Tall Order: Does Height Really Matter?

My friends tell me I’m unreasonable when I explain my 6’2” dating cut off. They get all in a fuss telling me that’s ridiculous and that men don’t have to be the perfect height anymore. Of course my rule is not actually that rigid, but I like tall guys. So what?

More and more people are shattering the perception that the man has to be just a bit taller with your highest Louboutins on. It seems that in the in sea of douches, players and eligible-but-taken bachelors, women are more than happy to date shorter or wayyy taller men (as there are clearly more important characteristics to be concerned about).

As long as you click and are attracted to the man, height should be irrelevant. But I intend to stick to my rule…for the time being anyway.

Check out these celebrity couples who have big height disparities.

Do you have any height requirements for people you date?

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    1. Blythe says:

      I used to LOVE tall guys. My ex-boyfriend was 6'4". But my current boyfriend is 5'5" – just half an inch taller than myself! And I'm finding that I love being able to look him straight in the eyes, and his face is right there when I want to kiss him. It might be because I have a stronger connection with him than my ex, but in my eyes his height has never been a downside. I'm not trying to convince anyone to date shorter men, just sharing my experience:)

    2. Catherine says:

      Most of my serious relationships have been with guys my height or a little shorter. I used to be self-conscious about it, but none of them seemed to care, so I eventually didn't either. It's great to be eye-to-eye with your man. Of course, I'm now seeing a guy who's got about 6 inches on me, and it's kinda weird to get used to again.

    3. Kim says:

      I'm 5'7" and for the most part, I've always dated guys about 2" taller than me. I prefer a closer height because like Blythe, I like that i can look him in the eyes and he's easier to kiss and hug. I dated a guy that was 6'4" and although I like that i felt small in his arms, I didn't like straining my neck to kiss him.
      As long as he isn't shorter than me, I don't care, the only issue is that i feel uncomfortable when i wear heels because my bf and I are so close in height.

    4. Elizabeth says:

      My only preference is taller… I'm 5'9" and as long as they are 5'11" and up I'm interested. Call me old fashioned but I really prefer my boyfriend to be taller than me.

    5. Ash says:

      I'm about 5'9 and my favorite pair of heels is 5 inches…height matters to me. Nothing more akward than bending down to kiss a guy and nothing less sexier than slouching.

      1. jayjay26 says:

        I'm around the same as well, but I couldn't care less if the guy is taller or shorter. I do care if the guy has a pretty face, though.

    6. Chi says:

      Yeah as a tall girl (5 ft 10) I can't see myself dating a guy who's shorter than I am. My dad, brothers and most male cousins are all pretty tall so a short guy just doesn't seem right idk. Maybe some shorty with an amazing personality will roll through and change my mind…but i doubt it lol.

    7. Katie says:

      Being just a tad under 5'8 puts me at eye-level with a lot of dudes, but not towering over them. I like it, considering I shun heels for the most part height isn't something I dwell on much. I really don't get why so many women insist on men being 6 feet tall, especially when the average American women is 5'4. After two crappy marriages my mom waived her height requirement to date my 5'6 father (she's 5'3), which considering they've been married 24 years was probably a good idea:)

    8. Ari says:

      I'm 4'11", so pretty much every guy is taller then me and this is a nonissue. I don't like tall guys though, I'd rather leave them for tall girls. One time I had a thing with a guy who was 6'4"… never ever again. Although I do sometimes think a tiny girl walking hand in hand with a big guy is cute, just not that huge.

      And perhaps I'm a hypocrite, because if a guy is somehow shorter than me I wouldn't date him, since he'd likely be a legit little person and I'm just not interested in dwarfs.

    9. Nailah says:

      I always date shorter guys but i have dated taller guys for sure. (im 5'3. my shortest bf was 5' even and my tallest was 6'7). i think the reason i date a lot of shorter guys is cuz i date a lot of younger guys

    10. Chelsea says:

      at 5'11" a guy has to at least be 6', but I would gladly take one who is taller than me when I'm in my fave pair of heels as well. And its not that shorter boys seem less attractive to me, I can appreciate a fine looking guy when I see when, but to me height equals maturity (which is really dumb b/c obvi that's not true) but I can't help it. A guy who I have to (physically) look up to is just … better

    11. Jenna says:

      It might not be very fair but if a guy is shorter than me I automatically don't think of him as having dating potential. I'm just over 5' 8" and I like to be smaller than my guy it makes me feel more feminine.

    12. jayjay26 says:

      I really don't care too much about a guy's height. I do care a whole lot more if he has a pretty face.

    13. palush says:

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    14. Sarah says:

      I used to be that girl who thought that I could never be attracted to a taller guy or a younger guy. Then this amazing guy (only a few inches shorter than I am) came along and blew me away with his personality. I couldn't help but be attracted to him! Now I don't think it matters that much, but it's definitely a plus.:)

    15. Heather says:

      I'm 5'4 and I prefer guys that are around 5'9-6'0, I don't really care for guys that are insanely tall. I had a guy friend for a long time that was into me and he was about 6'4 so he towered over me and once when he kissed me I couldn't help but notice how awkward it seemed for him to have to bend down so far haha. On the other hand, seeing as I'm fairly short, guys being shorter than me has never been an issue because it's rare that I meet any that are and in all honesty I think I would find it really weird dating someone shorter than me.

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    17. Whitney says:

      I am 5'11 and I love wearing heels! So on a normal day I stand about 6'4. The need to date a tall man (6'2 or taller) is less about physical attractiveness and more about me feeling womanly. It just feels awkward to date a guy that looks and feels more like my younger brother than my boyfriend. ANd lets face it, do u know how awkward it is to have a man who is alot smaller than you, hug you and hold you. Some say I just shouldn't wear heels because im already so tall, but I feel like I shouldn't have to deprive myself from the sexy look of a Louboutin because of my genetic makeup!

    18. Tallgirl says:

      I understand a cut off if you're tall- I'm 5'11 and I've tried dating a 5'10 guy. Its just that with him I felt less girly being tall, and it was something I had a very hard time getting past, dancing was difficult , could never wear heels because it made him feel worse.. so it was emasculating for him and made me feel like the guy at the same time.

      That being said, seeing 5'2 girls dating 6'4' guys… No way can that be comfortable, and leave some of the tall guys for us! (semi joking, semi not..)

    19. Gina says:

      I'm 6'1" so I must have a tall guy! No one under 6', but the taller the better. There's a physical, biological ratio for couples with the woman being 92% of the man's height. Optimum height corresponds with that.

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