Building a Summer Internship Wardrobe: The Basics

As the curtain closes on another school year, we embrace the heat of summer. However, for many of us, summer may be short-lived, as we prepare to take on our roles as summer interns. The hard part is over (cover letters and resumes, buhh byee!), and now its time to have some fun and put together a kick-ass internship wardrobe.

Putting together a wardrobe can be intimidating. After all–you are a college student on a college budget. But don’t worry–stores like JCPenney, and Boscov’s offer dress-clothing brands in the Junior’s Department (such as Star City and A. Byer) that are totally affordable! And while building the perfect summer internship wardrobe depends on where you are interning and what the company dress code permits, there are some essentials that every girl should own.

Remember, when it comes to interning, you want to be both professional and practical. Avoid going overboard on the accessories; do you know how annoying it is to type all day with an arm full of bangles? Don’t wear anything that’s gonna keep you pulling and yanking and grabbing all day. And while you want to look good, a full-time internship is not the time to choose fashion over function. Heel blisters are no joke!

Now, get out there and rock the office, girl!



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    2. Ellen says:

      This article suggests wearing flat shoes while commuting and changing into heels when arriving at the workplace.
      Is there any reason high quality, dressier flat shoes could not be worn? I don't have a large collection of high heels (read: one pair) and I don't necessarily want to buy more because I do not really like them. By the way, I am 5'9".

    3. Amanda-Bloomsburg University says:

      Ellen, obviously you do not have to wear heels if you do not like them. However for women who do like them and do not like to walk far distances in them, wearing flats and changing once getting to the office is common. I am interning in NYC this summer and you wont believe the amount of people in my office alone who wear sneakers to work and change once they get to work.

      I am opposite of you..I am short, 5'2. So I feel more confident in a good pair of heels!

    4. Elizabeth says:

      I work at a magazine in New York City and all of my staff wears leggings. We work in the fashion industry. There actually are professions where leggings are acceptable.

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