It’s Time to Close Up Shop, Gossip Girl

Dear Gossip Girl,

I’m going to put this bluntly: it’s time to call it quits.

I say this not because I hate you but because I used to love you. Once upon a time you were the highlight of my Monday night, rivaling even The Bachelor for the most sacred spot in my heart. You were funny and entertaining and Upper East Side style scandalous without being ridiculous. (For future reference, here’s a barometer: Blair sleeping with Chuck in the back of his limo? Okay. Chuck trading Blair and her services to his Uncle in exchange for is hotel? Not okay. Thinly veiled drug references? Okay. Chuck openly talking about his coke habit in last week’s episode? Not okay.) Your characters were fresh and unique, and not completely overpowered by guest stars, and everybody had a plot. I mean, really, all Nate does now is make out with guest stars.

Maybe if you stuck to your original formula you wouldn’t have to drop both Taylor Momsen and Jessica Szohr, two regulars that have been there from the beginning. Now, I can understand Taylor Momsen; that girl went off the slutty deep end. But Vanessa? Jessica Szohr is a gorgeous girl and an amazing role model. What did she ever do to you? Except turn into an evil, annoying character. Which is all your fault.

I think these latest developments signal only one thing. This show has run it’s course. It’s time to call it a day, Gossip Girl.  Close up your doors and end the series, before you become just another One Tree Hill.

A concerned former  fan.



    1. Sydney Mae Bickford says:

      agreed, gossip girl sucks now.

    2. libby says:

      "Taylor Momsen; that girl went off the slutty deep end."

      totally offensive. STOP SLUT SHAMING

      1. Casey says:

        It's one thing when it's a regular everyday girl on the street, then, let them be, but when it's someone in the spotlight that is a potential role model to many (as once good girl Taylor Momsen is) then it's a totally different story. A girl on the street is making her own decisions, for her and only her, and doesn't have millions of people looking at them for guidance. A celebrity is a totally different story and when they go off the deep end with anything that could be potentially dangerous/ harmful/ etc. if not approached properly, i.e. alcohol, drugs, sex, it's not ok. A girl looking up to Taylor Momsen and seeing the decisions she's making, may not have access to comprehensive sex ed. may not be in the same place as Taylor, mentally or emotionally, and may just idolize her and want to do what she does, which could have very negative effects. So While the word "slutty" might have offended you, the accusation is valid. This writer wrote her own article about slut shaming not 2 weeks ago.

      2. Sydney Mae Bickford says:

        I hate it when people constantly moan about how young actors should be "role models." None of these young people asked to be role models, and personally I don't think that the two jobs are synonymous. Maybe instead of trying to force actors and actresses who are discovering aspects of the world for the first time and possess very shallow and untested wisdom at best to be role models, parents should be stepping up and teaching their children/teens positive values. You can't expect someone who is only a child herself to guide another child. The pressures of fame at such a young age clearly takes a heavy toll on many, therefore they are probably the last ones we should be looking to and expecting to be saints.

    3. Sydney Mae Bickford says:

      And slut shaming is not okay, no matter what context it's in. Sex is natural and a part of life. Would you be saying the same thing if she were a man?

      1. beatrice says:


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