Win an iPod Touch AND $200 [Giveaway]

We all love music, right? Whether you’re in a bad mood (rock to your angry emo mix) or an awesome mood (blast those summery jamz), you’re always in the mood to listen. So keep the good vibes going with the Jeep’s new Facebook app, the Jeep Compass Media player.

What’s the Jeep Compass Media player? Your online destination to get exclusive information and download free music from some of the coolest music artists around. Artists like Good Charlotte, will feature information, video and music, as well as behind the scenes interviews that you can’t find anywhere else.  Each week, a new artist will be showcased on the Jeep Compass Media Player along with a new opportunity to download more free music to expand your music library.

Jeep is sooooo excited about their new media player that they’re giving away an iPod Touch AND a $200 Amex card. It’s pretty insane. So we’re guessing you want to win.

Here’s how:

1. Tell us your favorite song for getting pumped up to go out. That’s it. You’re automatically entered to win this amazing prize.  Oh, and make sure to use your real e-mail address so we can contact you if you win. Oh, and fan us on Facebook because we’ll be announcing the winner there.

2. Contest closes at 11:59 PM on June, 16 2011

3. Please note this giveaway is only open to US and Canadian residents. For official rules and more legal mumbo-jumbo, click here.



  1. Bee says:

    I love Blow by Ke$sha! It's got rough lyrics and an amazing beat that makes you want to go out and rule the bars/clubs.

  2. Chelsea says:

    I love to get ready to "All I do is Win." It helps get me in the zone before going out!

  3. Angelee says:

    I love The Fire by Roots, it's more of a workout song but I love listening to it whenever I go out.

  4. Laura says:

    The Big Bang by Rock Mafia is always on my playlist when I get ready to go anywhere.

  5. Tonya says:

    I'm really digging Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night." I like to go out with the mindset that my night will be just as great!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    My friends and I always play Out Tonight from Rent. It's super fun to sing along to.

  7. mplusms says:

    Adele's Rolling Deep!

  8. @HCPrinceton says:

    "Last Friday Night" by Katy Perry!

  9. apocalypsegrrl says:

    Just one song? Well if I must…. it'd have to be Garbage: Dumb. It always gets me going!

  10. Jesse says:

    Give Me Everything Tonight by Neyo and Pitbull! This song can be played on repeat and it never gets old! “grab somebody sexy tell em hey!”

  11. Ashley says:

    Jason Derulo- Don't wanna go home! :)

  12. Evan Melissa says:

    if i had to choose just one song to get pumped to go out, it'd have to be Raise Your Glass by Pink :) it definitely gets you ready to go out and dance all night!

  13. Rachel says:

    LMFAO – Shots!

  14. Jamie says:

    Anything techno always gets me pumped.

    Toy-Box's "Best Friend" always gets me on my feet and excited to do something. The lyrics are ridiculous, yet totally works with the song. :)

  15. Jessica says:

    Favorite song before going out? Lil Wayne's "Got Money" ~ forever reminds me of college and my girls :-)

  16. Briana says:

    My favorite song for getting pumped up to go out is "The Girl Got Hot" by Weezer. :)

  17. Erica says:

    The Looks – MSTRKRFT. Every girl wants to feel sexy before she goes out and I like to pretend this song is, well, about me.

  18. Sage says:

    Steve Aoki remix to Kid Cudis “pursuit of happiness”

    1. Lexi says:

      another one of my personal favorites! good choice :)

  19. hchen108 says:

    Go Outside by The Cults. It's not your typical pump up song but just listening to it makes me want to run around in the city

  20. Stephanie says:

    Wyclef Jean, perfect gentlemen

  21. @du88lea says:

    Well until just recently it used to be Darude – Sandstorm. Now the one song that will make me dance like a fool no matter the audience is…..Rock Party Anthem – LMFAO …….everybody shufflin'!

  22. Linus Jung says:

    hmm. Depends what genre music, but I generally have three that are my absolute best pump up songs, before my 5K races, or most of any competition, which are The Champ – Ghostface Killah (, The Distance – Cake (, and Superman – Blindside (

  23. Brianna says:


  24. Marcus Erickson says:

    Spybreak from the Propellerheads from thw Matrix Soundtrack!

  25. Luke says:

    Black Betty by RAM JAM. Hands down

  26. amandaackovitz says:

    We Still Dance by Tickle Me Pink

  27. Alyssa Kaliszewski says:

    Party Rock Anthem, LMFAO!!

  28. Natalie says:

    I love to listen to ” your love ” by the Outfield! It’s an oldie but a goodie!

  29. arobyn12 says:

    Blur- Song 2! Best song to be doing your hair and make up to! You make get a little side tracked and start headbanging tho!

