10 Fun Facts About Your Vagina

I still remember the first time I learned the word vagina. I also still remember the first time my classmate, Matt, learned the word vagina, because he sat next to me in first grade and said this word out loud every ten seconds as he giggled away. I wish I could say the standard giggle/vagina combination went away with age, but the truth is I just got a Brazilian wax and still found myself slightly giggling. And I’m twenty-three. And first grade was a million moons ago. You can take the girl out of first grade (and high school, and college) but you can’t take the first grade out of the girl.

We ladies use our vaginas everyday. We were born with them. Our vaginas are our power house. They are the difference between the X and the Y chromosome. We orgasm, bleed and push babies out of these things. Yet somehow all of the different parts’ names went right out of my head after I took my health test in fifth grade (yet I can still remember all the lyrics to Brandy’s and Monica’s The Boy is Mine… priorities?).

So click on the gallery to see ten facts that you probably didn’t know about your vajayjay that all women should know:

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    1. Jillian says:

      These photos are hillaroussss

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    3. Christina says:

      "Your best bet is to rinse your vagina with warm water daily."
      Please tell me you mean 'vulva' and not vagina. The vulva is the lips and the area outside, the vagina is inside. Why (and HOW?) would I rinse the inside of my vagina?

      1. Neal - Johns Hopkins says:

        with some dude's tongue

      2. katie d says:

        lmao ;p nice

      3. Sharen says:

        Um probably with a douchebag. Not sure if they still make them though.

      4. Emily says:

        one word: bidet

    4. My bussiness says:

      I hope the person who wrote this article is not a doctor or has anything to do with the medical field. You can lose lot of blood through your menstrual cycle, its called hemorragia menstrual. please educate yourself before you post and people do not believe everything you read.

      1. Melissa Dawn says:

        I was going to comment on that as well, glad to see someone else knows about it. Also, I do medical transcription for a living and I've transcribed the physician notes on lost tampons – they may not enter the uterus, but they've certainly managed to get lost in the vagina.

      2. John says:

        No thats probably accurate right? If you bleed excessively from your vagina non stop its going to be alright. At what point does common sense kick in when people come up with these articles?

    5. rach says:

      who said men don't need time to recover?????? tht's a funny one.

    6. wangli123 says:

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    7. wangli123 says:

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    8. pkk says:

      This article is funny

    9. Jenn says:

      I wish #1 and #9 were better taught at school. I don't remember it ever being talked about back in high school sex ed. So many idiot guys think they can tell if a girl is a virgin. But there's NO WAY to tell.

      Gymnastics, bike riding, dancing, stretching, cheerleading, horseback riding, and sports in general can stretch out the hymen. Also, a lot of little girls (like in junior high) that take swimming learn to use tampons from an early age because you cannot use pads to go in the pool. And tampons also stretch out a hymen.

      As for #9, no matter how much sex you have the vagina will revert back to it's regular size. It's like elastic. The only thing that actually changes the size of your vag is childbirth. So no matter how much sex a girl has (even a call girl/prostitute), it won't change her vagina size. Some guys think that the tighter their girl is, the less promiscuous she is. NOT TRUE. It just means that's what her anatomy is like. She just happens to be tighter down there. But it's got nothing to do with her sexual activities.

      So to summarize, the tightness of her hymen when trying to enter her for the first time is NOT any indication of her virginity. And the tightness of her vaginal canal when having sex is NOT any indication of sexual promiscuity.

    10. yeah says:

      awesome but it's possible to do # 3 – working at a medical clinic i've seen it a handful of times.

    11. yeah says:

      rach- she means they go flaccid (and a woman's unit ceases to swell) she didn't mean recover like "go again"

    12. aish says:

      u need to re check number 8
      the refractory period is longer for men……women return quite fast…..thats why its easier fore them to have multiple orgasms

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    14. Kristin says:

      forget about the vaginas, the chick in the picture has no belly button!

    15. amanda says:

      Having a baby doesn't stretch out the vagina. I knlow this from experience. Quit perpetuating that stupid myth. A lack of orgasms will loosen it up though.

    16. Jeremy says:

      I don't need to look at the vagina to tell if a girl is a virgin. I can tell just by talking to her for about 5 minutes.

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    20. amy says:

      yes you can lose to much blood by sister had to get 4 blood transfusions and stay in the hospital with a drip to her jugular vain for 4 weeks

      1. freeda says:

        No she did nth not possible Jack associated

    21. Sapphire says:

      In response to the person that stated the vagina cannot be stretched out by childbirth is wrong. I think you are in denial about this and whoever told you otherwise is lying to you. Kegel exercises can help partially restore the vagina before childbirth but it will never be the same and that is a fact.

    22. Satiated says:

      @Sapphire – Not sure where you're getting your info from, but I'm a guy and my wife has had 3 kids, and her vagina is as tiny as the day that I met her (without doing kegel exercises); so there. Not every woman is unfortunate.

    23. this article was exactly what i have been searching for! I found this page bookmarked by a friend. I'll also share it. thanks!

    24. eugene nnamdi says:

      pls who do u know if a girl is a virgin,with out looking @ the vagina

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