Celebs: They Intern Just Like Us

Ah, the best part about college: interning.

Definition: taking all of what you learned in college and applying it, only to discover that what you learned in college doesn’t always apply to the real world. Even still, we all know that interning is a great way to prepare you for what’s to come after we flip those tassels at graduation.

So, who’s eligible? Everyone! Yes, celebrities included! Isn’t it comforting to know that you and some of your favorite celebrities have (or are now) sharing the same path in life? That just goes to show you, those internships will pay off! And as for the celebs, well, we know what good those internships have done them.

Flip through the pics for a rundown of our top 10 favorite celebrity interns!



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    2. Olivia - University of Texas says:

      I interned at a big fashion magazine and a celeb was also "interning" with us. Total BS. She strolled in whenever she wanted, left within three hours time and was interviewed all over for taking on "intern duties." The worst part was that she even WORE the clothes we pressed and put on the clothing racks…then the next day would return them! ..and guess who had to put them back up? Yep, the ACTUAL interns. Celebs are not at all like regular interns, a three hour day in comparison to a 13 hour day?? Bogus! It's all a publicity stunt! btw: LC & Whitney Port never interned at Teen Vogue.. Teen Vogue-California doesn't even have a fashion closet…. it was simply for filming their TV show.

      This posts writing was great, but given my personal experience with this one, I have to disagree.

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