  30. SRR says:


  31. Hayley says:

    Punchline – Seventy

  32. Kelsey says:

    I love “Last Friday Night (TGIF)” by Katy Perry. It’s a great song to get me pumped up for the night but it hasnt been released on the radio yet so it still feels exclusive/special for going out. :)

  33. Matt Mueller says:

    Foo Fighters – All My Life

  34. Michael Grabowski says:

    Marry The Night – Lady Gaga :)

  35. Annie says:

    What it’s Like by Everlast

  36. Breeze says:

    Break Out! Break Out!- All Time Low. The Put Up Or Shut Up EP just screams freedom and fun!

  37. Monica says:

    Mr. Saxobeat by Alexandra Stan

  38. zelina g says:

    Muse- knight of Cyndonia always gets me pumped. :)

  39. Emma says:

    Dirty Talk — Wynter Gordon feat Dvid Guetta

  40. Ashley says:

    Britney Spears' "I Wanna Go" is amazing

  41. Jackie says:

    I love balsting Firework; gets me so pumped

  42. Monique says:

    "Derezzed" by Avicii

  43. Cat says:

    Ready to Roll by Philadelphia Grand Jury.

    It’s got this funky riff in the beginning and it’s so raw and energetic, it makes me feel like I could run a marathon or something

  44. Tiffany says:

    Boy Moves To a New Town -FM Static
    Never fails to make me happy and excited. (:

  45. Mandy says:

    Tonight is Going To Be a Good Night – Black Eyed Peas

  46. Jennifer says:

    Anything off of the 'All Day' Girl Talk album, or the whole thing even!

  47. Izzy says:

    Dynamite – Taio Cruz

  48. Emily says:

    Dark Fantasy by Kanye!!

  49. Catherine says:

    I Like It- Enrique Iglesias <3

  50. jenny says:

    Trick Daddy – Let’s Go!

  51. Monique says:

    "Trip Around the World" by Alexz Johnson

  52. Cornelia says:

    "Ella es Bonita" by Natalie Lafourcade. The song is just so fun and cheery, you're already feeling good as you go out to have an even better night.

  53. sam says:

    roll over dj by jet =) it sounds older but its actually not

  54. kipp says:

    freakxx by brokencyde

  55. Maggie says:

    Blow by Ke$ha. I love the beat.

  56. Tyler says:

    lose yourself – Eminem

    old song but it still gets you pumped

  57. Lesley says:

    I love listening to get this party started by black eyed peas! its perfect for getting pumped up!

  58. Haylee says:

    Anything by Black Eyed Peas! Either that or Judas by Lady Gaga

  59. Nicole says:

    "Backseat" – New Boyz

  60. Joanna says:

    Promiscuous Girl by Nelly Furtado

  61. Sydney Mae Bickford says:

    Blazin' by Nicki Minaj!

  62. Marisa says:

    You Give Love a Bad Name – Bon Jovi

  63. Siobhan says:

    Super Bass by Nicki Minaj!

  64. Carolyn says:

    I Like It by Enrique Iglesias
    Go ahead and start judging me…

  65. breezybrianne says:

    Party Hard by Andrew WK. It gets me in the mood to "party hard."

  66. Kayla says:

    I'm really loving Rock Party Anthem but I always love a good Katy Perry song!

  67. Rachel P says:

    Lil Jon – Outta Your Mind ft. LMFAO

  68. Choma says:

    Mr. Carter by Lil Wayne

  69. Vicki says:

    Just Dance by Lady Gaga

  70. colleen b says:

    any of Ke$ha's songs!
    holliister at gmail dot com

  71. grace says:

    Naive by the Kooks

  72. Ashley says:

    Fancy by Drake! Perfect for getting ready for a great night!

  73. rayawo says:

    thriller by michael jackson

  74. Rachel Garland says:

    Young Wild and Free! :)

  75. Emma says:

    I'm Not Your Toy by La Roux. So upbeat!

  76. Kylie says:

    I like "The Edge of Glory" by Lady Gaga!!!! College Candy, help me be on the edge by actually having an iPod for the first time in my life!!!

  77. Josephina says:

    Shake That Laffy Taffy and Baby Got Back. I'm a bigger girl so I like hearing a little love before I go out.

  78. Brad says:

    All of The Lights – Kanye West ft. Drake and Rihanna

  79. Aimee G. says:

    Let Me Blow Ya Mind – Gwen Stefani and Eve :o) so old but so good.

  80. Cortney says:

    "Tik Tok" by Ke$ha

  81. adonay says:

    hit my cat daddy

  82. adonay says:

    hit my cat daddy by young sam

  83. Megan says:

    Give Me Everything by Pitbull!!!!!!!!

