Ask the Dude: Real Men Like Curves

Dear Dude,

I just bought my first bikini ever about two days ago for this summer and I’m 20 years old but, the problem is that I’m a curvy girl. My friends say I shouldn’t care what people think and I should be comfortable in my own skin especially in clothes. I’ve let body images in society get the best of me to the point where I won’t even let myself have fun at the pool or beach because I’m too scared of what people think. I keep hearing two sides to the story that it’s fine if a curvy girl wears a bikini and then I’ve heard other wise. So what would you say to curvy girls in bikinis?


Insecure Bikini
Dear Insecure Bikini,


Hey, when bikini season starts most people are hit with a self-image s*it storm. Why do you think gym memberships seem to be on the rise every May? Everyone wants to look better naked and/or near naked, especially in environments where your body can be constantly compared to others.

One thing men really don’t find attractive: stick figures. If we can’t tell if you’re a girl or just a cross-dresser, that’s less attractive than an hourglass figure. And let me tell you something, there’s a ton of stick figures on the beach who think they look great while a lot of guys are thinking: “Eat something!” “If I picked her up, would she break?” “I can see her intestines!”

Yes, there’s such a thing as TOO SKINNY! But on the other hand, there’s a guy out there for every body type, curvy, flat, and all points in between. I’ve got my preferences and they’re different from every other guy’s.

On the sand, wear something that accentuates what you love about yourself. Where you’re especially lucky is it sounds like you’ve got friends who support and accept you for who you are, regardless of how you look. That’s a lot more than some have. While their advice about “not worrying about what others think” and “just be happy” is lovely in sentiment, let’s get realistic. Being happy’s not a switch you can flip and learning to accept who you are is a LIFELONG task. But, if you’re not happy, then make some changes!

If you’re super self-conscious then do some crunches every day when you wake up or before you go to bed and do a calorie count so that the amount you’re putting in your body is reasonable. Getting overweight has as much to do with portion size as with meal content. The good thing that can come out of all this neuroses (self and society induced) is the potential for making healthy changes to your routine.

What I always hate about this dilemma is that a lot of people are rejecting themselves. It’s an issue about shame. If you’re proud of your body, that’s going to come across in how you wear your suit, any kind of suit, including bathing and birthday suits. And if you’re not satisfied, again, make some healthy changes to get satisfied. Don’t become paralyzed by the fear and the guilt. Becoming completely inactive with the crisis will only prolong and worsen it.

I’m right there with you. A lot of guys are just as insecure about how they look in trunks, too. We’re terrified our boobs’ll be bigger than yours and our belly buttons will be leaking salt water long after we’ve dried off. I know I wish I was in better swimsuit shape.

The bottom line is: curves can be super-sexy. I mean, Christina Hendricks *Homer Simpson doughnut-face*  Sorry, back. What matters isn’t whether you think guys will like curves, but whether you’re happy with your curves. There will be a guy out there who’ll love to imagine you without your bikini on. Right now, it sounds like you’ve got to take steps to be happy with what he’s imagining.

Surf’s up,

The Dude



    1. Rachel says:

      To add to this:
      If you do decide to work-out more and change your diet, very carefully examine your motivations for doing so.
      Don't do it because it will make other people happier.

    2. Liz says:

      You shouldn't say "real men like curves". Humans come in ALL DIFFERENT shapes and sizes, and ALL of them are great. Making curves better than skinny just shifts the focus of hate and body shaming instead of eliminating it. I second Nathalie, this is offensive to everyone who isn't curvy. Check out for a great fat movement blog.

      1. Neidene says:

        Yes, all men like different things. But as a curvy girl, seeing "skinny' girls complain about how this article is offensive to them upsets me a little. Maybe the focus did shift gears. In reality, us curvier girls have to deal with being compared to the skinny girls. We deal with this conflict on a daily bases. A skinny girl being compared to a bigger girl makes her look better. Now, if you were a curvy girl being compared to a skinny girl, aside from already being uncomfortable in a bikini, you are being compared to someone that "fits" into that ideal of what a girl should look like. Yes, society has played a HUGE roll in this dispute and yes, there's always two sides. All in all, all I have to say is this. If being a skinny girl is so hard with the media on your side, try being a girl who's labled "fat" by your main ally and constantly scrutinized, directly and indirectly, by those who fit society's "mold". Like Marisa said,if the grass is so green on the other side, please, feel free to jump the fence.

      2. Brittany says:

        Read it again please. Imagine being called anorexic or bulimic when you eat all the food in the world but your metabolism just won't cooperate with you. Not great.

    3. Hailey says:

      Give him a break! Men do like curves.

    4. melissahuang says:

      It's sad that when we try to point out that having a large figure shouldn't be equated with being unattractive it often takes the form of "Real men like curves! Real women have curves!"

      Newsflash: Real men like a wide variety of body types. Real women have a wide variety of body types. Big or small, curvy or not, there's someone out there who finds it attractive. There's someone who finds it unattractive. There's no body type that "real men" always like and "real women" should have.

      Adding to the insult is that when people say that they think real women should have curves they're generally not talking about lumps and bumps and the normal variations we see in bodies. They're just taking the standard hour glass figure, bumping up the size of the bust and hips (and maybe a little bit in the waist if they're feeling crazy!) and then patting themselves on the back for being so accepting of different body types.

      This guy saying that men don't like stick figures is just as insulting as saying that men don't like large figures. We shouldn't have to insult one body type to praise another.

      And to Insecure Bikini: The one thing I really agree with in this post is that confident people look sexy! I'm sure that you look beautiful in your bikini and I hope that you'll be able to wear it with pride! If anyone tells you otherwise then they can go fuck themselves, who are they to judge?

    5. Freya says:

      As a skinny girl I don't think this is too offensive. Often if I'm talking to a girlfriend bemoaning my lack of curves she'll say something along the lines of "all girls wish they were skinny". Obviously this isn't strictly true (and I'm glad it's not) but it was just designed to make me feel better. I think in the media there is a bias towards skinny girls, we don't want to push the situation in the opposite direction either, but I think the dude here is just try to readdress the balance and probably doesn't mean any offense to us curve deficient ladies.

      1. proud234 says:

        Thank you! You are very smart!

    6. Alison says:

      I'd like to say, however, that whether you are skinny, curvy, athletic, or have a little junk in the trunk, everybody needs to dress for their body type. No matter what body type you have, if you wear an unflattering suit, it will look unattractive!

      The most important thing is to pick out the right kind of swimsuit for your curvy body. And, surprisingly perhaps, this does not mean wearing something bulky to cover yourself up. A high cut swimsuit bottom, with a skirt perhaps, is generally a good look because it will make your waist look smaller and flatter your curves. This is a look that a skinny girl could never pull off because she has no curves to emphasize and would look like a child.

      To be honest, an itty bitty string bikini is not likely to look the most flattering on you. If you have extra body fat, you probably will want to opt for swimsuits with larger straps because strings will emphasize, for lack of better words, "back cleavage". I'm telling you, with the right fitting swimsuit, you can look just as fabulous as the next skinny woman. Ask around for advice or look up on google what swimsuits you think would flatter you the best.

      Remember, more fabric does not equal more flattering. The goal here is not to cover up your body, but to emphasize your favorite parts:)

      1. caydienosduh says:

        "Remember, more fabric does not equal more flattering. The goal here is not to cover up your body, but to emphasize your favorite parts :)"

        amen to that!

    7. Marisa says:

      I'm tired of other skinny girls complaining so much. If the grass is so green on the other side, please, feel free to jump the fence.

      1. Elizabeth says:

        What the hell does this even mean? What grass is greener and who ever said it was?

    8. Joyce says:

      I'm curvy too…but in the right places so I cannot wait for summer to show them off!!!!!!

      1. Tahni says:

        I am too hehe :p

    9. Courtney says:

      For everyone on here complaining, everyone has a problem with their body, just because your thin doesnt make you a stick and just because you have curves doesnt make you fat. If you are skinny and your self esteem was blown by this then you probably already have someone in your life telling you you arent attractive, and you should tell them to shut the F*** up, same goes for women with some more curves if people dont think you are gorgeous as you are then F***'em because they dont matter in the long run and letting them get to you really isnt worth it. We are all beautiful and there will always be someone (man or woman) out there who thinks so.

