CC Beauty Live: Loose Waves

Waves are great.  But I’m not talking about the beach, which I love.  Minus the sand.  And sea critters. And old men in Speedos. Whatever.  Waves are always in, and there are oh so many ways to style them.  You can do the beachy surfer girl crunch, the old Hollywood glamour, the pincurl wave, or this: the loose wave.

We’ve seen ’em on everyone, like Lauren Conrad, Laura Preppon, and all of the Victoria’s Secret Models. And now you can have those perfect, laid back waves, too. They may seem difficult to master, but they’re not. It only takes a little bit of time and patience. And if you happen to burn yourself with your curling iron like I do all the time, I won’t judge you.

So, I’ve got your tutorial for these awesome loose waves.  This is definitely my go-to style and maybe after this, it will be yours too!

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    1. dot says:

      I'm loving this easy hairstyle tutorial this week, too! I might try it out for an upcoming wedding in the summer. Hopefully the waves will stand up to the humidity. Any tips?

      1. Caitlin-University of Alabama says:

        Hey dot! I would definitely recommend keeping your hair well conditioned leading up to the wedding. Conditioned hair does a lot better in heat and humidity. Every week, I use jojoba oil in my hair one night and wash it out in the morning, which is a great way to deep condition. You can also grab some Moroccan Oil, that will definitely help fight humidity. If you can avoid using shampoo for a few days, I would. Typically I've noticed when my hair is a little dirty, it holds up longer. Also get a good hairspray!

    2. Prita says:

      Your eye-makeup is amazing! If you haven't already done so, could you do a video on how to achieve something similar? I'm loving this hairstyle, might even wear it to my leaver's ball next month!

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    4. Anonymous says:

      I have curlier hair than you do and straighten it with a flat iron everyday. Do you think this would still work after flat ironing it? I've tried using a curling iron to get loose curls in the past but my hair didn't take to it very well. Any idea why?

      1. Caitlin-University of Alabama says:

        Hi! Usually, my hair won't hold a curl if I've used a flat iron on it because it's already been flattened with a lot of heat. With this style, I sometimes let it air dry the night before. In this video, I used my blow dryer and combed through with my fingers, which straightened out my curls quite a bit without the compression of a flat iron. Typically, my hair is much more curly! I generally find it easier for my hair to hold a curl or wave if I haven't straightened it because it already has that curly pattern.

        If you've used a flat iron, I would wait a couple of days before trying to curl it since it will be dirty, and you don't want to use that much heat on your hair. Be aware that it might not hold after straightening.

        What exactly happened when you tried to curl your curls? I'm curious as to why it wouldn't take!

      2. Anonymous says:

        I've never tried curling my hair without it being flatironed first, but I did have a hairdresser once successfully blow it out with a hairdryer and then curl with a curling iron and that turned out great. But, when I tried it at home after straightening with a flatiron, the curling iron kind of just like put a ridge in my hair; not even a wave but like a dent. I have to tell you that I used a really (really) cheap curling iron from Target, so I'm thinking that might be my problem, too. However, I'd hate to invest in a better curling iron unless I think it'll work.

        I'll definitely try curling it a few days after straightening- I hadn't even thought to do that!

    5. Danielle says:

      I tried this and when I pulled my fingers through my hair, it just looked like I had crimped it. Any idea why that happened?

      1. Danielle says:

        Just noticed your shirt…I'm an AOII too!:)

      2. Caitlin-University of Alabama says:

        Alpha Love Danielle!! I think maybe either your sections were too small or wound too tightly, or the size of your curling iron. Do you remember the size of your sections or what size curling iron you used?

      3. Danielle says:

        My curling iron was pretty small…I don't know if it's because my hair is so fine, but my ConAir one inch just never seems to be able to make my hair curl. I think the one I used was 1/2 inch?

      4. Caitlin-University of Alabama says:

        I would definitely use a larger curling iron. Mine is 1-inch, sometimes I use 1 1/2. If it's having trouble holding the curl, I'd look into using a spray before and after or something to give your hair a little more texture:)

    6. Priya says:

      Ah that would be so so great! Also just noticed I spelt my own name wrong before…awkward.

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