Do Those Come in a 7 1/2: Why Guys are Like Shoes

It’s 8 o’clock on a Friday night. While the majority of campus males are chugging beers and pulling dirty t-shirts out of the hamper, most of us girls are raiding our roommates’ wardrobes.  We’re primping in front of the mirror, doing our hair, applying our make-up, choosing that perfect outfit that will make us appear sexy, but in a “I-don’t try too hard” kind of way.

Then comes the finishing touches: the shoes.

We dig through our closets to find the perfect pair that will compliment our outfits. Having to walk across campus to get to the party, you would think that our eyes would lead us straight to the comfy flats.  But of course this is never the case. We want to make a statement, so instead we choose the high-heeled pumps that may leave us blistered and bruised, but hey, they’re cute. So we limp to the party while cursing our footwear choice. Determined to make the night a success, we dance with the guy who sits behind us in bio. Our toes may feel as if we’re two-stepping on glass, but hey, he’s cute.

After 3 ½ years of college, and many nights like this, I have come to the conclusion that guys are like shoes: we always want the cute ones even though we know they will probably end up hurting us in the end.

Think about it…



    1. Charlotte- University of Birmingham says:

      I actually wrote an article a couple of years ago for my university newspaper on how men are like shoes :]]
      It's all so true!!

      Charlotte xxx

    2. jayjay26 says:

      I prefer an average looking one who treats me right. I'm sooooo over the whole "bad boy" thing; too old for that.

    3. anonnimouse says:

      its because they make the ass look better

    4. Angel says:

      So what does that say about girls like me that keep a pair of flip flops in their bag to use while walking and the sky-high stilettos for making a statement upon arrival? Guess it could mean that I always keep the right man for each situation handy? LOL.

      1. criolle johnny says:

        What are you gonna say to the guy(s) who keep YOU "handy"?

      2. PrevPosterARake says:

        She's the stilettos!😛

    5. Jane Eyre says:

      What are tennis shoes? Or, my obsession, granny boots?

    6. Danielle says:

      That's kind of depressing.. and I would disagree. Guys (esp. the ones you meet at parties) are like shoes because they're both accessories that I'll eventually get tired of and move on to the next one I think I like better:)

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