    10. lolaisforlovers says:

      I'm actually really concerned how to how bent out of shape people are getting over this. I'm pretty sure he's referring to 'too skinny' in a way that is supposed to mean like, unhealthy lack of body fat, not like, thin. And then he proceeded to say that there are people who are into all types of bodies.
      People need to calm down. This response was written to someone who is coming from someone who told him, 'I'm curvy and I don't like it' so the response was tailored to that. If you wanna write him and say, 'I'm skinny and I don't like it', then do that?

      I don't think its anything to get so upset over.

      1. me:] says:

        Love this comment I feel the same way

      2. Zara says:

        I agree with you. I also feel like there's a big difference between naturally skinny girls and girls who work so hard for something that's really quite unhealthy and unrealistic. I think 90 pound girls who can take down a couple cheeseburgers are awesome (I used to be one of them but college happened.) At the same time, there is something quite unattractive about a girl who starves herself – especially when she's quick to call normal-looking girls fat. But the most important part of this article is the idea that everyone has a different preference. If some guys aren't into very thin girls, that's cool. I personally don't like the muscular look on guys but I know plenty of girls that do. It's the same idea for guys – there' s a huge spectrum of body types out there, and they're all beautiful. What appeals to one person won't appeal to everyone, and we definitely don't hear this enough.

    11. Elizabeth says:

      Seems to me that "curvy" has started to mean anything from a size 0 chick with C cup ta-tas to a size 26 chick with C cup ta-tas. If by curvy you mean that you have a butt, breasts, and non-chiseled abs but you're not overweight and falling out of your ensemble, then you probably SHOULD feel good in a bikini. If by curvy you mean that you're obese, please do not; it's just not flattering no matter how much "body love" we promote in our deluded society that makes eating McDonald's 3 times a day acceptable.

      I'm getting really sick of this PC fat-movement crap that makes people think that it's okay to be unhealthy and overweight because, well, as long as you feel good about yourself. This feel-good garbage has turned into fat love and skinny hatred. Can we please DEFINE curvy? This IS insulting to skinny girls. It appears to me that in our fight to make women feel more confident about their bodies, we've shifted the balance from being obsessed with undernourished Kate Moss's to way over-nourished, well, most American women. How about the idea that men love ALL women and you're #1 concern should be health. If you FEEL unhealthy and know that you're eating a bunch of junk, you should probably stop for HEALTH'S sake regardless of how you look in a bikini. If you're NOT eating enough of anything, you should probably start for HEALTH'S sake. As for who looks good in a bikini and who doesn't, people who are in shape look good in a bikini. People who are tight in all the right places. Sorry to say ladies but even let's be realistic. I know that even at my size 2, I don't look good in a bikini and it has nothing to do with my size, it has to do with the fact that instead of running everyday like I used to, I've been sitting on the couch. However, I'm not curvy by any means and I don't need douchey posts like this to make me feel worse about my body than I already do. Not only am I not curvy, I'm also not in shape but I'm skinny — thanks. Maybe I should wear a trench coat to beach?

      Let me try to wrap this up before I go COMPLETELY bonkers, THINK before you write this crap. If you were attempting to be inclusive of all women, you failed. If we are going to keep promoting all this love around any shape and size, it needs to be just that, ANY shape and size.

      1. fedup.. says:

        Wowww that was intense and very unnecesarry. You being insecure with your body has nothing to do with the girl that posted this. You think his post was insulting to you and whoever else? It was insulting to him, to the girl who wrote this and to anyone else who might've taken offense to this…BUT everyone needs to learn how to chill out and be subjective when reading these not objective. The problem with most of these comments or outbursts! is you all are being so judgemental. Bottom line is everyone has got to stop judging others and let them make their own mistakes with eating too much too little or exercising too much or too little. Its her life my life your life, we do what we want not what others tell us other wise everyone would 99.9% healthy anf exercise just the right amount and follow the food pyramid just so…give me a break! Do you know someone who has time to incoorperate all this in to their life which I assume is busy like mine. I don't know anyone who is perfect and neither do you or anyone on this site so everyone should just lay off and be good to yourself and others

      2. willo says:

        blah blah blah health troll blah blah blah

    12. Lena says:

      I wish people would stop bringing others down when trying to make someone feel better. Some people can't help being a "stick figure". There is a nice way to say that men like curves without saying "eat something". And I'm not even one of those "stick figures". x_x

      Also, there is a difference between being curvy and being overweight.
      And being skinny doesn't make you any less of a woman.


    13. Rachel says:

      I do take this article and the opinions within it with a grain of salt… I have enough good self esteem to know better than to let this get to me for more than a couple minutes, or seconds even. But my initial reaction to reading that part about the stick figures was…. much like a stab to the heart. I'm naturally extremely skinny with very small A-cup breasts. I'm almost 20. Everytime I go to the doctors, they ask about eating disorders when in truth, I eat a lot and I love food and have never really given a second thought about my weight. Sure, I feel insecure about my extremely skinny body, especially when exposed on the beach. I wish I had an hourglass figure, some more curves and fat on my body. I wish I had bigger breasts. But most of all I wish that I was 100% happy with my figure. Again, I do feel fine about how I look. I know that I am pretty, inside and out. But everyone has their little issues with the way they look.

      In a nutshell, this article… while I'm sure it helped out the curvier ladies in the world… I feel like it tore down those of us who ARE constantly seen as "stick figures". You know what? I was born this way. I am beautiful. And honestly, how dare you tell "me" that what men find unattractive is… well, let's face it…. MY NATURAL BODY. You are just emphasizing a problem while trying to eliminate another.

      To all the ladies in the world, WEAR YOUR BIKINIS!!! You're beautiful! And if a person doesn't think you are, then just don't pay attention to them and focus on the people that do see your natural beauty!! Just live a healthy lifestyle and keep smiling. Be proud of who you are, and don't listen to people who say that "others think you're unattractive".

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    15. Brazilian Nut says:

      I'm in my twenties, Caucasian of Brazilian/Irish descent, 5'1" and 115 lbs. I don't know my cup size technically, nor do I have any intent of ever finding out (suffice it to say it's not Dolly Parton but more towards the dimensions of real "Dixie Cups"). I've also been told that I take after the "Latina" side of the family (is Brazil even considered Latin America?), and that I'll never get rid of my curves and shouldn't even try to do so. Of course I am told this by Latin American compatriots in college who are young and feisty and love their figures because of how it supposedly makes them seem attractive, and their "boyfriends" say they love them for it.😦 Why is physical "sexiness" or pleasing the mate such a thing to aspire to, first of all, versus intelligence or a sweet personality, and secondly, why does being fat automatically equate to inspiring lust in the opposite sex?😦

      I still wish I were Kate Moss skinny and had much smaller, well, you know. The evil twins, as I call them. I was raised in a very traditional household which has taught me to believe that said "cups" are useful for two things: feeding babies or advertising oneself to the opposite sex. I wish I could have them be smaller or nonexistent because I don't want to have babies and I don't want to get raped. If there were anything smaller than A I'd happily accept it.

      I get so sick of the belief that "bigger is better" which is really always about "the bad touch" as one indie-rock song once called it. The Beyonce look, the curvy "bootylicious" look is just patently offensive and also just an excuse so that women can accept themselves for being 1) unhealthy and 2) nymphomaniacs. I have trouble with the fact that with the feminist movement, women wanted to be like men and sleep around, act as though they wanted to sleep around, when the focus should've been on trying to get men NOT to be so promiscuous — in my grandmother's day a girl would've been the subject of ridicule for "doing it" or even looking like she wanted to while still young, when nowadays, young women like me who don't want to look "bootylicious" are chided as being bookish and boring. The Kardashian sisters are ugly and fat but only think they're beautiful because they (and their supporters) mistake confidence and self-acceptance for obnoxious brashness. I wish we had clothes like the Victorian times where people wouldn't dare even mention bathing suits or "birthday suits" in public. And fat would be considered fat and not given its own distinct pop-culture category like that.😦

    16. Mia says:

      Y'know, I'm just kinda happy that I'm alive.
      This isn't offensive to anyone.
      All of you need to calm down and put things into perspective.

    17. ohno... says:

      well im a size 0…. and i eat a bucket load….
      but im really petite…
      so should this mean i should feel insecure about me in a bikini?

    18. Lily says:

      This topic of 'real women have curves' is a joke these days. The whole saying should just die because it is so silly to suggest a woman is REAL based on her body. It's like saying a man is only a REAL man if he has a certain package size, or body shape…which is plain BS.

