The Worst Advice Incoming Freshman Receive

It seems like just yesterday I was an awkward freshman getting ready for the big move in. Before you take the plunge into the best four days of your life, pretty much everyone from older siblings to family friends reliving their frat days has some advice to offer you. Sometimes you receive gems, like tips on how to navigate a gross cafeteria or where the best study spots on campus are, but sadly that’s not always the case. Here is a round up of the worst advice incoming freshman receive.

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    1. Freya says:

      Nice article I agree with most of the advice but I don't think for all (or even most) people the beginning of college is "the best four days of [their] lives". It's hectic, nerve wracking, very tiring and while quite fun not nearly as good as the times when you've settled in and figured out who you're friends are.

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    3. Ashley says:

      "The best four days of your lives"
      Haha so true, and sad at the same time.

    4. Chinwe Oniah says:

      Number 3. I WISH SOMEONE WOULD HAVE TOLD ME!!! Good thing my grades are all right now. I used one of those sites like Chegg to get my books because I was never wanted to buy them (hence my failure of a freshman year : /) I really like StingyCampus though, that's worked out pretty well.

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    6. guest says:

      make sure ur profs & ta's know u & u know them & attend office hours at least 1x. rappor is everything!

    7. jan says:

      My first week of college (before classes started) was hell. I was miserably homesick, had no appetite, insanely bored, knew nobody, the people on my dorm floor were all high-school buddies, my roommate left all week with a guy she met at orientation (she turned out to be crazy) and was never invited to any parties. Honestly…the single worst week of my life.

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    9. Megan says:

      I’ve got another piece of bad advice: you don’t need to pick a major until you’re a junior. Yeah, you don’t have to officially claim one right away but it really helps if you at least have an idea of what field you want to go into. This way you can more evenly spread out the classes you need instead of taking all your core classes at once and then all your major classes at once.

    10. Beth says:

      I don’t think the first part of the article was trying to say that the first days of college are the best, I kind of took it to mean that college goes by so quickly it will only seem like 4 days not years.

    11. Casey says:

      All grades matter. I cant understand the people who think they don't. Middle school grades determined what classes you'd be in in High School, High School grades determined what Schools you'd get into, what classes you'd start out with in said school, and what scholarships you qualified for to pay for those classes, and college grades matter for what programs you will be accepted into, and your GPA matters for what jobs you'll get. With all that, how can anyone say that any grade doesn't matter? I guess that was my success though, realizing that grades and GPA are extremely important.

    12. Jess says:

      I think the worst advice I got from a family member was to not work my freshman year.

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