47. Sonam says:

      Wow bimbos have definitely reached a new level of stupidity if they believe this crap. All this superficial nonsense don't even matter to men, it just shows how insecure a girl truly is if she feels that her vagina in not 'pretty'! …

    48. Dave B says:

      Of course, neat and clean sex triangle makes it more attractive. I as a man prefer a bit on top of the mons to show the lass is mature. Then it all depends on the lass. How she responds, how much coy she is and sensuous she can be. True feelings and affection is that is needed to really enjoy!!!!!!! Be sweet and feminine. Guys get bowled over.

    49. you&me says:

      OmG!! The article is not to be taken that seriously. It is fun to read, I liked it =)

    50. Vix says:

      Marry me>

    51. linda says:

      Haha this must be a joke. Tho i bet some ladies would go for it… for all of it

    52. Mary says:

      Shaving down there is no worse than shaving ur legs or ur arm pits for that matter. It’s all in what u (as a woman) like. Do what makes YOU happy.

    53. AH1 says:

      This post gives college women a bad name. Maybe I'm taking this a little too seriously, and if this post was meant to be a joke, I apologize. However, several of these "treatments" sound incredibly unsafe and just plain stupid. I'm with RCM- women should love their bodies as is. Having the best vagina in town is NOT what we college-educated, young professional women should be worried about. Unless of course we're working on our PhD in Whore Studies.

      and to Courtney at Bridgewater State, PLEASE, I implore you, don't write anything else like this for this site!

    54. zara says:

      Why are women being advised to go hairless like a child? That is really gross and nasty. I understand no one wants a wild forest but hairless is too much like a pedophile's dream.

    55. […] and we’re hiring up a storm. So in addition to getting to write about celebrity PDA and decorating your vagina, I also now get to conduct tons of interviews. Since I’m barely out of college myself, […]

    56. 18girl93 says:

      my boyfriend gets so angry when i shave… he just likes a trim! there is no way i can get any oral if i shave! just saying dat if a guy cares about the colour of the hair down there, he's got issues!!!

    57. julie says:

      all this article did was stress me out!! lol

    58. elvi page says:

      dats bull***t, get real. pussy what? this is a strange world, terrorism to female parts.

    59. adrianna says:

      well they do kinda have a point i mean that is just going a little too far but what guy wants to go down or fuck a nasty hairy vag. hell as a girl i dont even like hair down there unless it is trimmed and perfect. just sayin they got a point

    60. sssss says:

      Hahahaha it's hilarious people! Just laugh.

    61. kaitlinn says:

      this is craziness i luv my vagina but never been stressed about it the heck are they talkin bout

    62. bob says:

      this is sooooooooooooooooooooo stupid and sounds painful i would not stick my dick up a bjewled vagania thats gross and if your a girl and your doing this than you should tell your boy friend and ask if its ok cuz he might break up with you if you do this without his permission and only ask your boyfriend if you have a boyfriend cuz i dout you do

      1. Lori says:

        Without his permission? LMAO!!! Darlin' I need NO MAN'S permission to do (or not do) ANYTHING with my lady-bits! Additionally, any REAL MAN wouldn't "break up with me" (haha that sounds hysterical) if I glued rhinestones to and sprinkled glitter on my who-ha. Gawd, if I ever did that it would be for sh*ts and giggles only. BUT NO MATTER! My fiance could ASK me to hang a glitter ball from my lady-bits (I might do it, just cause I love him), but if I WANTED to do it, I sure as hell don't have to ask him- or anyone for that matter.

    63. Dave says:

      Ok I do Think this is over the Top but if any woman would like to go threw all that hell for me well she must be something.
      Love all women

    64. Paul says:

      You guys are taking this too seriously, have some fun with the idea, that's the point:) I was dating a girl for a bit who bedazzled her cell phone and I thought it was great she was having fun and being creative regardless what it was. It was nice that she wasn't so embarrassed to do such a thing. As far as a vagaz I haven't had the pleasure, but I know I would rather be with a girl who isn't afraid of doing something silly every once in a while than that one from the American Gothic painting. Less trolls, more fun!

    65. @MiGaOh says:

      Holy shit. Is this for real? Best vagina?

    66. Natalie says:

      "The downside? Someone is shooting a laser at your vagina". LMFAO!!!!๐Ÿ˜„

    67. Allie says:

      No disrespect, but why are you on if you're 59? This is the LAST place I would be if I was over the age of 25…

    68. sweet bunny says:

      Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ˜›

    69. !FOCKtheSTANDARTS! says:



    70. […] few weeks ago, CollegeCandy posted a piece on How to Have the Best Vaginia in Town, a post that featured a number of ridiculous, but real vajazzling techniquesย (which, by the way, […]

    71. Nat says:

      guys im pretty sure this article was meant to be a joke why is everyone so mad

    72. […] they get mad at us for trying too hard to be serious. Hell, we even pissed people off talking about BIKINI WAXES. But the truth is – and this goes for life, too! – the angry people always speak […]

    73. StoneColdJaneAusten says:

      How can you even post such an article?!? Forget the ludicrous (and highly unsanitary) practices listed in this thing but shame, shame, to use such vile language and speak about things NO ONE should dare even ask about — all the while putting an article about abstinence campaigns on practically the same page?

