Kardashian News that’s Not About Kim ‘s Engagement

Based on the Kardashian family antics (sex tapes, babies out of wedlock, a pimp daddy brother who takes bubble baths with random skanks in hotels, 100 babies with K names), this announcement is really not surprising in the least.

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    1. Amanda says:

      I must say that for a website that touts itself as sex positive (meaning education is key, and that women aren't judged for their sexual practices, or lack thereof) and pro-women, I find an article that essentially compares a young girl's choice to use birth control to her sister's making of a sex tape (and the inherent judgement that comes with such a claim) to be a bit ridiculous.

      Birth control is used for a variety of medical reasons having nothing to do with prevention of pregnancy: to treat certain uterine diseases such as endometriosis, help regulate and lighten periods, etc. In my experience, I know many young women who used birth control for these (and other reasons) far before they were ever sexually active. Besides this -basic- medical fact, I find it repulsive that a blog essentially (reading between the lines) slut shames a 15 year old girl. whose sex life or lack of sex life, legally shouldn't be our business. And although her -parents- have chosen that she can participate in the reality show, I am disheartened that other young women would so readily judge a girl who has obviously taken her health into her own hands.

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