How to Survive without Harry Potter

I read “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” for the first time when I was 12 years old. I am now 22. For at least ten years, we have all lived with the saga of Harry Potter existing in a sort of screensaver background to our lives. I can measure events through high school by Harry Potter book releases and movie premieres. The end of Harry Potter really signifies the true end of childhood for us. And now, as the premiere for the very last Harry Potter movie approaches, I have to wonder: how the hell are we going to survive without Harry Potter?

I mean, really? What excuse will we have for discussing the politics of a fantasy world without looking like complete nerds? What other opportunities will exist for us to dress up in schoolgirl outfits and capes? Let’s be real: Harry Potter was the greatest thing to ever happen to us. It became socially acceptable to tap into your inner nerd. So, really, what are we going to do now?

Now that we won’t have Harry Potter, that triumphant hero, in our lives, I have a few suggestions that may or may not work.

Stock up Harry Potter merch. Have a friend who works at a theater? Ask them to sneak you a few extras – bracelets, buttons, posters, standees, whatever they have. Then, slowly but surely, build that little nerd shrine in your closet. (Just kidding, but seriously.)

Spruce up your collection. Personally, my collection of Harry Potter books are looking a little rough (and my brother lost all the jackets for the hard covers, which is adorable). Can I recommend scouring thrift stores for not-bad copies of Harry Potter? That way, you can keep your memories looking pretty, rather than like leftovers from the $1 book bin at a flea market.

Rev up your envy of Emma Watson. If there is anything I’ve learned from the Harry Potter movies, it’s that I want to be Emma Watson. She’s pretty; she’s intelligent; she’s actually kind of talented; she’s rich. Then, every time you see her in a non-Harry Potter movie you can remember your jealousy, and affection, for her as Hermione.

Massive post-Harry Potter party. After you’re done being emotionally compromised by the last movie, and after you’ve driven home crying hysterically, throw yourself a Harry Potter themed party. Have your friends wear their best wizard or witch gear; drink “butterbeer” (beer); and play all the Harry Potter movies on loop. Harry Potter drinking game is optional, but highly recommended.

Read Harry Potter blogs. Get your HP fix by rereading the musings of others. Can I recommend Rereading Harry Potter? Interesting and funny analysis of the Harry Potter books. Reading the thoughts of other fans is pretty much perfect for remembering why you loved the books in the first place.

Find a new obsession. Seriously… Superman, Ryan Reynolds, reading exercise magazines. Find something else to focus on so you don’t constantly remind yourself that your childhood is over.

If all else fails, Denial. Do you really think J.K. Rowling is going to just let this cash cow die? I do not think so. Prepare for an onslaught of vaguely Harry Potter related material from J.K., including the mysterious Pottermore and maybe a book or five.



    1. Britney says:

      Thank you:)

      Best HP related post all week:)

      You rock:)

    2. flippydoodle says:

      This is wonderful! I just turned 20 today, and I have been reading Harry Potter since I was 10 or 11. I related perfectly to what you said! My childhood is over😦

      But I moved on from Harry Potter after the last book came out in 2007. I didn't much care for any of the movies. But Hallows Part I was so damn good and emotional, that I am sad that Hallows Part II will be the last movie. Wish all the movies in the series were of this good quality.

      I think I will probably be watching the movie with a haze of tears, lol. Also, to be a little bit more in denial, I won't be watching the movie straightaway, but a week later. I know, I sound so lame, but what to do😉

      Anyways, I wrote a bit of a nostalgia post on my blog for those who feel a bit similar:

    3. Larkin says:

      There are actually a lot of recipes for Butterbeer online. I've even found a few that were able to replicate the stuff you can get from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, which is apparently the best.

    4. Nicole says:

      Such a good post. Best 10 years of my life. As soon as I'm done watching the movie tomorrow I will be 20. Best way to end being a teenager. Ever.

    5. Kelly says:

      become obsessed with Game of Thrones. all the books are like 900 pages and the show only just started.

    6. lynn says:

      you can read hp fanfictions at…
      i guarantee some of them are incredibly good (not to close to the original story) but what the hell, i still get my harry potter dose.

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    8. Lizzy says:

      haha love this =D
      denial is my favourite suggestion, I can't wait to read the stories to my kids some day!

    9. Sara says:

      Good alcoholic version of butterbeer: butterscotch schnapps + cream soda. It makes your teeth hurt, but it's damn good.

    10. Mariana says:

      Debial is definitely the word of the week. How can it be over???????

      Great post!

    11. Mariana says:

      Denial is definitely the word of the week. How can it be over???????

      Great post!

    12. Cortney says:

      Some more suggestions that I'm surprised you forgot:
      – You can already sign up for Pottermore beta-testing. They're selecting 1 million people to beta-test the new interactive site which doesn't open to the public until October.
      – Start listening to MuggleCast. Start from episode 1 or a more recent Podcast to relive or continue following all things Potter for the future. They're free off the website ( and iTunes.

    13. Olive says:

      I was crying in the theatre and on the way home. It was so sad. I was just barely tearing up when it ended but the epilogue killed me. They didn’t wait for me, those bastards.

    14. Carina Ice says:

      Hi! The photo used in this post is actually one that I took. I'd appreciate a credit somewhere in this post, as the photo is copyrighted.… Thank you!

    15. Samie says:

      Become a Mugglenet Interactive staffer and live in a world where your friends are HP fanatics, just like you — all day, EVERY day. Follow HP twitter feeds & rejoice in the fact that no matter how "finished" people claim the series is, it will always live on in our hearts, and Hogwarts will always be home.❤

    16. Lia says:

      I'm definitely coping by visiting Harry Potter world at Disneyworld in FL!

    17. eliza says:

      This is incredible. I love you. PS my HP drinking game rule was drink whenever something magical happens. How magical is up to you😉 Love, Eliza

    18. If all else fails, there are a host of Harry Potter roleplaying boards and dedicated dorks who will keep this going on through the end of time. If Star Trek still has nerds dressing up for conventions, I think Harry Potter is pretty safe from ever really ending.

    19. ChuckGreen says:

      NERDS!!!!! Harry Potter Sux

    20. Lolwut says:

      Yeah, really Harry Potter is really old and stale… come on people grow up >.>

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