Sundays are for Procrastinating: 10 Funniest Tina Fey Clips

You didn’t leave all your work until Sunday night did you? What!?! You did. That’s okay. No stress. You’ll get it all done. We’re so sure that you’ll get it all done that we’re giving you a few more excuses to procrastinate. This week we’re  cracking up over our favorite Tina Fey clips. Why? Because she’s the funniest women we know.

You’re welcome.



    1. I like in the post before this you are talking about not procrastinating and studying for tests and final exams. Which you do happen to suggest some decent tips although the one about dressing/ presenting yourself well is a little out there, because i honestly think most people find dressing in sweat pants is a much better outfit to study in. But the point is now you are giving us videos to procrastinate with. Being in college you can not afford to procrastinate. There is so much at steak and procrastinating only risks that.

      1. emily says:

        steak. hmmmm

    2. jojo says:

      i like steak.:)
      also, i like tina fey. thanks for sharing!

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