7 Ways to Keep Your Relationship Fresh

Every relationship has its point where things begin to seem a bit…well…dull. When you first start dating, the excitement of getting to know someone new, trying new things and having new experiences is exhilarating and helps to keep the spark alive. But after a while when the “new” hype has died down, we look for other ways to spice things up in our relationship. Instantly we think, the bedroom! But spicing things up between you and your boyfriend doesn’t necessarily have to mean amping up your sex life. Staying connected is what’s most important, in whatever way possible.

Although I am all for keeping things hot in the bedroom, here are a few ways that you and your boyfriend can keep the relationship fresh by staying connected. Trying out at least a few of these tips will be sure to give your relationship the face lift its been needing.

What are some ways you and your boyfriend stay connected? Share below!



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    3. marsh says:

      Strongly agree with #1!

    4. I do agree with the above suggestions. However, if you're in a long distance relationship, some ideas should be added though. Like to surprise your partner with gifts or give them surprise visits. They may sound simple but they actually work.

    5. FRANCIS HOPE says:


      1. lovedoctor says:

        The trick is to stop looking! It may seem like there is know one out there. But I can tell you there is. You may go through 30 men and search near and far, but the second he comes to you will be the second you aren't expecting it.:)

    6. Jenny says:

      If you are looking for some tips on relationships check out, I found this to be really helpful!

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    8. Gideon Duru says:

      In a relationship where ur girl friend is cheating on u nd u love her so much that u don’t wan’t to loose her,what do you do?

      1. Evangeline Eriksson says:

        How could you love someone who cheats you? She hurts you, she doesn´t care about you, why would you think she loves you too?

      2. Ingrid says:

        I'd look at myself really hard to find out whether I am co-dependent. We can also love some one and NOT be with them if they treat us without respect. Personally, I cannot love without trust.

    9. kayley says:

      fighting is healthy, but why on earth would you want to schedule a night to fight?

    10. Brenda says:

      I don't like the "Schedule a fight" idea. It kind of sounds like a peer performance review…uncomfortable. I think a lot of the times the best way to handle conflict is to talk about it in the moment, to not let it fester. Let's say a guy does something that I don't like, for example, touching my face when his hands are sweaty from exercise (PET PEEVE). I wait around 2-5 minutes and then say "Hey ____, let's not make a big deal out of it, but you know 2-5 minutes when you touched my face with sweaty hands? Yeah, I don't like that." And then the guy usually says "Oh sorry, I didn't know" and I say "It's okay. Let's go get pizza." CRISIS AVERTED

      This wait five minutes and then bring it up quickly and let it go model works for almost everything.

    11. loveth says:

      only God knows what our lives holds

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