      @Kathy: you are 59 and "still sexually active," yet say it's the men who need to cool down. I would say they aren't the only ones who need to take a cold shower or two (or three). What kind of example are you setting for the young women here? Also you have courageously defeated cancer — what an excellent opportunity to demonstrate that unprotected sexual activity does contribute greatly to HPV, the virus that causes cervical cancer, and that no vaccine in the world (the "one less" campaign) is a 100% guarantee of GOOD COMMON SENSE.

      It may sound hysterical (ironically, a term that derives from the belief that women's organs cause them to have mental deficiencies), but I think it's safe to say that sex kills more people than cancer, AIDS, and heart disease combined — especially when considering that sex either causes a lot of these things or contributes to them/exacerbates them greatly! Isn't there a reason we call these things "private parts" or "unmentionables," and isn't there some logic to be found in keeping "Victorian secrets"? :-O

      Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder. Non-abstinence makes everything else grow fungus.

    74. vaginalover says:

      well, i just love vaginas. i really do. i just love tickle bits. i really do. um, yeah.

    75. Russ says:

      Guys You are all being a bit too serious. This sounds like a post from somone who is comfortable with who they are and is just having a bit of fun.

    76. HPV Cure says:

      I’ve been exploring for a little for any high quality articles or weblog posts in this sort of space . Exploring in Yahoo I at last stumbled upon this web site. Studying this info So i am glad to express that I’ve a very just right uncanny feeling I came upon exactly what I needed. I most certainly will make sure to don?t fail to remember this website and give it a glance regularly.

    77. Anon says:

      I found it quite helpful, i wont do everything, but i found a solution… im a feminist, but i just think hair is gross!

    78. guest says:

      I was always happy simply get invited to the party (and yes, I am a real man … this page is hillarious).

    79. becks says:

      i just wanted a moisturizer for my vag….

    80. Josie says:

      Not sure about,

      "squatting over a boiling pot of a mugworth tea blended with wormwood and some other herbs sprinkled in" to relieve your hemorrhoids.

      A far more gentle way is to use homeopathic hemorrhoid ointment. At least you won't risk vaginal burn!

    81. Josie says:

      Not sure about,

      "Vagina Steam Bath: This treatment involves squatting over a boiling pot of a mugworth tea blended with wormwood and some other herbs sprinkled in. Apparently, this is supposed to reduce stress, fight infections, clear hemorrhoids, regulate menstrual cycles and air infertility."

      A far more gentle way is to use a homeopathic hemorrhoid treatment. At least you won't end up with vaginal burn!

    82. Ian says:

      a) It's the vulva you are talking about NOT the vagina.

      b) in reference to the G-shot; "while you lie there" NOT "while you lay there". Lie and lay are two different verbs – one is transitive, one is intransitive. You LIE down, but you LAY down yesterday. You LAY the table, you LAID the table yesterday.

      1. hello says:

        NO ONE CARES

    83. #Oops says:

      guys, i think this was satirical.

    84. Avalon says:

      I shave sometimes, for like holidays and anniversary. I usually keep it trimmed. I would like to have no hair there just because it’s irritating to keep and feels weird. my man never has cared. We have been together for 2 years. I looked at this site because I don’t like it there. I plan on laser hair removal for a long run solution for all over basically because it’s irritating my skin and I get rashes. I don’t think it’s pretty to look at, but then again neither is a vagina. You aren’t supposed to look at it, you were supposed to use it as it was evolved to be used: pleasure, stress relief, and to make babies. It’s doesn’t matter what it looks like as long as DNA is passed on to secure the survival of our species (:

    85. Diva in the south says:

      A man don’t care what it looks like as long as it is clean and some will accept it funky. A MAN IS A MAN .

      When in the heat of the moment it is what it is . Some women are born with ugly vaginas and can’t no one change that but a surgeon. It’s true you have nerves there and I would never risk my girl like that.Women ask yourself would I kill myself if that’s what a man like.I say this cause you women are doing just that. Ican rub my rabbit and get a nut.Put your rabbit under the blade and she could be dead forever. LIl wayne is young and he say he like it hairy.Enough said.

    86. Lexii says:

      Kmlll I completely have no idea if this was meant as a joke or not–u just have some whacko psychotic peeps out there like that. Well I shave( even though I’m not yet sexually active ) I just think it’s more convenient for a number of reasons. Especially if you’re going swimming and u have to rush last minute to try and do something with your bush so it won’t stick out your bikini! Cuz I guarantee u some strands will get free if you’re in the moment and having fun lol. And I just take it as routine..I’m used to it now but sometimes I get lazy -_- lol. And since I live in The Bahamas where it’s quite hot (especially in the summer! :o) I don’t want to be sweating down there and feeling gross with all that hair making me feel suffocated and just… GROSS !! I like the air to flow through, where it can breathe:) lol–that’s just me

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