15 of the Ugliest Graduation Gifts Ever


A time for celebration. A time for remembrance. A time for nostalgia. There will be parties and dinners, and congratulations all around. But seeing as how you’re now another post-grad girl without a job or savings the thing you’ll probably be the most excited about are the presents. I mean call us superficial but I feel like there has to be a few perks to leaving behind one of the parts of your life. And that means presents.

And while your family and friends all mean well. Sometimes their ideas of a good gift for graduating seniors are just a little bit of the mark. Ladies,  I present to you some of the ugliest graduation gifts ever.



    1. Lily says:

      Even though I have to agree with most of these gifts being crappy/ugly/useless, I actually do like and find the towels useful and that book “What Color is Your Parachute” because I heard t actually is a good book. I dot care if the towels are monogrammed, as long as they get the job done😛

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    3. The Truth says:

      Well while these aren’t million dollar gifts at least someone cares about you enough to spend their money on you. Just think about that if/when you receive these gifts. I could go on but I don’t wanna sound like I’m bashing because those are not my intentions.

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