The Weekly Ten: Memorable Makeout Moments

Confession time.

A big part of the reason I’m such a TV addict is I because I love the romcom romances that these TV shows feed their viewers. I love the will they won’t they of it. The build up. The cute scenes. The perfect moments. And yes the perfect kisses, which prove that if you try hard enough good chemistry can in fact, be faked. But anyway, like I was saying. I love the romances of the these TV shows and all cute and sexy scenes that come along with those romances. Like the makeout moments, which, there are quite a few of.

So this week, with TV lacking this summer season, I’d though I’d reflect on some of my favorite tv romances and the memorable makeout moments that accompanied them…and give you, and me, a chance to oh, ah, and aw over them by linking you to the scenes on YouTube.

10. Alex and Izzie in the bar. This one made the list more for the speech Alex makes that proceeds the kiss than the kiss itself, but also a little bit for the kiss. In Izzie’s words “Seriously.”

9. Cappie and Casey on the stairs. A loyal fan of Greek I waited patiently for these two crazy kids to finally get together. And their get back together scene, and kiss, really did live up to the hype. Mostly though, I love this scene because of their awkward pre-kiss ramblings and insecurities. Adorable.

8. Matt and Julie on the football field. Matt and Julie of Friday Night Lights (a recently canceled, completely underrated show I highly recommend to all of you) are the epitome of sweet and innocent first love. And so is this kiss.

7. Nathan and Haley in the rainOne Tree Hill took a turn off the deep end back around the second scary stalker story line, but when the show first started out even I was a Nathan and Haley fan. I mean they had the steamiest makeout sessions. Especially in the rain.

6. Seth and Summer upside down. I know they stole it from Spiderman but they gave Peter Parker and M.J. their due credit, which really only made the moment cuter. I’m a sucker for Seth, okay? So sue me.

5. Veronica and Logan on the balcony. Maybe this one wouldn’t make it into everyone’s top five but it makes it into mine. Mostly because of the way Veronica kisses Logan first, then shakes her head and walks away as if to say “what the hell was I thinking?” before Logan reels her back in. Totally classic.

4. Meredith and Derek in the elevator.  Mer and Der may have had their ups and downs throughout the seasons, but back in the day no one did steamy elevator scenes quite like these two. And for that we owe them their due respect.

3. Chuck and Blair in the limo. Yes Gossip Girl has gone down hill lately but who could forget that first kiss that started it all between Chuck and Blair? I mean in the back of a limo, with those vintage effects Gossip Girl used to do back when it was still cool, and Sum 41’s “With Me”  playing in the background, it was kind of perfect.

2. Pacey and Joey on the side of the road. Dawson’s Creek is a WB teen drama classic so obviously it was making the list. But there were a lot of steamy makeout sessions to choose from. I went with Pacey and Joey’s first kiss. Because they’re way better suited for one another than Dawson and Joey. And because I’m a sucker for the shut up kiss. Don’t ya ever get tired of talking? 

1. Ross and Rachel in the cafe. A tough choice  but who could really compete with the two season in the making, anger induced, passion filled kiss that officially started the will-they-won’t-they Ross and Rachel saga? No one. That’s why they’re number one, ladies. That’s why they’re number one.

What are some other memorable pop culture makeout moments that I left out? Leave a comment and share your favorites! 



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    2. baa says:

      Josh & donna the west wing

    3. Molly says:

      Jim and Pam on the Office!

    4. Jeff says:

      Great list. I would mention Sam & Cindy on Freaks and Geeks.
      Its a personal highlight of mine.

    5. cate says:

      cappie and casey, seth and summer, chuck and blair, this list is perfect.
      but there's also ephram and amy, final scene of everwood.
      dean and rory from gilmore girls, "because i love you you idiot!"

    6. AndreaS says:

      Couldn't agree more with Logan/Veronica and Chuck/Blair. Very "WTF! …mmm that's hot" I do have to add Roswell's Michael and Maria sucking face on the Crashdown afterhours with "Put your Light On" by Santana playing in the background (the actual original song, not the one from the DVD). Yes, I'm that old, I saw it when it was first airing on the WB.

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    8. nat says:

      @cate Yes, Rori and Dean!!!! "Because I love you, you idiot!" Great scene. also Luke and Lorelai's first kiss at the inn testrun. "will you just stand still?" then kirk runs through naked lol

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