  84. Lauren Jentleson says:

    I Wanna Dance With Somebody – Whitney Houston

  85. Hannah H says:

    Butch Walker- Hot Girls in Good Moods

  86. Tyler says:

    You and I by Lady Gaga

  87. "I Like To Dance" by Hot Chelle Rae

  88. CarynLippincott says:

    "My Kinda Party" by Jason Aldean

  89. Jessica Nogueras says:

    Rock Your Body- Black Eyed Peas!! &hearts; itt!

  90. Rose says:

    Shots always brightens my mood. It’s so upbeat and entertaining. The lyrics tellyoy what’s up an what needs to be done to have a good time.

  91. Rose says:


  92. @shmich says:

    I've got a feeling by the Black Eyed Peas

  93. Marion says:

    Talk to me, Dance with me by Hot Hot Heat! It's an old one but it's the best beat to get ready to go out!

  94. romanachick66 says:

    "Good Life" by One Republic.

  95. Erica says:

    Anything by Queen/ Benny and the Jets

  96. Nicole says:

    Take Over Control – Afrojack

  97. Reems says:

    "3" by Britney Spears.

  98. Heather says:

    Blow by Ke$ha

  99. Adam Rosario says:

    Light Up- Drake Ft. Jay-Z

  100. Emily says:

    Raise your Glass by P!nk has been blasting as we get ready lately :)

  101. Alyssia says:

    Tek Wen Yaself- Mr. Vegas always gets me excited and just want to dance :)

  102. Crystal S. says:

    Anything by Lil Wayne gets me ready to party!!!

  103. Ashley K says:

    Sun of a Gun- Oh Land

  104. amy l says:

    i like getting pumped up to the theme from Rocky.

  105. Nawal says:

    (We Do It) Primo by Colette Carr

  106. Helen says:

    How Far We've Come by Matchbox Twenty. Makes me want to run faster than ever.

  107. Alyssa says:

    the next episode by dr. dre ft snoop dog….my bff and i always listen to it while we're getting ready to go out

  108. Jasmine says:

    Give Me Everything!

  109. Amie says:

    I love listening to Beyonce's Run the World! Its so empowering while getting ready to go out with your girlfriends!!

  110. gakkun says:

    "Feedback" by Janet and "Dance like this" by Wyclef Jean!
    Old songs, but love them

  111. Angelie says:

    All 'Cause of You by The 88

  112. Lauren says:

    Turn Around pt. 2 by Flo Rida. It'ss my new obsession!

  113. Akilah says:

    Hey Sexy Lady by iSQUARE!!! such a crazy beat to jump around and dance to before hitting the clubs

  114. Sarah says:

    Sexy Bitch by David Guetta! Gotta get in the "damn, i'm sexy" mindset

  115. Jennifer Smith says:

    'Paris (Ooh La La)' by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

  116. Thu says:

    Eye of the Tiger

  117. Cheyanne says:

    "Superbass" by Nicki Minaj

  118. Sarah says:

    Hey Baby (Drop it to the Floor) by Pitbull. I looooove some Pitbull! Sexy and energizing.

  119. Guest says:

    "Boomerang" by Plain White T's

  120. Candy Man by Aqua – my favorite song (really any Aqua song) to blast while driving around in my neon blue '10 jeep wrangler, roof down, wind blowing my hair :-D

  121. Cara says:

    Jasey Rae by All Time Low

  122. steph57204 says:

    "On The Floor" by Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull

  123. Taylor W. says:

    Freakum Dress by Beyonce

  124. Isis says:

    Hey soul sister by Train

  125. claud says:

    long live by taylor swift

  126. Tiffany says:

    black gold/ foals

  127. Katherine B. O. says:

    Shots by LMFAO =)

  128. I was really happy to arrive this site. I needed to thank you for this fantastic article!! I certainly enjoying every small bit of it

  129. Amanda says:

    All Of The Lights<3

  130. Angie says:

    Lady Gaga- born this way

  131. Sammie says:

    Pretty Girl Rock – Keri Hilson

  132. Chao says:

    Girls on the Dance Floor – Far East Movement

  133. onelonelyspider says:

    "Ridin Solo" by Jason Derulo

  134. Renee_athome says:

    Vanilla Ice – "Ice, Ice Baby" (ok, I think I may have given away my age!) ;-)

  135. zalewskijade says:

    Blow My Whistle Bitch by DJ Alligator! :)

  136. jill says:

    well if im getting ready to go out its time to turn the sexy on, and the best anthem for that is 'pour some sugar on me' -def leppard. i try to save any club music for the clubs :)

  137. Paz says:

    David Guetta feat. Akon – Sexy Bitch

  138. Hannah says:

    Magick by Ryan Adams and The Cardinals

  139. Amber says:

    Starry Eyed Surprise-Paul Oakenfold!

  140. hk333 says:

    where them girls at- David Guetta

  141. GMP19 says:

    Shake Me Down by Cage the Elephant …something about the beat always gets me pumped and ready to rock the summer!

