Wait, ‘Glee’ is Covering Rebecca Black?

Everyone’s favorite musical TV show has covered a lot of great artists. From Lady Gaga to Britney to Cee Lo, Glee is no stranger to putting their own unique spin on popular songs. But what exactly makes a song popular and where does one draw the line? Does a YouTube sensation with more than 100 million hits on her video constitute a singer worthy of a Glee cover?

Apparently the writers think so. Because according to PopEater Glee will, I repeat, they will, be covering the one, the only Rebecca Black’s Friday.

Personally I don’t know what to think about this latest development. TV doesn’t always have the quickest turn around so part of me wonders if any of us will even remember who Rebecca Black is when the episode airs. And the fact that the Glee producers think she’ll be around long enough that we actually might? That’s a little bit scary. Does Glee covering this girl give her staying power? Will she be around for a while, or is Friday just another so bad it’s hilarious viral video that we’ll all forget about in a few weeks? I thought I knew the answer to that question but now I’m not so sure. (I’m also not so sure I want to know the answer anymore.)

But what about you girls? Do you think Rebecca Black will stick around or is she just another internet meme? Take our poll or leave us a comment and let us know!

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    1. Julie says:

      This is probably a bad move for Glee unless they have some secret, brilliant take on this meme. Outside of a people looking for an easy joke to make on Fridays, it seems like most people are already getting over it. I feel like Glee is going to end up looking pretty lame on this one.

    2. oggie says:

      It's unkind of you to create a poll with 2 possible answers, either of which forces the voter into declaring that they hate Rebecca Black.

    3. Jay says:

      why isn't there a 'YES BECAUSE I LOVE RB' option? The poll is so biased.

    4. Anonymous says:

      I'm trying so hard to keep liking Glee…. after all the long hiatuses that were completely unnecessary, I was angry, but I kept trying to watch it. If this rumor is really true, I might stop watching it completely. I agree with Julie, this is a horrible move. I can't believe they are encouraging this, the cast is on a level way higher and could do SO much better than HER.

    5. Mal says:

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