College Candy Sorting Hat: The HP Crew Goes to College in the US

Let’s be real, seven years at Hogwarts just isn’t enough. I mean those kids need to know a little more than just how to cast a few spells, right? I could totally get down to Rowling penning a few more books on Harry Potter: The College Years. Saved By the Bell did it, Boy Meets World did it, pretty much every other sitcom centered on high school life did it. So why not, Potter kids?

JK, I’ll even help you out a little so you can hit the ground running with this one. According to the sorting hat in my head, here’s where you can expect to see all of our favorite HP characters heading off to earn their degrees.

Click on the gallery button to see where we sent the Hogwarts kids to college!

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    1. George W says:

      Fred is dead. Seriously. Insensitive prats!!!!

    2. George W says:

      Other than that, it was rather good.

    3. Da Sorting Hat says:

      My thoughts:
      Neville- State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry
      Ginny-BU so she can be a Harvard Hoochie
      George-Northwestern, because a lot of comedians go there…of course, he'd drop out and do standup at Second City. Or, you know, run his business…
      Draco-USC or Duke. Some rich, white kid school that you can buy your way into.
      Dean-Howard University…because he's the token black kid
      Seamus-Notre Dame…you will get this if you are a real HP fan.
      Cho-she's the real slut of the books…so….I guess Wellesley, so she can pretend to be Ravenclaw smart but actually just wants to bag Harvard men

      Oliver Wood-Middlebury. Heard they've got a good quidditch team😉

      1. Da Sorting Hat says:

        Cedric (if he didn't die…)-BYU

      2. HP7 says:

        "USC or Duke. Some rich, white kid school that you can buy your way into. "

        The people that I know who attend Duke are all for the most part, incredibly genuine, hard-working and talented people. Please do not belittle their hard work and intelligence with such a flippant comment…it's definitely not a "school you can buy your [sic] way into." Not trying to start an argument, since you have all the right in the world to express your opinion. I know it's just a comments section so you don't mean any of this too seriously anyway, but just wanted to throw this out there.

    4. Rene says:

      I thought it had already been proven that picture wasn’t Rupert Grint

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    6. Bingbing says:

      Ummm..Harry might be brave but he definitely wouldn't go to Harvard. His grades were just mediocre. If anything, Hermione should go to Harvard.

    7. Cams says:

      This is all wrong in so many ways. And if you actually read the book you would see that the last 2 years of Hogwarts are the sort of college they have because they choose a profession and then get prepared to take tne N.E.W.T. exams that determine if they can practice said profession…. And seriously if they know magic I wouldn't think they needed that much school.

      1. Da Sorting Hat says:

        I think it's pretty evident that wizards don't need to go to American muggle colleges, they just did it for fun. As a huge fan of the books, I had more problems with the colleges they chose than the idea of the blog. I actually think the blog could have been/ was pretty funny.

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    9. giblit says:

      it's called CU Boulder not US Boulder you twat

    10. Nathan says:

      We decided to create a little addition to this post. Since the crew is in college they also have to intern! We tried to answer the question of where on our blog, http://www.internmatch.com/blog/the-internship-so….

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