Alex Pettyfer Thinks He’s the Next Charlie Sheen

Insulting, demeaning, and generally all around distasteful.

That’s how I would describe the interview PopEater discusses  in one of their latest posts. Sound familiar to you? Because it does to me. Change the name and I’d totally believe that interview was with Charlie Sheen.  It seems like Pettyfer has taken a page out of the #winning man’s handbook. Except there’s just one problem…

Sheen was once upon a time a big star. And Pettyfer is just now starting out.

Now, in no way am I validating Charlie Sheen’s pompous behavior or justifying his actions by saying he’s a big star and he can do whatever he wants. But at least Sheen had the good sense to get his career going before he went off the deep end. Alex Pettyfer has had two blockbusters movies, and only one celebrity breakup (with a Glee star no less!) and already he thinks it is okay for him to diss Hollywood, L.A., and the movie business in general.

“Being an actor is like being in prison. You go, you serve your time, you try and replicate Johnny Depp’s career and then you move to Paris,”  he told VMAN magazine. Granted, he’s not that far off base. But I’m sure he knew all that before he got into the movie business. And if it was so upsetting, why pursue a career as an actor at all? Why openly hate on Hollywood? You shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds you, and you shouldn’t diss the people that pay you.

I woudn’t book that trip to Paris just yet Pettyfer.



    1. Ola Cucu says:

      GOD he's pretentious douche… besides, I don't know of any prison where you just "go, serve your (tiny) time and then go to paris"

    2. Class of 2011 says:

      Don't think he's quite as bad as Sheen, but yeah, he does say some pretty absurd things in that interview. Maybe he's bp too, but who knows?

    3. Nicole says:

      Good point…established stars can get away with murder, but this doesn't hold true for starlets, particularly those of the male variety. Pretty boys like him are a dime a dozen in Hollywood…he will not get far if he is already so blacklisted that he can't even get into Oscar parties. I don't see the comparison to Charlie Sheen or the bipolar label though…nothing I read in the interview speaks of mania…just general garden-variety douchebaggery that is typical of good-looking boys who are told they are talented and interesting and intelligent simply because they are convenient space-fillers for big-budget movies in need of a cardboard sex symbol.

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