      There are naturally slim, small built and perfectly HEALTHY women walking around….the 'stick' comments just made you seem like a jerk, dude. Especially 'cause those are the same comments that skinny people DO get told on a daily basis (by jerks).

      I appreciate you trying to make the woman who submitted the letter embrace her body shape – but hating on another body type (and pointing out specifically how unattractive men find 'stick figures') is not the right way to do so.

      At the end of the day, it's cruel to bash on anyone's body type.
      Real men and women have BRAINS.

      1. KiwiBird says:

        I don't believe he was bashing anybody's body type but was making the point that there is someone who is also going to judge everybody else too, whether they are skinny, curvy, tall, short, or whatever. And often, because of celebrities and scars, so many women want to be that skinny, but there are plenty of people who prefer other body types.

    19. J.Ruthless Fatale says:

      in all honesty i think everyone just wants to be beautiful and accepted. Not judge. there is nothing wrong with being curvy and having meat. I'm a size 12/14. I think i look great the way that i am. And there are skinny girls who are a size 6 who are gorgeous too. Big boobs or little boobs. they should be proportionate on your body. I think everyone is truly beautiful in their own way. Instead of the skinny girl comments bashing the curvy girl comments…get over it. you're all beautiful. Body image shouldn't have anything to do with beauty. its whats on the inside that counts, and being competitive for a man's attention is ridiculous. Be confident in yourself, and not let others get you down, because most of the time those types of people are jealous and have their own problems with their self esteem.

    20. Reality says:

      I think the main point to remember here is that all of you are beautiful. There are many different forms of beauty.:) Find something you love about yourself and improve what you don't like. And if someone doesn't like something about you, I'm sorry but fuck them. I like the Dude's articles a lot but if he doesn't like skinny girls then fuck him. (Sorry Dude! :P)

      On another note, I don't believe the Dude was trying to offend anybody. He did say: "But on the other hand, there’s a guy out there for every body type, curvy, flat, and all points in between. I’ve got my preferences and they’re different from every other guy’s." This is completely right. I may not be the Dude's type but I'm happy with myself so that's all that matters. (My boyfriend likes me too! YES, score! :P)

      But going back to my original point, love yourself and fuck those who don't.:) And yep, you are beautiful. Don't you damn forget it.😛

    21. Mkizenzy says:

      I’m 17 years old and I’m barely over 105 pounds.

      I have always been tall and skinny. Right now I am

      5 foot 7. I have long skinny arms and legs and everyday

      someone will comment on how small my wrists are or how

      tiny my ankles are. You’d think that I think I’m lucky to have this

      metabolism and I shouldn’t complain, but you know what, I hate it.

      I hate hearing every single day that I need to eat a steak or a

      big mac. Im sick of everyone at school defining me as the skinny

      girl of my class. This guy saying that no guy wants a “skinny minny”

      extremely hurtful. He needs to realize that soon. I don’t go around and

      say to a bigger girl “hey quit eating food, it has too many calories, you’ll

      gain more weight.” so why is it okay for another person to come up to me

      and say “hey you need to eat a big juicy steak and gain some weight, you’re

      too tiny.”? I for one don’t think he was bein nice and if anyone disagrees,

      I really don’t care..

    22. Mkizenzy says:

      I’m 17 years old and I’m barely over 105 pounds.

      I have always been tall and skinny. Right now I am

      5 foot 7. I have long skinny arms and legs and everyday

      someone will comment on how small my wrists are or how

      tiny my ankles are. You’d think that I think I’m lucky to have this

      metabolism and I shouldn’t complain, but you know what, I hate it.

      I hate hearing every single day that I need to eat a steak or a

      big mac. Im sick of everyone at school defining me as the skinny

      girl of my class. This guy saying that no guy wants a “skinny minny”

      extremely hurtful. He needs to realize that soon. I don’t go around and

      say to a bigger girl “hey quit eating food, it has too many calories, you’ll

      gain more weight.” so why is it okay for another person to come up to me

      and say “hey you need to eat a big juicy steak and gain some weight, you’re

      too tiny.”? I for one don’t think he was bein nice and if anyone disagrees,

      I really don’t care..

      1. MusicArtJessie says:

        When I was 17, I was extremely skinny. I have tiny wrists, but women develop and grow until they are 22. Now at 23, I have filled out much more (y wrists are still bony thought, and am much more curvy than ever have been. A lot of it has to do with you body continuously maturing and hitting that peak.

      2. Guest says:

        I just want to note that I was like that too when I was 17. I'm 23 now as well and have gained a little weight, but I'm still thin and the word "curvy" is far from an accurate description for me. Not everyone fills out. It irritates me when people act as if I starve myself because I really, really don't. Also, even if I did try consuming a huge amount of food in order to gain weight, I wouldn't have the body shape of Marilyn Monroe or Christina Hendricks. I wouldn't be an "hour glass" with the fat perfectly proportioned on my boobs and butt (while having a small waist). It's discouraging when a man says something like "real men like curves," "real women have curves" because it's an insult to a thin woman's femininity. It's normal (a normal biological behavior) for a woman to want to have sex appeal to feel good about herself; it's not about "pleasing others." I don't think the author of this article meant to offend, but he did sound a little ignorant. Honestly, body shape has a lot to do with genetics and real, beautiful women come in all kinds and so do real men. We all deserve someone who will appreciate us as much as they appreciate an attractive celebrity that they've never met.

      3. Guest says:

        My main point is that I realize the "real women have curves" quote came from seeing all those super-thin models walking down runways and is, in some ways, a mantra for a counter-culture to that elitist "skinny woman" thing. But it's just counter-intuitive to reverse the standard. There shouldn't be an implemented universal standard. It's damaging for everyone.

      4. stainicus says:

        It is unfair!!!!!!! You can enjoy stuffing food down your throat and not gain any weight!! That is totally unfair!

      5. Guest says:

        Not even remotely the point being made.

      6. put your big girl pants on and get over it……saying that to someone over weight is alot wrost then calling someone to skinny… you are skinny and you have never been over weight andyou dont know how it feels to be over weight… and im not over weight,….. i eat right and workout and i love my curves…. and please grow up honey before you get in the real world……..

      7. Guest says:

        That's a little unfair. It really is the same thing, not one is better or worse than the other. I've seen kids cry from being called a toothpick and I've seen kids cry from being called fat. You can't justify that one is worse than the other. Being underweight is just as bad as being over weight, and if you have the type of body that keeps it off or the kind of body that keeps it on how are you supposed to ever find a way to really love yourself when everyone around you keeps spouting words of hate? This is the real world sure, but pain is pain. Words hurt. Think a little before you talk a lot.

      8. @iamme says:

        i agree.

      9. Allie says:

        You don't know what it is like to be skinny i guess, because it feels the same to us as it does to fat people when you call them fat. The problem with society is that we feel it is ok to judge skinny people ( i don't know how many times in my life someone told me i "need to get some meat on my bones") but someone who is a size 42 or higher gets to have a handicap pass because they are too lazy to get off their ass and walk to the walmart door??? No It is wrong!! people who want to tell people who are skinny that they need to eat more, should be subjected to the same critisizm that i will get for saying the fat comment!

      10. Nes7373 says:

        Can you get anymore ignorant? It doesn't matter which is worse. Words hurt and for a young girl trying to find herself, it's not very encouraging to have people making negative comments about her body, big or small. People just need to keep their comments to themselves and realize that women come in different shapes and sizes.

      11. maria says:

        Honestly, YOU'VE never been UNDER weight and you don't know how it feels to be under weight… And I am underweight… And you know what? I eat right and A LOT and workout and sit on a couch and I'm still like this. Please grow up honey and notice that being mean gets you no where in life, and it doesn't matter how big a women is as long as she is healthy and happy. Also, please start capitalizing the correct letters.:)

      12. BJ87 says:

        I know the feeling and I'm 25! America's views on the female body is completely all over the place!

      13. Sarah says:

        Stay strong and don't take things too personally. The thing that everyone needs to realize is that everyone at some point in their lives (even those who you think are gorgeous) has had another person make negative comments about their appearance. And, society wants you to think that there is one beautiful- but there's not. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some guys love very thin girls, some guys like average girls, some guys like curvy girls, and there are even guys who prefer girls who are very over weight. And, girls like various guys as well. There are 7 billion people

      14. I<3FoodWATNOW says:

        Yeah! I get that all the time (I'm 16 and still haven't reached 100 lbs yet (when I do, I'm throwing a 100 lb party!)) Every time during health class when the body issues videos come on, everyone stares! Hey! i eat more than my 200 lb father (I'm adopted), I didnt ask for this. So thanks dude who wrote this for telling us that we aren't women, that we should eat something, etc. because we probably eat more than you could ever dream! SKINNY PEOPLE UNITE!!

