I Have Small Boobs … So What?

Boobs – we all have them. Some are gigantic, some are barely there. Some are 100% real and others are fake. While some of us can fill out bras, some of us need a little push up enhancement. In a big breast lovin’ society, it can be hard out there for a girl with a smaller chest. But I’m not going to lie – I love my small boobs!

Although we all seem so programmed to want double D’s that spill out of some overly priced bra that will only add to their bodacious size, I am perfectly okay with my boobs and the size that they are today. Really, I don’t see what the big deal is when it comes to being an A or B cup. In fact, I only see the pros instead of cons.

Thanks to my smaller cup size, I never have to worry about shopping. My well-endowed friends always complain about never finding bras in their size, never having the styles they want made for their boob type, or they feel like lingerie and undergarment shopping isn’t aimed for those with a larger bust. Based on my personal experience, I always find the size I need, the style I want, and leaving with what I want or need happens more often than not. Same with shopping for tops and dress — while my D cup friends have a difficult time finding dresses that fit them well in the bust, I feel like my small boobs don’t determine what I can and cannot wear. Yes, of course, sometimes I don’t fill out a dress completely, but I sure rather slap on a padded push up to do the job instead of wearing something else.

Not only do my small tatas make it easy to shop, but they keep things simple. Women with larger breasts often complain of having stretch marks, sore boobs, and of course, a sore back. A few of my friends find running painful without the right bra support because their boobs are so heavy. I, on the other hand, have never experienced what that could possibly feel like. With so many back problems occurring for women with fuller cup sizes opting for breast reductions, I can’t help but feel lucky that my small boobs have never held me back or caused me pain.

While some women with smaller boobs often feel insecure about how men will react to them, I just say … whatever. If a man doesn’t want to talk to me, date me, or get frisky in the sheets because I have tangerines instead of watermelons – I don’t want to know him in the first place. Obviously, my breast size does not define me and if that is somehow a deal breaker, then let me say NEXT and move right along. And just because I have clementines instead of cantaloupes, it doesn’t mean I can’t have fun. My boobs still function the same way as big ones. In fact – they are perfectly palm sized, and the last time I checked – their size (or lack thereof) changes nothing between the sheets. Imagine if women decided what men they were interested in completely based on penis size before ever talking to them – how would that go over? But really, my small boobs are mine – and no guy is going to make me feel badly about them.

Although I will admit that sometimes I wonder if the grass is greener on the other side, I can’t help but just embrace what I’ve been given – even if it’s nothing more than a handful. My boobs work for me, and as a woman with the body I have — I don’t think I could ask for more.

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    1. Just Me says:

      I am a B cup, and I actually find more size C or D bras in stores than in my size. I'm pretty ok with my boobs too. I don't care so much about the size of the actual breast itself, as much as the cleavage(I've got this big flat area inbetween mine!)….sometimes dresses and certain tops just look better with more cleavage!

    2. Lisa says:

      I have tiny breasts (A Cup)… and I am starting to not actually care about the size of them. I was always so insecure growing up because I didn't even have to start wearing a bra until about junior year in high school, but now I realize I would rather have my breasts than double D's!!

    3. Amanda says:

      I'm fine with my Bs, and I'm sick of having to search to find non-padded bras.My biggest problem however, is finding a 32 size band! Try finding that in a department store. The easiest place to find a 32 is at VS and they seem to think I want to be a "bombshell" e_e

      1. Liz says:

        I get all my 32B bras at Target! Only like $10-$15:)

      2. Katie says:

        I used to be a 32B in high school, I still have the same band but have gone up to a DD. Finding anything above an A in a small band size can be tricky though.

    4. lynn says:

      Thank you for this post it is exactly what i think(:
      small boobies, big boobies whatever it is, since when did do we let
      boobs define who we are❤

    5. amie says:

      I have big boobs but I wouldn't mind having small boobs because then I would not wear a bra and look really styling and feel comfortable. If I had A cups I would run around all the time and wear tank tops without bras. All boobs look good to me. It's hard having a big chest because of running though. They even hurt when I go over speed bumps! Jeez! But nevertheless, I love my boobs and so do the boys. Awesome!

