Most Popular Food Chains on College Campuses

College kids are world-renowned sleepers, partiers and–most importantly–eaters. Hey, we can’t help it. The Freshman 15 is easy to gain when you have so much great food around campus. College towns are famous for their food chains–from sandwiches to pizza to…well it’s mainly sandwiches and pizza. But it’s all delicious, and we’ve compiled a list of the Best of the Best on campuses across the nation.

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    1. Kenzie says:

      I go to Ball State, where the founder of Papa John's went until he dropped out to focus on his business. They cater a lot of campus events for cheap, and cut you a deal if you show your student id when paying. Plus it's delicious. LOVE. PAPA. JOHN'S.

    2. I can honestly say I have been to most all of those places, but when I think of food on a college campus I cannot help but think about Labamba's their slogan is "Burritos as big as your head". They are pretty popular in the midwest and they do live up to their slogan. If you ever get a chance check them out. They also stay open pretty late.

    3. christiannee says:

      seriously, why does chipotle make you pay for chips??

    4. Mira Lax says:

      Chipotle: It goes out of your body faster than it goes in!

    5. me golame says:

      No BW3?

    6. Kate says:

      my campus is in the midwest (in a large city) and doesn't have most of these (at least not on campus…maybe elsewhere in the city they do?) I had never heard of maybe 15 of these places. Then again I don't eat much fast food.

    7. […] for good eats. Their picks include Campus Candy, Which Wich, Pita Pit, Wing Zone, and Five Guys. Click here for the full […]

    8. Emily says:

      i work at five guys! and trust me.. we really do give out A LOT of fries. i recommend getting a grilled cheese with a patty in the middle. om nom nom. sooooooo good.

    9. han says:

      In Athens, everyone rides a moped…

    10. Deb says:

      Hahaha, I have worked at 4 of the places you listed! I go to school at Penn State and we just got a Campus Candy last spring, but I haven't been there yet.

    11. georgiaonafasttrain says:

      which wich was my favourite place to eat! i miss it SOOOOOO much! i also enjoyed pita pit… but seriously nothing can top which wich for taste. dominos and starbucks are grossssssssss in my opinion.

    12. jayjay26 says:

      My favorites are Wing Zone, Mellow Mushroom, and of course, Starbucks!

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