Hot or Hot Mess: Selena Gomez in Dolce and Gabbana at the Billboard Music Awards

[Like it or not, we all judge people every day. Especially when it comes to their fashion choices. From the girl with the too-short skirt for class to the old guy who insists on wearing short shorts and doing butterfly stretches at the gym (yeah, try to get that visual out of your head), it’s impossible not to form an opinion. And now we’re gonna share those opinions with the world. Every week, I’ll be highlighting a celebrity look that I may love/hate/not understand and see what you, my college fashionistas, think about it. So put on your Joan Rivers fashion cap (which is undoubtedly made out of all the skin she’s had nipped and tucked over the years) and let it all out.]

I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s the fact she’s dating Justin Bieber, maybe it’s because at 21, I consider everyone younger than me to be children, maybe it’s just the fact that her face is not one of an eighteen year old, but Selena Gomez doing sexy kinda weirds me out. I know I wore much sluttier stuff when I was 18, and we’ve all seen the kind of stuff Miley Cyrus busted out the minute she turned legal, but Selena Gomez is just too cute.

Selena wore this striking D&G gown to the Billboard Music Awards, paired with red Giuseppe Zanotti strappy shoes. I absolutely adore this dress, but I can’t help thinking it’s a little too cut out, a little too sophisticated and grown up for Miss Gomez. I would have liked to have seen her in something a little more bright and fun, maybe a little more age-appropriate.

So, should Selena save the black until she gets a little older? Is this outfit hot or a hot mess? Let us know what you think!!



    1. sarah says:

      Ridiculously hot.

    2. Audrina says:

      Hot! She's 18, turning 19 this year. thats not too young to do sexy!

    3. Cara says:

      HOT if she was 16 i would say too young…but 18 way hot!

    4. Lily says:

      As a 21-year-old who still looks like she’s a high school sophomore, I totally think that it’s hard for girls like us to be “sexy”. I think Selena should be able to wear a sexy dress, despite her baby face. She, like Miley Cyrus( huge tramp), is legal but at least she’s not shoving it in people’s faces like Cyrus does. I think Selena’s dress was the right mix of sexy yet classy. She is an 18 year old girl, not a 15 year old. Age appropriate my bum, like you said, when you were 18 you wore sluttier clothing.

    5. Ally says:

      I'm the same age as Selena and look quite young (most people think I'm 16 or 17). I go with the sexy look when I go out…if I go with something a little more "bright and fun", I end up looking even younger! 19 is definitely not too young to do sexy, even if you don't look your age.

    6. Theresa says:

      If she is a baby then so are you…there is only a 2 1/2 year age difference. You speak as if she is old enough to be one of your children. I think she looks fabulous but really even if she looks a mess she bought it so who cares!

    7. Amy says:

      Selena looks absolutely stunning! The only problem I have is that she is still a Disney channel star. I know that she is of age, but we have to remember that young children (not only girls) look up to her. She has a responsibility to hold a positive image to these children, and that does not include the insinuation that only sexy = desirable. I'm not saying that she is pushing the bar here, I'm just hoping that she keeps it at this level or lower clothing or action wise, and remember she chose to be a role model to kids.

    8. Michele says:

      Half of the CC writers have mixed opinions on the "slut-shaming" issue. Remember that article about trying not to be "whorey"? Even though it's not right to slut-shame, girls will never stop being catty towards one another.
      On the other hand, I agree with Lily that Miley goes over-the-top with her sexuality. Sure, Miley's 18 or whatever but that doesn't mean she should be full-on-porn-star, especially with the fan base she had. As a teen celebrity, she should have known that she would be in so much scrutiny for making life choices (like smoking saliva) and that she is a role model to young girls, whether she likes it or not. Selena seems to be more conscientious about this and I think that she is doing a good job transitioning from a young teenager into a classy and respectable adult without shaking up so much controversy.
      All in all, Miley isn't exactly a classy person and therefore she is more prone to getting less than classy comments from others.

      1. sarah says:

        I agree with you that Miley sometimes takes it over the top – but I don't think anyone should judge her based on what she wears. And she never looks like a full-on-porn-star, I don't even know where you got that from. Anyway, I agree that she should be respectful of her fan-base and should be a good role-model, but that still doesn't mean we can blame other girls' behaviour on one person. And, of course she is prone to getting less than classy comments from others, and she should expect that, but those kind of names are completely inappropriate. And lastly – it's salvia*😉

      2. Courtney says:

        Have you seen the outfits she wears on stage? She looks like shes ready to give it up to anyone who's taking. I dont have a problem with her wanting to dress or act like a slut but shes a role model for kids. (And fyi this isnt me slut-shaming, being slutty isnt a bad thing as long as you arent doing it infront of kids.)

    9. Luanne Dulay says:

      Or maybe because you grew up watching her in Barney! We also can't get used to the fact that she's all grown up now and dating JB! She's still a baby…=)

      My daughter with Autism just loves her in Barney. We watch her everyday.

    10. yasmine says:

      i totally see where youre coming from Charlotte- i'm surprised to see this many people approve of her wearing a dress that was definitely not designed with an 18 yr old in mind.

    11. Sarah T says:

      She looks gorgeous! There are plenty of things worse for someone her age to wear than a classy black dress. I don't think it's ever a problem for young people to look "too sophisticated" – what a welcome change from some of the sloppy/trashy outfits young girls can often be seen in!

    12. Jessica - Hofstra says:

      The dress is a little bit too old for her, but she still looks amazing. She can totally pull it off! She looks fab.

    13. mave says:

      luvly outfit. selena luks stunning in black. who cares abt age here. u go girl!!!!

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    16. Joyce says:

      To the author: you sound quite jealous of Selena.

    17. Toni says:

      I don't think it's too old at all. I remember Miley's red oscar gown looking too old on her, but this dress seems young and fresh. I think if someone like Blake Lively with a lot of clevage wore it, it could maybe come off as too revealing, but not with Selena's shape. I think she finally looks like a woman. And I love how her hair is styled. Makes it less harsh.

    18. izle says:

      It is a gorgeous dress but it definitely does not go with her. She does not have the face, body or attitude for it. She looks and acts like an annoying 8 year old.

    19. Ashleigh says:

      I think she looks absolutely stunning. Yes, she's showing skin but not in a vulgar way or even overly sexy. She is making a sophisticated transition from child star to adult

    20. rosy says:

      she looks awesome i love her

    21. Jess says:

      She looks amazing

    22. chloe says:

      this dress looks amazing on her:) and what age do you think is 'older' shes already twenty!!

    23. LisaBrielle says:

      First of all she look absolutely amazing and age has nothing to do with it. Are you jealous? Like do you have nothing better in your life to do besides put down someone who’s probably more beautiful than you. I mean you were twenty one maybe you should grow an get a life. And to all the people out their who thinks her wearing this sexy dress is a bad role model for the kids shut up because she’s not out telling your kids to wear it she is just getting older so let her get older and get out of her life.

    24. dailyfashiom says:

      I love the dress and I thing it looks gorg on her!

    25. me :P says:

      I love the dress, and Selena Gomez, but i think that she has to have more forms to fill ut that dress the best posible way😛

    26. afdfdfgdsgs says:

      she's not virgin anyway

    27. Anon. says:

      She looks like a young sophia vergara (can't spell her name!😦 Sorry!) with her hair like that and the angles.:) She looks greaaaat

    28. Lara says:

      I say when she can legally drink 21 she can wear whatever she deems appropriate;)

    29. Black and SKINNY says:


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