    6. Hannah says:

      You know what, i love my D's. It's been a gradual growth, they only just hit D a few months ago and I'm 20. I may not be able to shop in the junior bra section because they only go up to C in most places, but whatever I'm not ashamed of them.
      It would be great if everyone could be happy with what they got though and stop envying the opposite side : )

      1. proudofmyds says:

        Took the words right outta my mouth!

    7. Lizzy says:

      Trust me, you don't want big breasts! There's absolutely nothing about them that's not annoying as hell. Not to mention uncomfortable and painful.

    8. ria_lee says:

      Kudos Sister!!

    9. jayjay26 says:

      Mines are 36C/34D (depending on the style; full coverage bras are 36C while I use 34D if I wear a demi bra, but the norm is mostly 34D). Since I'm 5'8" and I have a large body frame with lots of muscles, they don't look abnormally large. However, when I gain weight, they get very large; as large as a 36DD (when I gain weigh I only gain boobs, ass, hips and thighs; no tummy).

      But, I'm empathize with girls that have smaller boobs 'cause for my height and frame they don't look like the ones celebrities like Jennifer Love-Hewitt, Scarlet Johanson or Katy Perry have.

    10. shinnalim says:

      I'm a 34C and i think Fake boobs are perky and cute while its not so sunny and greener for those with naturally big boobs cause its just real and Will Sag.

    11. beth says:

      I have natural 32-34 DDs depending on if my weight is fluctuating up or down… and they're miserable. It doesn't help that I'm 5'1 and 115 lbs. I have an athletic body type: muscular, non jiggly hourglass. My smaller friends say they envy my rack, but I'm the one that has to wear a sports bra over a regular underwire bra if I want to run without hitting myself in the face or coming home in agony from bouncing, lol. It really limits the kind of tops I can wear if I don't want to look pregnant. But the absolute worst part of it is, random dudes asking me if they are real. I am a banker and I have had multiple male customers ask me if I have real boobs- who does that?! Especially in a professional setting.

      1. pam says:

        Wow, that sucks. I have huge ones too, but luckily nobody asks me about them. I have to wear two bras too, but I usually just wear two sports bras when exercising.

    12. Anna says:

      Is ther really a perfect size? I have small boobs, and large or small, I find it a really touchy subject as far as men go. If a man asked me if my boobs were real, not that they ever will, lol, I would ask him if he jacks off with tweezers. I have a really small body frame and I often feel picked on for it. One guy even asked me if I have an eating disorder! you cant see my ribs or anything, I 'm just small. My sister in law is larger not fat, and she always compares our sizes. sometimes that stuff hurts my feelings, but I remember my sixpack abs that I work hard for and them I feel better!

    13. Kristin says:

      Thanks so much for this article!! I've just recently become more comfortable with accepting that I've been given small boobs, and that I should love my body no matter what. And I agree…bra shopping is a lot easier for me than it is for some of my friends with larger boobs!:-)

    14. Noreen says:

      I am a proud A cup. The only problem I have with this, is that some strapless shirts and dresses I can't wear because I am SO flat chested. Other than that I agree completely. I love having smaller boobs.

    15. StoneColdJaneAusten says:

      I have an A cup and I want them smaller.😦 I'm not a girl-pleaser or anything like I would rather be a boy but I feel insecure and "skanky" as one poster used the word (although she was referring to a much larger chest size).

      Because of our sex-positive Western culture there's no way I could get a reduction; I'd never find a male plastic surgeon who understands why I want them smaller, and even a female one would be encouraging me to feel "liberated" and "proud of my womanhood" as these whacked-out STD-condoning post-feminist physicians claim to be. My grandmother once knew a girl who was raised as an orphan in a children's home run by nuns. The minute she started to "show" they took her (the friend) aside and wrapped her so tightly her evil twins never sprouted.

