Candy Dish: Fashion & Beauty Overload

The solution to hair band issues?

Meet the woman who makes Gaga look tame

The secrets to looking perfectly polished

Dress like Nicole Richie and Liv Tyler

Finally!  A product that helps with blisters

Red carpet looks from the 2011 Glamour Women of the Year Awards

10 skin essentials you need before hitting the beach

The best new beauty product costs under $3

Our newest obsession: the demi-wedge

There’s now a Shazam for fashion!

The Mouse Jelly Flat from Marc Jacobs is the cutest thing we have ever seen

Wanna be a Bergdorf model?



    1. zahid-22058 says:

      The expression a woman wears on her face is
      more important than the clothes she weare on her back
      Muhammad Zahid-22058 http://www.fashiontrends.pk

    2. Ramon says:

      It’s not like she’s preaching about otniiialgry. She’s a performer. She doesn’t claim to be original although she doesn’t imitate either. She doesn’t copy, she just does her thing, whether it has or has not been done before. And you have to admit she has pushed it further than anyone before her. But what you’re saying is dumb because thats like saying all action movies copy the original, or comedies. It’s what they do with what they have and the overall delivery of it.

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