Nick at Nite: The Classics Teach Us Valuable Lessons For College

Starting tonight, Teen Nick is airing 90s nostalgia at midnight. Hello childhood. At first I was struggling to come up with reasons why staying up until 4am was justified but then I realized I could write this off as an educational experience. Not only did my favorite shows teach me valuable lessons as a youngin’, but these shows clearly just keep on giving to a 21 year old, too.



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    2. natasiarose says:

      Ahhh I live right by a "Goodburger" in NYC. Every time I pass by I think "Welcome to Goodbuger, Home of the Goodburger. Can I take your odder?"

    3. Mel says:

      Has anyone been watching Teen Nick these past couple of days?? Nick shows from the 90s starting at midnight!😀 (I think this week is All That, Clarissa Explains it All, Doug, and Kenan & Kel. Me thinks it changes next week? :P)

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    5. Annie says:

      Confusing title, the programming block isn't called "Nick at Nite" it's called the "The 90s Are All That."

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