      15. yes! says:

        I love you. lol. jk jk :) thanks for being so amazing!

      16. Alizée says:

        Hope you read my response to you: don't give any tiny rat to what any of your classmates say. The truth of the matter is that obesity is a serious problem in America and most people ARE INCAPABLE of CONTROLLING THEIR EATING HABITS AS I'M WRITING TO YOU. Healthy, nourishing food in America is very expensive and Americans spend less money on food than in any other western countries. It's a fact and stats are there to prove me right. All those who know so well that they can't control their eating habits find ways to victimize, make fun or say something negative about those of us who know how to control the food we put in our mouth.
        You have a SUPERMODEL figure and obviously most of your classmates are not happy about it! They are jealous and you are in high school! That's what teenager years are for: making others miserable.
        Stick to your sexy body and don't pay any attention to HATERS. Once you graduate leave your small town mentality and move to a metropolis where you'll find a more cosmopolitan lifestyle; especially move to liberals towns. The beauty of US is that you will always find a place that accommodates YOU. If you are miserable in you hometown get out of there. The world is so beautiful because one place doesn't look or live like the next. Life is too short to live miserably!
        Good luck to you and be strong! You are so special! Be proud of YOUR BODY!!!

      17. Jenny says:

        I aWhy cant everyone just love their bodies. Life would be so much simpler. If people would quit judging themselves and comparing themselves to other people anyone would be able to wear anything with confidence.

      18. Antitheist says:

        Der Mensch kann zwar tun was er will, aber er kann nicht wollen was er will! – A. Schopenhauer
        A human can do what he wants, but he cannot want what he wants!
        the quote is not literal and the translation is my own. wikiquote & google.

      19. Rick says:

        hey girl, wait til you start filling out some as all young girls do,,,hehehehe the guys will all stare .. at you at eat there dam words…never worry about the ignorance of other, shows there true intelligence and the rental space between there ears,,….keep positive you sound just fine, do not be in such a dam rush to grow up ok…be good to your folks and to yourself , play safe and take care…Rick from Canada…bye and take very good care of yourself…

      20. maya says:

        being skinny has it's benefits, start going to the gym and you'll see the difference! at least you won't have fat to get rid of but you'll develop muscles and the curves that you'll have will be tight (unlike what fat provokes: "the jello effect")

      21. BrittanyW says:

        Exactly! I am built the same way.

      22. @Capriyluv says:

        yes as females we are pressured to look perfect but the truth is no one is perfect you have to learn to be comfortable in your own skin its gonna take a while but work on it everyday. As long as you are healthy don't feed into too much what everyone says. Im a thicker woman but I've learned to love my curves and not let people put me down so much.

      23. kiki17 says:

        i understand what u talk about because i go through same well the only difference is that am a girl and i my country u get teased not praise for being skinny…… i hate being skinny

      24. You are exactly right, we are all humans, no matter what size we are.

      25. Crystal says:

        honestly honey i know how it feels. i hate being called skinny. there are definately ways through nutrition and fitness that you can put on weight if thats what you want but honestly you need to learn to love yourself and tune out all the peer nonesence first because if you dont decide to love your self now, 10 or 15 pounds wont make a difference in your life.

      26. Lefty1995 says:

        Tat happened to me all the time. People would grab my wrist, shake it around and go "You're so skinny!" Mind you, this was up to ninth grade when I barely weighed over 90 pounds. Now I'm 18 and finally at a healthy weight (and a pear shape…hourglass would be nice, but it's not happening.) But yeah, I got called "anorexic" and "Skeleton" all the time, mostly by this guy that always teased me as a child.

      27. Deity says:

        Read my comment (above your comment) and yes, I hate when people tell me to eat more food.

        I eat 2x as much as all the males I know and nothing happens. People are continually shocked by this and always ask where it all goes, and I simply say I burn fat cerebrally (all energy is goes to my super intelligent brain). Use that one next time! You may not like your metabolism now, but you will later.

      28. DaniKaye says:

        people have been telling me everyday for about 10 years to eat a cheeseburger. I used to walk home from school and people would be driving down the street, chanting that and throwing them at me. What they never understood or cared to find out is that I eat more than anyone I know! I guess we are both lucky and unlucky to have such a fast metabolism!

      29. Offended101 says:

        totally agree. not all skinny girls chose to be skinny. this guy is a jerk.

      30. Dot says:

        Don't fool yourselves girls. Men like women with a BMI of about 19. That's more than Playboy curvy. That has been the case for more than 50 years. It was only slightly higher even before that, and only for a few decades. You have an obesity problem in the states and trying to shape reality to fit your problem instead of fixing it. You are eating way too much carb for your activity level.

    23. qwert says:

      what real women have curves? I guess I'm not one then

      -naturally bony

      1. Ricochet says:

        so only fake women have curves?
        I'm a real woman and I have curves.

      2. Guest says:

        You're missing the point.

      3. Guest 2 says:

        Definately missing the point. Not everyone will and some don't care. What I did to someone who was " " Curvy and told me for the last time that I was skinny. but always complained about her weight ( on the heavy side) was and I know this may have been hurtful but I told her maybe if you didn't eat everything you saw I could eat too. I went on to tell her that its not my fault she was fat and shouldn't put me down to lift herself up. I said continued to insult her until I felt like stopping. I then told her that while I was not trying to hurt her feelings she needed to know how it felt so she could stop. If Im not calling you fat on a daily basis then don't call me skinny when inside your trying to be my size. Love the skin you're in. No-one is perfect.

    24. Matt says:

      Being curvy is always more sexy than being super skinny and starving yourself

      1. Guest 2 says:

        There are those that are skinny and eat like a grown man. Some of us just have a high metabolism. Contrary to what some may think, not all skinny people want or like it that way. But still sexy. Sexy is also in the mind.

    25. Ok so this is just a bad as talking about fat girls. I am not fat have never been fat and never want to be fat or curvy. Agree with everyone who disagrees with this article. Tall tin women are beautiful women. I dream of being tall I am 5'7. Not short at all but I am talking about runway tall women who are absolutely beautiful. My body will change and the way I want it to change not by any mans standards whether he likes curvy, thin or fat either way my body is going the way I want it to. Also I need to add I went shopping once with too "curvy" girls they made my trip horrible. Scholding me because they couldn't fit in half the clothes there and never will. I came home hating myself. You can eat crap all you want & gain those curves me I am not. I am more in fear of a heart attack then gaining weight.

      1. Cece says:

        Tall thin women are pretty but curvy girls are to. And one thing that gets me is that so many of you guys have no clue what people mean when they say curvy or skinny. we don't mean anorexic skinny or fat. curvy is hips, boobs, and booty. you don't have to be super tall and skinny to be beautiful. there are people who are not skinny that are gorgeous.

      2. Kristen says:

        Sounds like you went shopping with b*tches, that just happened to be curvy. I'm sorry that these people decided it was ok to put you down because of their insecurities.

        I too am 5'6" and 120 lbs. I look like a bean pole and sometimes I get bloating, so I have the inverse of curves. I've tried for a year lifting weights 3x a week and put on 6 lbs. It came off after 4 weeks off due to injury. Some people have to struggle really hard to even be on the thin side of normal. I will never have boobs, and my curvy perfect bodied friend, 34C 125 lbs and 1" shorter than me, and totally proportionate is jealous. I think it's crazy because when we try on clothes they look amazing on her, and she always wants to wear baggy stuff to hide it.

        I have no hips, thighs that gap, and a belly that often sticks out if I'm tired or ate at all that day or that time of the month, and a big rib cage for my small frame with 34 (36 if I work out, even worse!) A/AA chest that will never change despite how hard I try, unless I invest in harmful surgery every 10 years for the rest of my life.

        But I still do it for me, to be healthy. Even if I look weird and disproportionate, I get to know I am trying to respect my body and give it energy and ignore the haters!

      3. you are skinny and dumb and a bad friend………..

    26. Maria says:

      Well I'm naturally skinny and I never want to go to the beach again. Thanks.

