True or False: College Stereotypes

Over the years, college kids have developed a universal stereotype as sex-crazed alcoholic party monsters. And while that may be true for some of our classmates, it’s a little bit off to say that this is all you can expect from campus populations. Or is it?

Just kidding, of course it is. How can you say we’re all the same when there are SO many more stereotypes out there that we can place college students into? Extensive research into the subject–aka watching a few Old School-esque campus-based movies–will give you a little insight into the type of people you can expect to meet once you set out to earn your degree.

But how do you know if all of these stereotypes are true? Things may vary from campus to campus, but overall there are a few people you can expect to make and break the stereotypes that have been established by years of party school movies and headlining college scandals. Here’s a little guide to what I’ve learned to be true and false regarding college stereotypes.



    1. Sam says:

      I've been graduated (from a Southern all-women's college) for literally 6 weeks and have already known about 10 people who have gotten married and at least another 10 more planning late summer/early fall weddings. I know my class was like 300 girls, but still… there was at least an engagement a week all semester fall of Senior year. I wish I could say the Mrs. degree stereotype was dead, but it certainly is not.

    2. cowgirl says:

      Stereotypes generally have a grain of truth, and may even give you a clue as to the makeup of the average person within a crowd, they just cant be assumed to fit the whole population. Generalizations are handy occasionally, you just can't judge individuals by 'em. Your findings pretty much match mine, though the MRS degree thing is still sort of a tossup IMO. Way too many of those still.

      BTW – I appreciate the obligatory shot of Ferris in the gallery section. One of my all-time heroes.:)

    3. Melissa says:

      Just because you get married toward the end of your college career does not mean you're shooting for the MRS degree. It means you're getting married.

    4. cowgirl says:

      Wasn't my intent to be argumentative, Melissa. It's kind of like car accidents, some are accidental meetings of two people who happened to be in the same place at the same time, while a certain percentage involve intent and a desire to collect insurance. The existence of the latter type doesn't taint the former.

    5. Kate says:

      Wearing pajamas to class really isn't a big thing on my campus…I'd say its more of yoga pants/leggings for the girls (at least all of us sorority girls)

    6. Elizabeth Jordane Andonova says:

      Agree on only about 2 of these.

    7. valhalla says:

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