How Much is too Much? Your Official Summer PDA Guide

Now that Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez have PDA’d all over Hawaii this past weekend, it really got me thinking: how much is too much? Everyone has their own thoughts on PDA. Some love it, some can’t stand it, and others just don’t give a crap! But the truth is, it’s everywhere!

And with the weather warming up, it’s not surprising that our hormones are too. The PDA-ers will be out in full-effect, so we thought we’d put together a little guide to help you decide when PDA is appropriate and when it’s just a bit over the top.

For all you lovebirds out there, this is for you!

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    1. Liz says:

      Visit Europe (especially Spain), come back, and THEN tell me how much PDA is too much…my standards will never be the same.

      1. Joyce says:

        Yup! gotta love the land of my ancestors. No wonder I crave PDA so much; it's in my DNA!!!!

    2. […] Show me a little PDA. Please note: I said a little. I don’t need you nibbling on my neck in class, but putting your hand on the small of my back […]

    3. nogueira89 says:

      Im spanish and I really agree with u haha

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