      I hate mine; I think they make me look slutty for even being there. If I could make anything disappear it would be those things. Lucky you (or whoever is in that photograph…might want to dress up a little, though) that yours are almost nonexistent. No one understands what it's like to be in your twenties well after the era of bra-burning and wish you could burn all of yours because you'd never have to wear one or deal with the "battle of the double bulge" ever, ever, EVER again.😦

    16. Sue says:

      Great article:) Boobs shouldn't be emphasised that much imo. I am 5'3 and 103ish lbs wearing 32 C bras and i'd rather have my breasts a bit smaller. They're considered on the small side on a whole yet they look almost too big as I'm short. My sister's about an inch taller, pretty much the same weight and is an A cup. It looks better on such a frame:/

    17. oygyummy says:

      Mine are really big G cups and STILL. GROWING. I can't lose weight or I won't be able to support my upper body. I have genetic problems with my spine, and they make the pain worse.

      I am seriously thinking about a reduction because it's getting to the point where I can't even manage a flight of stairs.

    18. thefrackisthis? says:

      i have As. i wish i was just one size bigger. i also have trouble finding bras in my size. i can either buy from the kiddie section and get childish patterns (i saw one with "Justin Bieber" written all over with little hearts. wtf is wrong with people?), or i can buy one from the adult section with a ridiculous amount of padding. i don't want padding, i just want my nipples to be covered. there are about 2-4 variations for A bras when i go into the adult section. it sucks!

    19. Well said , you have made a lot of women feel better about them selves with your encouraging words, however while some women may have a little too much some could also do well with a little extra to make their job such much easier.

    20. guest says:

      try being a 36AA. No store ever carries that size, but maybe if they did I would feel better about myself.

    21. New poster says:

      Small boobs can look very sexy if the rest of the body is equally proportioned.

    22. Peter Fraser says:

      I'm a guy and to be honest, I'm turned off by big or fake boobies. Little tiny boobs make me crazy because I think they are so erotic. Sorry …….. just being honest again !

    23. Brooke says:

      Another pro: you won't have saggy boobs when you get older. I love your enthusiasm about your small tatas. :)

    24. Julia says:

      I love having smaller breasts, although, people tried making me feel bad about it for years. When I was in high school, for a while I was very skinny looking, maybe a 115 lbs for a 5'6" frame was too little for me and I was maybe an A or smaller, now that I am in my 20s I weigh about 125-130 and my bra size is maybe a smaller B, but I really don't care. My friends used to make fun of me cause they all had C's or bigger and my mom has D's and she always said I am lucky to have smaller boobs. I would be lying if I said I never wanted bigger boobs or wondered what it would feel like, but on a daily basis I really don't think about it much. My husband loves my size and he said it's perfect and I personally find it easier that I can work out without a problem, wear little tops with no bra in the summer and sleep on my stomach without a problem. So I guess I am at the point where I no longer care about my boobs being smaller than average

    25. Guest says:

      I am 5'4", I weigh about 115, and I wear a C. But I don't have any problems with back pains, or finding clothes and dresses. If I try on a size and it doesn't fit in the bust, I just buy the next size up. If that size is too big, I'll toss it in the dryer or use safety pins. And sometimes it's not even how your body is made, it's how the clothes are made. I just recently had to buy a swimsuit in an extra large because not only did my boobs not fit, but my butt was hanging out too. And I have a white girl booty. Honestly, I think it's about being comfortable with yourself. I have stretch marks, but I have them on my legs, my butt, and my boobs. I was really petite and like overnight I got a figure, it's called puberty. And if a man doesn't want you because of your boob size, then you get insecure. The same goes for a guy who wants a girl only because of her boob size. It's not you, it's him. Whether you have big boobs or small boobs, you'll still be insecure until you accept yourself as you are. You're beautiful, no matter what.

    26. Keo says:

      In proportion seems best, otherwise a bit smaller is nicer to feel (IMHO, being a male). But you nailed it with "My boobs work for me, and as a woman with the body I have — I don’t think I could ask for more."
      You are comfortable with yourself – good on you!

    27. John says:

      Small boobs are by far the best!!!

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