Steamy Spots to Hook Up This Summer

So you’re moving back home for the summer. There are upsides to this, sure. Free meals, the occasional shopping trip when Mom is in a good mood, HBO. But there are also a lot of things that come with living under mom and dad’s roof that we aren’t so happy about.

Mainly, where the eff are we supposed to hook up? Bringing boys back to sleep between our stuffed bears and bright pink pillows is a big no no, plus mom and pops would not be too happy about seeing a shacker sneak out the door as they sip their coffee and read the paper.

But never fear, dear readers. We have compiled a list of places out of the house where you and your boy of the moment can get a little frisky without mom and dad as witnesses. Some of them may not be so comfy, but hey, you’ll never know until you try it. I’m getting creative here people, so stick with me.

Some of these may be a little risky, but we’re still young, right? Yeah, that’s my excuse.

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    1. Ashley says:

      HOOTTTT article!!!!
      Summer or not, beds started boring me a loonnggg time ago.

    2. Jamie says:

      There's nothing more overrated than car sex. I do NOT recommend it. Unless you have an old VW van.

    3. mircobiologist says:

      have fun getting MRSA from that high school turf football field!

    4. hell no says:

      a playground? I can deal with everything else but if I saw someone hooking up at the library I'd throw books at them and on a playground? I'd happily call the cops!

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