      1. Maestro says:

        Come on baby, be happy don't mind about people's choices. Just be happy, eat normally, take care of yourself and know that you can shape your body the way you want to. Trust me Maria. Peace

      2. Seriously, because he stated his opinion of what he likes? Wow.

      3. Krysta says:

        Seriously you have never heard of a woman being insure before? WOW. got waste you're time somewhere else

      4. @iamme says:


    27. Chow says:

      My girl is very skinny, pretty face, curly hair , or straight , with natural sexy DD Breasts ….lord mercy I love getting on her ….

    28. Good eyes says:

      Curves are what differentiate males from women. It's got to be curves curves curves. extra kilos dont really matter. With a bikini on, or dress, all the better. Have fun, develope confidence. Confidence plus a bikini or swim suit is very sexy. One of the ingredients cant be missing. Put the confidence there even if on a gentle gradient. Start with a one piece swim suit and be comfortable ; then perhaps a bikini if you want. but have fun. And dont listen to nay sayers. Switch off the media too. I hope this helps.

    29. Lili says:

      How dare you!!
      I am naturally skinny and i don't have a lot of curves. I already feel self concious because of that and I know that guys want boobs and butt. I eat quite a lot but i can't help it if my body is just naturally like this. You've just made skinny girls sound awful and you are definately not a real man!!!!

      1. Meghan says:

        I am also naturally skinny, but honestly he's not bashing on us. He is simply stating that he prefers curvy women. He also stated that everyone has their own preference. He is not one that likes skinny girls, but someone else might. My boyfriend loves my body and I'm tiny. I'm 5'3" and I don't even weigh 100 lbs. He is trying to make this girl and all of us feel comfortable in our own bodies and telling us to make sure we're taking care of our bodies and eating right. Skinny girls gotta be healthy too!
        – Skinny Girl

    30. Katerina says:

      Im 5'7 almost 5'8
      I weigh 118 pounds
      my measurments are 32-25-35
      Men and Women , Would you guys consider me as curvy or too skinny?
      Please be honest , I'm really curious to see how Im viewed

      1. Maestro says:

        You're too skinny baby… you may put up on 40 pounds more and you'll be really great. Love

      2. guest says:

        how about too tall

      3. danielle says:

        you must be short. 5'7/5'8 is not too tall!

      4. Dani D. says:

        You are just fine. As long as you are that way naturally( eating healthy). Then that is fine. Some people are skinny some people are curvy. No ones opinion should except yours. You have model qualities tall and thin. Just be you !

      5. Dani D. says:

        No ones opinion should matter* except yours.

      6. Antitheist says:

        that's the most important point here!! If you are _naturally_ this way! if you are hungry most of the times chances are extremely high you are in or on the road to an eating disorder! consult a professional, preferably a doctor or someone in your family you can rely on or someone else you can totally trust! am sure there are helplines you can call for free. it's very important as stuff like this can have an impact like alcoholism!
        if you don't have any "meat" on your bones nowhere, you are probably _not_ naturally this way! ask yourself questions like: what are my ideals concerning my body? do i feel bad eating? that would be a huge alarm signal (unless you're eating garbage). it's totally normal to dislike certain aspects of ones body. what's really dangerous is trying to be skinny when you are not meant to be! it kills 10% of all affected and i hope this number can go down! i've seen some really lovely lovely personalities being killed or crippled in the process😦

      7. Devon Smith says:

        You do have an hourglass but a few more pounds wouldn't hurt.

      8. Antitheist says:

        with measurements you are not viewed but imagined! but i quickly looked up a BMI scale. however am not so obsessed with numbers to know what 81cm looks like (32inches). i imagine you have some curves! (35inch) but you don't need more curves!!!!! the ridiculous thing is: all the women _seem_ to wanna be simply what they are not! skinny ones wanna be curvy and vice versa, black women wanna be whiter, whites wanna be tanned, etc etc. it goes on without end. why you think angels were invented with wings? not cuz we have wings ourselves!!
        if you are old enough and think you can handle an honest answer try
        but beware! i would not recommend it to everyone. and even if you end up being a 2.5, it does NOT AT ALL mean you won't be 10x more happy than an average 9.5er!!!! it sucks being in the shallow world and the prettier you are, the more likely it might be….
        also you get an endless stream of men who want your body. it's not just a blessing, it's a curse too.

    31. Ancient Pollyanna says:

      I am 61 and still fit into my high school cheerleader outfit.

    32. Meghan says:

      Honestly, all you stating that he makes you feel ugly for being skinny are being very immature.

      He simply stated that he prefers "curvy" women, as opposed to "skinny" women. And don't think I'm saying this because I'm a "curvy" woman, according to society's standards I'm actually very skinny, some would say "Too skinny" I'm naturally like this and I can't help it. But I eat right and I exercise and I'm healthy and that's all that matters.
      He didn't say that we skinny girls were ugly or unattractive at all, he just stated that he finds curvy women especially attractive and that's okay, because as he stated "there’s a guy out there for every body type, curvy, flat, and all points in between."

      check out my blog about this post:

    33. Romulus says:

      i agree with the "Dude" The problem in women is that they dress for other women… not for men and in matters of body is the same… Dont know why women think they are hot when they are skinny… well i would rather stay with a ugly fat laid that is Ok with her body then to be with one pretty skinny woman that is probably hungry and doing that only to please other women… Tell me how many skinnies have big boobs ? a nice par of legs and a nice ass?
      Well one in a thousand… size matters… what makes a women hot is what she has to put a man's hands on… and how badly she makes him want to put it.

      of course that weight has to be in some kind of proportion with the height of the women. And again we are talking about what most man would consider hot… One other thing that he said that is right is the fact of man like women that like's themselves… even if you are above weight or under it, the way that you show that you are handling you body well will make a man interested.

      Like he said we can't forget that there is indeed a guy for every body type… but we can't forget as well that we are talking about what most man would consider "HOT"… well if you put a women that does her nails, her hair is well taking care of… is shaved, has weight and height in same proportion… and is sure of herself… there is NO MAN that won't turn his head for a women like that… no one…

    34. Whatever... says:

      Romulus, for the last time…NOT all skinny girls are starving. Second if you like thick girls fine, enjoy, but enough bashing skinny girls. Or any type of girl for that matter.

      I just wish the world would embrace every type of woman. My current boyfriend told me that he liked skinny girls…and I get approached all the time when I’m walking home from school by grown men(twice my age)who tell me how beautiful I am… I find thick girls stunning if they carry themselves well, curvy girls are blessed, but skinny is my everything and I’m sorry but I’m not going to force myself to change just so a bunch of shallow men with high standards can be happy. Girls no matter how you look…you turn to your mirrors. If you like what YOU see then be who you are. Not a mans fantasy.

      Real women have vaginas.

      Real men like vaginas.

      (lastly have you seen Taylor Swift at the NRJ awards? She’s natually skinny and she looked hot)

      1. Manny Cardoza says:

        We all need to know the difference between being skinny, thin, thick, and voluptious. I, as a man of good feminine taste and beauty, know what all this means. At my 33 years of age, I have seen a lot and talked to men from all races and ethnic groups. To give you an example, the vast majority of Black and Hispanic men like there women somewhat thick or voluptious, meaning, a woman with meat in all the right places but not obese or too chunky around the stomack, but with juicy thighs and big butts. White and Asian Men, by contrast, seem to love an pick women that are kind of skinny and flat chested and with small butts. I've seen women that are 5'5 and 150 lbs that look delicious and not at all fat and women that are 5'5 and 120 lbs that don't look skinny but are athletically built, so it all depends on your body structure and type.

    35. you need to just get over it, i wouldnt being complaining about being skinny, its alot different being skinny then being over weight, and if you say something like that to someone for being over weight then you are just being like them,, noone has that right to say that to anyone being to skinning or being over weight. its alot harder to lose weight then to gain it please dont compare being to skinny to a over weight person…

      1. DaniKaye says:

        It depends on the person- it is impossible for me to gain and i have been trying for years. I must say, you are wrong on assuming that it is harder to lose weight than gain it. It depends on the person and their genetics!

    36. Anna says:

      This article is so true! Real men love curvesn, stick figure females aren't even women lol. I'm proud to be a naturally beautiful hourglass shaped pretty young woman (:

      1. Me12345 says:

        Uh, what is wrong with you? There are women of all body shapes. You need to deflate your ego.

