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Since I basically live in workout clothes, I’ve had to revamp my closet to make room for $100 couture spandex. It gets pretty ridiculous paying so much for fitness clothes, but this is how I see it: when you look good, you feel good and you perform even better! Wearing booty lifting shorts and accentuating tops motivates me to go 110% at the gym.

Jockey Person to PersonĀ® has come out with a new line of active-wear for women and to be honest, I’m pretty surprised. They sent me a shirt to review (shown below) and I took it out for a 6-mile run along Venice Beach. What did I think?

Let’s start with the cons. Jockey sizes tend to run bigger than normal and I’ve never been able to figure out why. I normally wear a size Small or 4, which usually fits quite perfectly. Mind you, I like my fitness clothes tight because I hate when there’s extra fabric flapping around as I’m doing squat jumps. I received a size XS and it was a lot looser than I’m used to. The cut of the shirt was very conservative – it covered all of my chest and extended below the hip.

Now on to the pros. Like I mentioned before, I was extremely impressed with the shirt! Although it wasn’t as snug as I wanted, it did feel comfortable. The design of the shirt is attractive, but not too loud. It has dry-wicking fabric so I was able to sweat like crazy in the SoCal weather and still feel cool. I didn’t have to tug or pull at my shirt, which is normally my biggest concern when I’m running.

If you’re interested in checking out Jockey’s new line of fitness wear for women, I encourage taking a second look at it. Just make sure you reference the sizing chart before ordering!

So tell me – what’s your normal go to outfit when working out? Are you a couture fitness chick or does the sweatpants/old tee look do it for you?

** Author’s edit: Jockey Person to PersonĀ® is a different branch than Jockey itself. They offer a line of fitness wear and fashionable clothing for the active woman. Check out some other great styles here.



    1. nexi says:

      Is it bad I have no problem running in just a sports bra? I get some looks every now and then but it's a 110 degrees outside! Gimme a cute sports bra and I'll pay whatever:)

    2. HDW says:

      No loose sweats for me unless I'm at home on the couch:). At Fuse Pilates in DC I'm in either form fitting Lululemon or Hard Tail Forever in order to move easier without getting caught up on my clothing.
      As for the sports bra – rock on girl, if you're confident enough to run in it outside, do it! Im not in love when people do that at the gym, but outside is a different story at 110.

    3. Nice photos. I like her outfit, It's look so comfortable to wear specially when you are doing a work out every morning. Good work.:)

    4. Robbi says:

      Nice. I need to collect some running gear. I'm just now starting to love running thanks to

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