Yikes! Celebs’ Weird Body Parts

Thanks to the Photoshop geniuses over at our favorite high fashion magazines, we’re led to believe that all of our favorite stars are flawless beings, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Just like you, there are plenty of celebrities who have odd body quirks they have to deal with on a daily basis- and remember, their days, unlike yours, include lots and LOTS of cameras. The Frisky ran a horrifying gallery on celebrity outies (like the belly button, no the similarly-pronounced car), and it got us thinking.

While you might be worried about people seeing your monster of a zit or that awkward birth mark between your fingers, at least you don’t have a 3rd nipple or old lady hands…but if you do, you’re in good company!

Do you think celebs should rely on Photoshop to make them look perfect, or should the media be more open to embracing flaws? Do you have any weird body quicks? Don’t be ashamed, let us know!



    1. Sara says:

      I wish celebs could just be honest…maybe it wouldn't be so hard for the rest of us

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    3. mannequin says:

      I don't understand why SJP's hands are here. Are we to assume they are disfigured in some way?

    4. Lindsey says:

      Why should megan fox get surgery on her thumbs? I have clubbed thumbs and they're not that bad, and barely noticeable.

      1. Mary says:

        I agree. I have them too, and I'm not even thinking about surgery. They work perfectly fine. It's not like anyone really notices.

      2. Alex says:

        I also have clubbed thumbs. Some kids at school may notice them but it's not a big deal. They work great and probably better than normal thumbs­čśŤ

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    6. nonsense says:

      Pfft. My boyfriend doesn't drool over anything, he's not a 12 year old pig. 98% of the stuff on this website is so silly. Why does it matter if celebrities have flaws anyway? They're people too.

      1. Marisa says:

        Yes honey, he does drool over Megan Fox.

      2. Cody says:

        Megan Fox's image was ruined for me when she admitted she has herpes. Bleck.

    7. the dominator says:

      i don't mind his music but, to say seal is one good looking man with the gapteeth and acid face is simply being silly.

    8. the dominator says:

      as far as sjp and her hands go:
      all anorexic women have old lady hands.

    9. the dominator says:

      Madonna a.k.a. the crypt-keeper has some ropey, grim reaper-style arms

    10. Thatgirl says:

      I feel like people really had to search Fox to find a flaw. I mean, her thumbs? People are just groping at air.

    11. terrence trent darby says:

      >Pfft. My boyfriend doesn’t drool over anything, he’s not a 12 year old pig.

      Thats what he TELLS you.
      When youre not home, he is busy beating his meat like it was Rodney King.

      This is how it goes:

      Uptight, frigid bitch tells her pussy whipped boyfriend:

      “You think Megan Fox is sexy?”

      “N-n-n-noo dear, she’s not my type at all’

      Because A) hes a man and not totally stupid, B) most clingy, unsure bitches could never deal with the truth.

      He then either tries to get some action ANYWHERE and ANYTIME he can or hes pumping his pecker like his life depends on it.

      >My boyfriend doesn’t drool over anything,

      Or it could be that he likes the penis.
      If youre boy doesnt get excited by any female, he is gay or lying.

      > he’s not a 12 year old pig.
      Riiiiight, because the clubs are filled with 12yrs olds trying to get laid.
      You keep telling yourself taht your man is an asexual eunuch….

      Men like to FU** and guess what? For every guy who does, there is a woman (or a dude) to do it with.

      I work for a security company and we do surveillance work also and we get the jealous wives who think their husbands are getting some on the side and our senior investigator says he has yet to meet one of those wives who isnt an insufferable cu** and he totally understands these men afterwards.

      Long story short, you want to play too cool for school and try to shit on our fun here, I will repay you the same way. Except I will still be a happy pig tomorrow and you will be a frigid bitch whose man will bring her back the clap, herp or aids one day.

    12. SoCal_mike says:

      madonna's arms make her look like a meth monster, put down the pipe, eat and get some sleep girl

    13. tim says:

      you are all gay for time you waste sitting in front of your computer

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    15. Abby says:

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