      2. Keri says:

        Thin women shouldn't be referred to as stick figures, most cant help being tiny and most hourglass women have cellulite which is disgusting. Soon don't be rude.

    37. mil says:

      I'm 19, 5'0 at 100lbs. I don't care what any of you and especially what men think. God made me beautiful, and everyone else. If you got it, flaunt it! Girls with fast metabolisms, YOU'RE GORGEOUS and girls that are over then "Average size", YOU'RE GORGEOUS. Why are we even trying to impress shallow men that are more interested in boning you than actually knowing you? Our generation is too caught up in our appearance.

    38. mil says:

      You guys should also stop hating on 'skinny girls' that complain about their bodies. Skinny girls are allowed to have insecurities too.

    39. Result says:

      It had been some time since I visited website with such quality information. Thansk lots for the nice data.

    40. Alizée says:

      Reading all these comments here from young girls struggling with "body image" or caring about what a stranger or the person next door thinks about their bodies show me clearly that the education system in this country is so shitty.
      Here I'm not condemning schools alone; where are these kids' parents? If you are not a parent enough to grill in your children head that their self worth lies inside them and not in how they look, or in what the entourage says; and if you are not a parent enough to teach your kids to make a difference between what matters or to teach them to have a strong sense of who they really are, how do you expect such kind of young people to mature into something strong that would weather life obstacles?
      I'm sorry but it sounds to me that these people are like the castle in the Bible built on sand! The wind blows and the castle goes down crumbling!
      Hey people think seriously about who you are and what matter to you and stop these nonsense debates about who got it right or wrong between the curvy or skinny people. As long as you know who you are and are comfortable with your body type, who really cares?

    41. JOHN says:

      STICK FIGURES? REALLY? Um you dont call firls stick figures its like i call meaty girls fat ass, fatso or something rude. That isnt nice and if anyone does call a skinny girl “stick figures” then you ppl must be jealous or just hating on skinny girls since u can never look so classy and pretty. Sorry but I LOVE SKINNY GIRLS compared to those girls that only care about having a bigg ass and legs to get a ghetto or dirty attention from males! I love my woman to look classy and slim. But no one should be ashamed of their bodies and not care about what male thinks. WHO CARES!

      1. Yeah. This sounds like a girl using a guys name. Lololol.

      2. Renee says:

        I totally agree!

      3. A curvy girl can be classy too. Ever heard of this woman named Marilyn Monroe? Yeah,she was the classiest woman ever. I don't care if you are so fat you can't fit through a door, or so thin you can slide underneath the crack at the bottom of the door, class is not you body size. I am a curvy woman and have never desired and 'ghetto dirty attention' from a man.

      4. Darlene says:

        Marilyn Monroe was an adultress who committed suicide- is that how you define classy?

      5. Crystal says:

        if you knew anything about human anatomy you wuld know that women are supposed to carry a litte softness because we have to breed ingorant fucktards like you. im a slim girl and i know that stupid! skinny girls suc because they look like sick children. if thats what you think looks classy ass opposed to a woman with hips and breasts and such then you really deep down are probably in the closet or a pedophile. there is a reason why all the skinny girls i know are trying to put on weight. furthermore strong is the new skinny. having a shapely rear and strong legs has nothing to do with being ghetto or dirty either. its about having the figure that a woman is SUPPOSED TO HAVE. either way im sorry for the women in your life especially if you have a daughter. you suck. and so do your opinions

    42. beapiest says:

      no guy wants a straight figure. d curves makes a woman sexier. and thats what really differenttiates a man frm a woman apart frm looks and sex organs. in afriica, if u dnt av curves, boobs, booty, u are referred to as a tomboy

    43. Lisa says:

      Why is it that people can say nasty things about skinny girls but we can't call a bigger girl "fat"? If bigger girls love themselves as much as they claim, then why do feel the need to be offensive to skinny girls by commenting on how small their limbs are, telling them to eat more and so on? We don't tell you to hit the gym more or stuff your face less which would be equally offensive….just saying.
      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and neither is better…just different. Own your look, be happy with it and don't be a jerk to those who look different than you.

      1. Lyn Peters says:

        I'm not going to pretend I have all the answers, and I do believe you're right. However stepping back and thinking about it from a not my own perspective, it probably has to do with the media's portrayal of women. How you have to be skinny to be pretty. Now because people are starting to reject that mentality, very slowly but it is happening, we've gone from bullying the fat to bullying the skinny. This actually happens to "help" bigger girls feel good about themselves because now the shoes on the other foot. Usually in these situations, people tend to forget what it's like to be on the receiving end of insults. Also, there might be cultural factors because I know that in some places around the world, being fat is a sign of wealth and if you have a high metabolism in those countries…

        Theoretically it might also stem from pent up anger. I'm not skinny nor would I call myself fat. The BMI doesn't agree with the latter, but my doctor says I'm actually healthy and ok with the way I live and the way my body is. Digressing. Anyway, for a good chunk of my life I was called fat by many people I went to school with. Only two people would reassure me that I was healthy and that I actually had a really good body, but that pain does tend to build up and unless you find a good way to release it, some poor soul will be on the receiving end of that explosion. America is filled with people who are overweight and were probably teased/ostracized for it. (Studies have shown that women who are skinner tend to have higher employment rates than those who are overweight, no matter what their qualifications are).

        I'm not justifying what they say, I'm just trying to help. I hope that gave you some insight at least even if I couldn't really get to the heart of the problem.

    44. yoyou says:

      don't worry about what people think of you, worry about what God thinks of you.

    45. amber says:

      When you say real men like curves, you're really saying "men like a flat stomach, big breasts and a big behind." That's not curves. That's society saying women have to look like an hourglass in order to attract men.

      1. Antitheist says:

        you hear society, but it's _genes_ dictating the greater part of it!
        the issue is a bit deeper and older than that. it began before the dawn of women & men.
        from an evolutionary point of view, the ideal is quite clear: one that favors fertility, giving birth. and there's the hourglass.
        there has been intense research on this. google it (properly). wiki it. or ask a true biology teacher!
        of course thats just the instinct aspect of perception – like the dude says – many ppl have many tastes!
        personally, i am really not so much attracted by bodies in itself, but the person in that body! the mind is the most sexy part of the body for quite a number of ppl. IOW: how you look ain't that important if you ain't starving/eating yourself to death! both, too much and too little is really really dangerous and not healthy or good in any way! it's like smoking.

      2. Beeb says:

        Bollocks, that would be true if survival was all that counted. But the way women like to look, and the way men like their women to look, often has nothing to do with natural selection. How about African women elongating their necks using rings to the point where they cannot support their heads without them? How about Chinese foot binding? Or come to think of it, western high heels? Not logical, and not evolutionarily advantageous.

      3. Lacey says:

        Uh…thats exactly what curves are. Big boobs, big butt and a small waist create an hourglass figure. There is a difference between that and a fat cow whose chubby everywhere.

    46. rick says:

      sweetie you are simply perfect, would be proud and honored to have you hand in hand or arm in arm with me…you sound totally perfect and beautiful ,,,,,to bad you're so far….

    47. Rick says:

      sweetie you are simply perfect, would be proud and honored to have you hand in hand or arm in arm with me…you sound totally perfect and beautiful ,,,,,to bad you're so far….

    48. Rick says:

      insecure bikini….do not even do that to yourself, look at it this way when you see something you like you admire it…same thing with a beautiful curvy lady such as yourself
      never worry about what others worry, I was a stick boy growing up , the girls stayed far and it was a shit time as a teen growing up, then things change and I filled out and then they all came out of the wood work ,,, materialistic women drive me maddd , hate materialistic people. Do what you are doing , hold your head high and be very proud of what God has graced you with..good luck and play safe always, take care sweetheart…to bad you are so far away, would be proud and honored to have a lady such as you are , big time….bye sweetie take car. Rick from Canada…

    49. rena says:

      Being overweight and showing it in a bikini is offensive. Bikinis are meant for those in shape. And how funny that guys SAY they don't like skinny girls yet go crazy bonkers over swimsuit issues. They would not give those magazines a second glance if it was chunk pics instead.

