Celebrity Couples Who Took PDA To A Whole New Level

Every couple has a list of different things they will and absolutely-under-no-circumstances won’t do in public. For some the list for don’t is pretty long, i.e. we will not make out in the middle of a dinner at the White House. For others the list for don’t is pretty short, i.e. we won’t have sex on the table in the middle of a dinner at the White House. But then again, if I had Scar Jo’s body, my list of don’ts would be pretty short too, as long as I was still with Ryan Reynolds and not a 50-year-old man.

PDA in general is never a fun thing to see, unless it’s two old people holding hands (that’s just adorable). But a full-fledged make out sesh in the middle of the library is not. While most celebs keep their PDA under wraps, others like to flaunt their big cuddly muffin bear…

Here’s a list of the 11 couples, past and present, who took PDA to a whole new level.

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      1. Jennifer says:

        I thought Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens were over . . .

      2. Colette says:

        thats not a recent picture

      3. Joyce says:

        Number 11 looks like they're actually doing it!

      4. Betty says:

        omg blake and penn are soo into their kiss!

      5. comico says:

        Its not like anything an average loved up couple wouldnt do. I mean.. the paparazzi are gonna constantly spy on them for a bit of `juice`

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