  142. @felicitates says:

    Vagabond by Wolfmother :) This song makes me so excited to just get up and do anything!

  143. vballqueen1998 says:

    I Got A Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas. Something about this song always makes me just pumped! when I hear it I start belting out the lyrics and dancing like nobody's business!! :)

  144. marlyc says:

    Eye of the Tiger!!

  145. Ashleigh says:

    On the Floor – Jennifer Lopez <3

  146. Lizzy says:

    Save Your Heart – Remady


  147. Nikki says:

    " Ass on the Floor " : Diddy-Dirty Money

  148. Christine says:

    LA LA LA – LMFAO. gets me so pumped.

  149. Kim says:

    Barbra Streisand by Duck Sauce is a favorite right now.

  150. Marissa says:

    Move Shake Drop (Satisfaction Cover)-Pitbull

  151. Caitlin says:

    Just A Friend by Biz Markie!

  152. julie says:

    dierks bentley – sideways

  153. Clare says:

    "She Like Me" by Megha Maan. It was played often on Kourtney and Kim Take Miami and it's so glamorous!

  154. Steph says:

    Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix)- Yeah Yeah Yeahs

  155. Kristin says:

    She's Got It All- Kenny Chesney

  156. lara says:

    "Tonight Tonight" by Hot Chelle Rae!

  157. Colie Marie says:

    Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO. I dance while getting ready!

  158. Marie says:

    Savior by Rise Against!!! So upbeat!!!

  159. Maria says:

    "Took the Night" by Chelly.

    "Every time I walk in the club
    They hating on me cause they know I look good
    My hair done right and my dress real tight
    All eyes on me, I took the night."

    Yeahhh. :)

  160. Lindsay Gisbon says:

    on the floor by j.lo ft pitball I love that song

  161. Let's Get it Started by The Black Eyed Peas

  162. Gabby says:

    party rock by LMFAO

  163. Stacey says:

    Say Jambo by Mohombi

  164. tcyn0 says:

    Hair–Lady Gaga!

  165. Loren says:

    Re-Education Through Labor by Rise Against! Perfect Song!!

  166. Kate says:

    Me Against The Music by Britney Spears featuring Madonna is a recently rediscovered favorite!

  167. arienigma says:

    "Do you wanna touch me" by Joan Jett. It makes me feel sexy and sing the song in my head when I look hot and guys are staring.

  168. Lauren Hinkle says:

    Super Bass – by Nicki Minaj

  169. Lexi says:

    "Get You Home" – Shwayze ft. LMFAO Party Rock Remix!!

  170. Olivia says:

    "Jump In The Line", by Harry Belafonte. That's right, that song Winona Ryder dances to in the end of Beetlejuice.
    Seriously, it's got a beat, fun lyrics to sing along to, and who didn't want to dance in the air with a bunch of ghost football players after they saw that movie?

  171. Rachel says:

    Oh My God by Ida Maria.

  172. Abby says:

    I am in love with Avicii ID (Levels)… such a good pump up song!

  173. Brandee says:

    Blow by Kesha!

  174. Chelsey says:

    lately it's been heavy metal lover-Lady Gaga.. so good!!

  175. myhousemd says:

    Paramore's "Hallelujah". It makes me so happy to be alive and hanging out with my besties!

  176. Josie says:

    I'll Make a Man out of You from the movie Mulan. My choice might be a bit stereotypical since I'm Asian but there's no better pump up song then a battle song to defeat the Huns.

  177. Mags says:

    Till the World Ends Britney Spears Remix with Ke$ha and Niki Minaj

  178. […] we love doing them up in a big way. That’s why we got super pumped when Jeep approached us to give away an iTouch and $200 this month. We thought it was nice enough that they helped us give away an iPad in February — […]

  179. julia says:

    edge of glory – lady gaga

  180. Carrie says:

    Eye of the tiger . I love that song and it gets me moving.

  181. Regan says:

    Tonight tonight

  182. Gracie says:

    In my head

  183. Jade says:


  184. William says:

    I like beat it by micheal jackson

  185. Cara says:

    Material girl by Madonna

  186. Bert says:

    The twist by chubby checker

  187. Mary says:

    Vogue by Madonna

  188. Scott says:

    My fav is I love rocknroll by Joan Jett

  189. Ben says:

    Brother she’s country IS THE BEST song ever. It’s by jason aldean.

  190. Ben says:

    Jason aldean brother she’s country

  191. Beth says:

    It takes two

  192. Shannoon says:

    My favorite song to get hype or to start my day is NickiMinaj “SuperBass” everytime I listen to that song it get me bobbing my head and dancing, I don’t even dance lol

  193. ginuwine112 says:

    Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO

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