    50. Karen says:

      I am a 40 year old widow and recently started dating. I mix things up dating both online and people I meet out and about. 90% of men list what they are looking for as being slender or athletic and toned. My experience meeting men out has not been much different. I am 5'7 138 pounds on a medium frame. I consider myself curvy being a 36D with a butt and and waist. I am approached by a lot of men, my friends that are height weight proportionate are as well. My friends that need to lose 30-40 pounds are rarely approached even thought they are attractive and dress well. They don't understand why I can have 5 dates a week and they don't have 1.
      When sharing online dating horror stories with dates or male friends, the topic of conversation are always about a large or disproportionate women or those missing teeth, showing up. I have never heard a man complain someone too skinny showed up.
      Yes, different people are attracted to different physical attributes. However from my real life experience far more men like women that are height and weight proportioned. That means skinny, curvy. average but not overweight.
      I will probably get flamed but there is noting attractive about being fat to most men. If you are one of those girls that say I am heavy but confident and happy with my body you are not too intelligent. I am a nurse in a doctors office and see plenty of happy over weight women younger than me that are diabetic,on blood pressure and cholesterol medication having difficulty conceiving, bad knees, backs etc. Being overweight is not good for your dating life or your health.
      Same goes for you guys my friends and I don't want to date fat men. Women tend to be very critical of their bodies, men tend to have over inflated opinions. Most guys list their body type on dating sites as athletic and toned. Doesn't matter if they are thin, average or need to lose 30 pounds.

      1. Marina says:

        I agree with everything you just said, I'm average but know I should get in better shape you have just encouraged me. Thank you.

      2. billtheKanuk says:

        Hi Karen,

        Bingo.. You said it well
        Being slender is attractive because it suggests that you might be around and healthy for more years.
        If you have a body that you treat like a temple.. there are more who will want to Worship there.
        Are you available Wednesdays? rofl

    51. Male Escorts says:

      Yes. I'm a guy and I love curves, smooth soft skin. And I think just the obvious curves are just one part. The curve of a women jaw and smooth chin line, curve of her lips, the curve of her eyes, eye brows, neck, heels of soft feet….there's so many more attractive elements of pretty girls. Everything about women are sexy.

    52. ricosuaveguapo says:

      Ladies – let's just be sure to make a distinction between "curves" and "rolls" – one is attractive, the other is not.

    53. Todd says:

      "curvy" women say that, in order to convince themselves that it's ok to be fat whilst it's not (in regards to health and aesthetic)

    54. Beeb says:

      There's one time men are allowed to say what they dislike about women's bodies: NEVER. Because women have body image issues enough, without us telling them what's good and what's not. Just stop judging them, ok?

    55. gfdssdf says:

      rather be a skinny chick with no tits n ass than a fat heffer. GOODNIGHT EVERYBODY.

      1. moog says:

        One thing you are is a shallow bitch.

      2. tweety says:

        excuse her while shes happy with her body instead of crying over not fitting some idiots ''ideal''

      3. tweety says:

        skinny or curvy , any womans body is personal

      4. harmony says:

        good for you being happy with your own body lifes too short

    56. Insecure Bikini,

      Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, if you do not feel comfortable wearing a bikini try brandishing a monokini or a one piece. There are very sexy One Pieces out there these days.

      Sexy comes from within.

    57. Nick says:

      some ppl like to think that fat is curvy and it isn't. I can truly say that I'm curvy. I'm not a stick figure nor do I have a gut or back fat hanging all over the place. So people really need to distinguish curvy,fat and skinny.

      1. Claire Mier says:

        I agree with you Nick! I think it's healthier to have more meat on skin but it's important to have muscles and belly fat is not only unattractive, it's also bad for health. It's not cool to use the word curvy to give one a reason to eat unhealthy and be a couch potato.

    58. Roy willams says:

      hahah Christina Hendricks.. is so not curvey.. shes skinny as shit.. #justsayying

    59. erra says:

      nice advice but too general and vague..i agree with most of the comments here (except the shallow biatchs) specially Karen…i used to be overweight but now im average with standard muscular but im no way skinny (eventho i would love to try to be one but its impossible) .. the most important thing is there is a difference between fat and long as u have waist u r ok..but if u dont have waist but only spare tyre,ur nothing more than a Michelin man, and that means ugly

    60. Nemo says:

      I am a curvy girl…but I do not have a gut or a fat ass. I eat tons, and I try to maintain a healthy weight by exercising. I see all of these comments, and they're demeaning curvy women :3 and I think, personally, that every man has his own tastes. There are many who would want a thin gal, many who would want a big gal, many who want curvy gals. x)

    61. Lacey says:

      Fat doesn't equal curvy. There seems to be a lot of confusion over this. It's the waist to hip to bust ration that determines curves. NOT your weight….

      1. Man says:

        I aggree with lacey its the body shape not the weight.

      2. Kenzie says:

        What if you're both?

    62. Jessie B says:

      Whatever a man likes in a woman is ok but he should be a real man first. 😛

    63. I never did extra efforts to gain guys attention.
      lucky me! 😉

    64. tweety says:

      who are you to say men don't like skinny girls not all guys are shallow. idiot .
      real women are not objects, their real

    65. fish says:

      ''One thing men really don’t find attractive: stick figures. If we can’t tell if you’re a girl or just a cross-dresser''
      your not that attractive yourself dude

    66. ryan says:

      not all guys love curves – nor a big booty – !!

      thin is still in – !!

    67. Emily says:

      I weigh 140 pounds and am 5'5". I am healthy for my body. My younger sister is 100 pounds and 5'8". She is healthy for her body. It doesn't matter what you look like, someone out there will thing my body is perfect and someone with think my sister's body is perfect. It doesn't matter because if you are confident in your body, someone else will think it is BEAUTIFUL

      1. jennifer says:

        I don't think your sister is 100 pound at 5"8 that not a healthy weight . she about 125 that's on the slim side. if she is 100 pounds she will die . its called a eating disorder get help for your sister

    68. ashanti says:

      in my point of view people are people even if they are skinny or myself is on the fat side and all of my friends are skinny but i dont let that get to me i just do what i do and drown out all the negative comment on size…you are who you are and should be proud of yourself no matter what size you are.

      1. christine says:

        I totally agree! no one cares what sixe you are just do what you want and ignore who ever makes fun of your body shape.

      2. christine says:

        sorry I mean size!!!!

    69. oblong says:

      It depends on what you mean by 'curvy'. Often it's a euphamism. that is, a distortion. Meanwhile, everybody's self image is a distortion, positive or negative. Probably best to stop paying attention to it, put on the bathing suit, and smile and laugh a lot. Guys like that too.

      PS: I'm a guy, a computer programmer. WHen I see Bill Gates on the cover of a magazine, that guy is like 100,000 times more successful than me. But, somehow I stay alive.

    70. Tod Johnson says:

      I personnely like a toned body whether it be thick or thin. But there is a difference between curves and fat also

    71. Joy says:

      I have a very curvy hourglass figure, thick strong legs and small waist and just naturally 'lucky' to have big boobs. I always wear a bikini. I think they are a lot more flattering for curvy figures than one pieces.

      That being said; watch out for the kind of attention you'll draw. Men do really love curvy women, but view them more sexually than they would a beautiful slim woman. I'm 34 and more secure and confident that when I was younger; but I used to 'hide' my curves often because I did not know how to confront the ignorant rude sexual comments men would make or the eyeball attention my body would get.

      So be strong, be confident, show off your curves and brush off any assholes that assume having them makes you a floozy.

      That sun is your belly's to enjoy, too!!!

    72. Krysta says:

      I find this extremely offensive. I shouldnt have to prove that I'm trying to gain weight by "stuffing food down my throat". I eat a healthy diet, and occassionaly work out when I have the time. Not liking me because I'm too skinny, is ignorant. I cannot control my internal functions. Would you prefer me to eat the worst food I possibly can to try and lower my metabolism? Just because I'm different than you! are you kidding me?!!? Don't tell me to join the real world because, I'm the one in the real world accepting people of all body types and understanding that not everybody is build the same. You are the one living in your own little world of hate, discriminating against people who are the same as you! I Support all women who are trying to be accepted in the world, who aren't spewing hate on other women for them trying to be who they are! All women are beautiful on the inside and out, some women just need to spread kindness, instead of hate.

    73. KLC says:

      This comment is for John, skinny is not synonymous with "classy" and curvy is not synonymous with "trashy", you can be attracted to whomever but to insinuate that curvy girls with round butts are doing it for "ghetto" attention. What the hell is ghetto attention? I can tell you are a very ignorant person. Some women are born naturally curvy, you cannot buy curves at a department store. I for one am a very curvy, classy woman and I am not looking for negative attention when I put on my clothes. It just so happens that clothes tend to look better on women with curves so it highlights our body contours in all the right places, clothes on thin women tend to just hang off them, absolutely boring. But then again that suits you because you seem to be a total lame brain.

