If You Like Harry Potter…You’ll Love These Books

Ever since the last Harry Potter book was published, the series has left a gaping hole in reader’s hearts. We’re all lost without the tales of Harry and company and the last movie is making us feel a little nostalgic. So what’s left to read? I’ve scrounged up some books that contain the same general themes as Harry Potter such as friendship, the supernatural, loyalty, adventure and so forth.

Disclaimer: Most of these books ARE children’s books. But so was Harry Potter, which you read and loved so give some of these other books a chance. I mean honestly there are only so many adult adventure books worth reading (or that I could find).



    1. Seriously says:

      Okay, I love HP and would NEVER read half those books. Is College Candy simply trying to garner more web traffic by producing shitty HP related blogs???

      Vampire Academy? Hunger Games?

      WTH! Those aren't even fantasy novels! I get not all children's fantasy novels can have strong historical allusions with an epic struggle of good vs. evil, but…

      VAMPIRE ACADEMY? HP fans would like a paranormal romance series? No. That's like saying Twilight and HP are comparable!

      I dunno, maybe C.S. Lewis or LOTR's would be good recommendations, but I'm not sure this blog would ever work. Period.

      I have no bad feelings towards this blogger, but CC is really starting to piss me off with shit content like this.

      And the saddest part is, this is tagged "beach reads." Who brings 800 page novels to the beach?

      1. Layla says:

        The Hunger Games doesn't have historical allusions with an epic struggle of good vs evil? GTFO. You obviously haven't read the books. Just because you would never read half the books doesn't mean other Harry Potter fans won't. Take your shitty judgment and criticism somewhere else.

      2. TomeLover says:

        "Who brings 800 page novels to the beach?"

        Me. +1

    2. Alex says:

      The Hunger Games are my second favorite series right after HP! So person above take a chill pill we're not awarding house points. =)

    3. Jessica says:

      Hunger Games is a great book but it seems to be loosely based on Japan's movie Battle Royale. Just a thought.


    4. sarah says:

      They're only suggestions that HP fans might like…and really if you haven't read them you can't say much about their content:/
      I've always meant to read LOTR…maybe I'll give them a try!

    5. Rhiannon says:

      I just wanted to say thanks for using a new slideshow format. The old one drove me crazy.

    6. Helena Ravenclaw says:

      While a nice attempt, as previous fanatic posters have mentioned, Harry Potter diehards don't like to hear about "books similar to" their beloved franchise. Because to a true fan, no character is going to funnier than Oliver Wood when he goes on his Quidditch rants, or no couple more romantic than Bill and Fleur who have been through two battles of Hogwarts, or no death as sad as when Harry loses his only family in Sirius.

      If a HP fan wants more content to consume, theyll watch Potter Puppet Pals, A Very Potter Musical, reread the books, or wait for Pottermore.

      1. Carrie says:

        So what you're saying is that no book will ever come close to Harry Potter and therefore you will never read again?

      2. Helena Ravenclaw says:

        I guess I'm slightly biased because Harry Potter is the only fantasy series I enjoy. Honestly I prefer to read Austen, Dickens, Wodehouse, Forster, etc. All I'm saying is that these books dont really seem to be a good recommendation solely based on the fact that you like Harry Potter. Maybe CC shouldn't generalize that all Potter fans love fantasy, or vice-versa.

      3. Carrie says:

        So you just want a general book suggestion post? Here goes..

    7. Chuck says:

      Hey young readers, leave this vampire craze behind. Try Fritz Lieber's "Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser" series, or R.E. Howard's Conan books. Or Edgar Rice Borroughs' Mars and Pellucidar series. How about Piers Anthonys' excellent Xanth series! Lots of great non-vampire stuff available!

    8. Jamie says:

      As a total Harry Potter fan, I have to say to all the negative commenters- What gives?

      Seriously. I love to read. Period. If someone wants to give me some book suggestions, then I welcome it! Why get so angry over an innocent recommendation? If it sounds interesting, check it out. If it sounds like something that would make you want to put a gun to your head, then, by all means, find something else.

      I understand that nothing's going to replace Harry Potter when the series ceases to continue. And that sucks. Completely. But unless you want to read HP over and over and over, maybe it's good to branch out and find another interesting book. What would JK Rowling say? She loves to read and encourages her loyal fan base to do so. That includes titles that aren't just her own. As a matter of fact, she got inspiration for Harry Potter from one of her favorite novels, I Capture the Castle. If you haven't read it, get your google on because it's awesome!

      And to the other commenter, Vampire Academy and Hunger Games are absolutely fantasy novels. I mean, unless you live in a world with vampires and competitively murderous children…

      1. Seriously says:

        Actually, in the publishing industry, they're considered paranormal and dystopian respectively. I wouldn't care if she were just suggesting *fantasy* novels, but she's trying to compare them to HP, which is a joke. It's evident what CC is doing here: trying to garner more web traffic with an HP tag.

        Guessit worked.

      2. Jamie says:

        Well in Barnes and Noble, they're all under either Young Adult Fiction or YA Science Fiction. While you're probably a seasoned pro when it comes to industry terminology, I assume most CC readers (including myself) tend to draw broader differences between genres.

        Doesn't make it right, doesn't make it wrong. I'm just saying- loosen up. Good books are good books, regardless of how tightly you're going to be clutching your HP book 7 and sobbing after the movies. It doesn't make me any lesser of a fan to recognize that the books and movies are over, and that there are plenty of other great novels out there to discover.

        As for the HP comparisons, I think they were just meant to be fun and help familiarize readers with the new books. Relax.

      3. Layla says:

        Why knock what other people are into?

      4. Brittany says:

        Yea, I'm going to go out on a limb and say people that are "disgusted" by these suggestions are die hard harry potter fans, rather than die hard readers. If you love to read, you'll accept book suggestions. Also, if you're over the age of 15, stop making Harry Potter a lifestyle and try reading some other books. Stop getting offended because people have the audacity to compare the "almighty" Harry Potter to any other book on the face of the planet because; believe it or not, Harry Potter isn't the greatest piece of literature ever written.

      5. Seriously says:

        If you're over the age of 15, you probably shouldn't be reading most of those books. People like Harry Potter because they started it when they were young. And I am well aware Harry Potter is not the greatest piece of literature written (although I have read quite a deal of great literature as well, on my own, outside of classes), but none of those books suggested are surely it. I wasn't trying to say any of those books aren't good for what they are, but to compare them to Harry Potter is ridiculous and I stand by me opinion that this post was created simply to use a Harry Potter tagline. My problems are with this post, not other readers or books or whatever.

      6. Julie says:

        Try my books, by Julie Folkers found on Amazon
        Abby and the Hopplescotch Realm
        Anika and the Techno Pirates
        Magical Chaos at Beechhorn Cove
        and my latest
        Time Bandits and the Fountain of Youth……I hope you read them

    9. may says:

      The Night Watch series is highly recommended. I think there are 4 books out right now.

    10. aindrila says:

      you guys should try the percy jackson series.ever since hp series ended these books have me hooked on them.they are even funnier than the hp books,never a dull moment and great source of mythology without the boredom.

    11. Bingo says:

      I have read all the books except Vampire Academy and Chirque de freak. Percy Jackson and the Olympians are the only books that are similar to HP Series. Thank god, they are not very lengthy. Yeah, I liked that a lot.

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