      1. DaniKaye says:

        I disagree with what you said about clothes tend to look better on curvy women while they just hang off of thin women. I have found a ton of clothes that fit me perfectly and actually look better on my really thin frame than a curvier one. And they are not boring! So, while I am happy that you are content and satisfied with your body type, as all women should learn and grow to be, and am very disappointed in that comment, because it is completely false.

      2. @iamme says:

        yeah some women are born naturally curvy. but some women are also born naturally skinny, so you know what? just shut up because you don't know a thing. don't judge if you don't wanna be judged.

    74. Guest says:

      Girls, Never ask a guy whether he will approve of you or your figure. Seriously, we are better than this! Love yourself, take care of yourself. And watch very closely how others treat you. Don't let anyone treat you badly and don't even put yourself in that position where you value someone else's opinion more than your own.

    75. Deity says:

      I have been thin my entire life, and of course, at one point, I felt bad about it. However, soon you realize that articles like this are made because people think those who are not thin NEED it. Do they need it in actuality…no. Nevertheless, people always feel that the only way to feel good about themselves (or make someone else feel good) is to put down their opposite. To short girl: tall girls look like poles anyway. To curly girl: straight hair looks like noodles. To fat girl: who likes sticks anyway.

      And so it goes, stupid counter-productive rambling. The whole thing is pathetic really, and If I were a thicker girl I would be offended by these silly, contrived, and obviously forced hand outs. At the end of the day people putting down others is not the answer… eliminating the putting down of anyone is the answers. Various shapes and sizes look nice just as various shapes and sizes look awful. And to be honest I think people (generally not always) like the waist to be a bit smaller in portion to the rest of the body whether one is fat or slim. Live in the real world…damn.

    76. Stacy says:

      Y’all just stfu

    77. Guest 2013 says:

      After reading the comments here, I had to re-read the article to make sure I didn't miss something. I have to say the old saying and book tittle "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus" is totally true. Most of you girls have missed the point of the article completely and read more into the article than what was there. He never once said thin girls are ugly or fat girls are to. Here is the quote right from the article you all seemed to have missed or ignored…"Yes, there’s such a thing …………… other hand, there’s a guy out there for every body type, curvy, flat, and all points in between." I purposely left out the stuff in between which is where you girls seem to be getting hung up. The important part is what is after the blank part. It is true when a guy is searching for a partner and not just a screw, stick figures are not what he is looking for. That is why the author also says where something to articulate your best features. Through the right clothing and make up, you can transform your appearance drastically. A thong with a high waist band, can make a flat butt look bigger, fuller and help the illusion of hips on a stick figure. Now before yo all start complaining about being told you have to wear a thong to look better, there are other ways to also create this illusion, this was one example.
      There is tons of research out there by therapist and behaviorist to support his statements about what men are looking for in a mate. It is psychological and part of human nature to seek what we perceive to be the best mate to procreate the species. Curves/hips say good child bearer, no hips say otherwise. I am not saying you girls with no hips can't have children, just psychologically documented that is how curvy women are perceived to be better child bearers than those without.
      So bottom line is be happy with who you are. If your are not happy, try your bst to change what your not happy about. Never settle for less than what you feel you deserve.

    78. Chichi says:

      I don’t mean to criticize but i can’t help it.
      Firstly, I’m writing this cos i had been constantly bullied about my curvy figure by people, even family. It starts by tongue-lashing every single thing i put on. It’s always indecent to them, too revealing and i was so much familiar with the word ‘slut’, that at a time it didn’t even bother me anymore. I remember starving myself and having breakdowns every now and then, just to achieve that model graceful look that everybody adores (which sincerely irritates me especially when it comes with a flat bum and bony shoulder, some people don’t even know how they look at times) So why are the skinny girls angry that the dude thinks they are really just sticks. All we see on the runway, are thin girls dangling from side to side (made me nearly hate fashion tv) when even sculptures of respected women appreciates “more bones, less skin” Everyone is struggling to achieve that tiny look and make life miserable for the ones who can’t. Well somehow i didn’t fall into that category of persons who can’t easily loose weight because the moment i started skipping afternoon and night meals, then i got super thin.
      Now dear complainer, just so you know how evil the world is and how much people just need to let off bad breath from their gutters, another chapter of whining began. I heard of ‘put on some flesh’, this time both boys and girls attacked me, friends and family, neighbours and strangers. Many people thought i was sick, some even insisted, so much that i decided adding anything at all was best. It didn’t matter if it led to obesity i just couldn’t bear laughed at. It even took another turn and they blamed my height saying if i were not petite and just a few inches taller i would have looked hot. I battled to get back to my normal shape, that i had dreaded then. It annoys me most that i here confessions of ‘you looked better with more ass and hips and boobs. Don’t you know it’s a turn on for guys why did you slim down?’ The only thing i’ve learned so far is stuff like… DO YOU LIKE THE SWIMSUIT? ARE YOU SURE YOU BOUGHT IT WITH YOUR OWN MONEY? DO YOU THINK IT ISN’T INDECENT? if for all this u said a yes, i think it’s best for u to stop worrying, seeking for advice, regretting your look… And start doing your own thing and paying little attention to other opinions. I bet if you like a dress and walk comfortably in it you’d look way better than a celeb that bought a billion dollar dress and is silently wishing she didn’t.
      In essence, your opinion on an outfit also makes you look either poorly or well dressed. Try to be be positive about yourself, stronger even when you have little fears and less concerned about people, that way you’d be naturally unique in whatever you do.

    79. Just call me Dyk says:

      I think evry1 has a role 2 play wen it comes 2 looks. I accept all body forms nd wish ppl could c things in that lite. Sometyms i really strive 2 get 2 lanky so it fits a special look, other tyms i wish i’d b as shapy as kim k, and even when i watch models on a fashion show, i get so inspired and think i should b as svelte so i feature in somethin similar, sometyms i so admire monique typ of girls cos i feel they really plan out their wardrobes and all, and it would be a challenge 4 me because i really am that typ of girl that stumbles into any wear. I am even not concerned about body typs somtyms.
      Anyway, I think it just may b that swimsuit that doesn’t work on you. You can try shoppin 4 another 1, this tym wit friends that knw well about dressing and style.

    80. Guest says:

      Wow thank you!
      Ever tought of the fact that there are also a bunch of women who are skinny and cannot change it? And then you call their bodies "stick figures" and say that "real men" don't go for that kind of body? Basically the same as calling a curvy women fat.

    81. OpinionsRLikeAholes says:

      Such a lovely complaint to have, no?

    82. ThisIsNotImportant says:

      Starving, homeless, abused, abandoned, decimated people don't have this issue, do they?

    83. adfdfdddf says:

      Who cares as long as we get some vajayjay at night.

    84. DaniKaye says:

      I absolutely hate when people call me a stick figure just because I am thinner than they are. It's the same as calling curvier women fatasses. I don't, so why do they? I am 5'9, and 105, a small ass, but not flat (thank you very much), and very boney shoulders. Sure you can see my spine a bit, but you can hardly see my ribs. I didn't choose to be this way, and I've tried to change it, but to no avail. Just like I am sure some curvier women have tried to slim down. It doesn't matter what society thinks of how you look, but how comfortable you are in your own skin, and your health at the same time. I am very healthy, just tiny. Also, there will always be someone to think any one person is sexy, despite what another might think. I have known PLENTY of men who think I look sexier than curvier women, and vice versa, but to say that real men don't like stick figures is just rude and appalling.

    85. rhea bie27 says:

      Every women deserve a man that will accept her body even its curvy thin fat. And loved them unconditionally.

    86. Quincie says:

      If you guys like curves so much, why do some of you get so turned off when a woman is the type who doesn't 'hit the gym' ? It's quite confusing. Do you want an 'athletic' woman with a manly hard body or a soft, delicately curvy woman who is healthy but just not a gym rat? No offense to people who do work out.

    87. Bikini Fan says:

      If Rihanna and beyonce were both on the beach and one was in a bikini and the other was in a nuns habit every guy would be getting an eye full of the one in the bikini. Now if one was in a bikini and the other was in a monokini…

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