Men Are Dirty

And I don’t mean dirty in a good way. I mean gross, like they don’t wash things. And I’m not just making this up because I know a few dirty boys. Clorox did a study and found the proof.

Here’s a few reasons why men are disgusting:

1. They wear dirty underwear. This is one that Clorox just came out with. Come on guys, I’m not gonna say I won’t wear a shirt a few times before I wash it. But underwear?

2. They don’t wear socks. This might just be from personal experience with my mom constantly having to buy my brother those little balls you put in shoes to make them stop smelling so horrible, but I’m pretty sure my brother is not the only one.

3. It’s a mystery how often they shower. Some of them may shower a lot, but you can’t really ever tell. For girls, our hair gets nasty and it’s really obvious when we skip a shower. With guys, however, they could go a week and the only indication would be the smell. And I would guess that some of them do.

4. They don’t wash their sheets. This is another one that Clorox recently pointed out. I don’t even want to know what goes on in your beds, guys. And you can’t even throw the sheets in the laundry a little more often? It really doesn’t take that much effort.

5. They never clip their toenails. You know you’ve seen it. You look down at a guy’s foot and his toenails are like, three inches past his toe. And yellow. Sick.

6. They never clean the bathroom. They may have less hair to shed all over the place than girls, but that doesn’t mean they can ignore their bathroom duties. Get some Scrubbing Bubbles, they make it kind of fun. Promise.

Any reasons guys are gross that I missed?

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    1. Jake says:

      This must only apply to straight men.

    2. Ashley says:

      I really, really, really hope no one takes this seriously. I'm a chick and I'm guilty of all of these things. And the shower one is totally false. I don't use any cleansing products at all, I'm water head-to-toe, yet you'd never be able to tell unless I specifically told you. And I've gone times when I only showered 1-2 times a week, but no one ever knew.

      1. jenna says:

        lol, oh i'm sure people knew. they were just too repulsed to get close enough to tell you.

      2. Sophie says:

        I am of the firm belief that we are convinced that we need to shower more often than we actually need to.

      3. criolle johnny says:

        Americans shower more than we need. French … to say they do the opposite is understating.
        I'll spare you the French hygiene jokes. Visit Dennis Miller online for those.

      4. alice says:

        I think everybody should shower once a day, but I think north americans go overboard with having to smell amazing all the time. People sweat, it's natural and that should be okay.

    3. […] Now – yesterday I was basically told a friend that men need an equivalent to how women say “I can’t be with a man who spends more time in front of the mirror than I do.”  Well I feel like for Gents it should be, “I can’t be with a woman who’s dirtier than I am” and trust me – they do exist!  Ironically enough, I come across this article from popular blog CollegeCandy.com in my Google Reader today simply called: Men Are Dirty. […]

    4. Danae says:

      i remember in high school there was a guy whom i could tell when he had taken a shower and when he had not. it was one of the first things i noticed when i greeted him after walking into the classroom. it was obvious by whether his hair was greasy or not. i kind of wanted to point it out to him but i never did.

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    6. Christina says:

      Men that line up girls to get laid and lie to their face bragging about how they "aren't going to have sex" but then expect it and disrespect the female by not using protection even and giving them a bacterial infection or even worse putting them at very high risk for HIV AIDS. The female always gets blamed but I know in many instances the females avoid going to any guys house because we all know they're pigs. BOTTOM LINE IS YOU HAVE NO RESPECT FOR YOUR HEALTH STOP RUINING EVERYONE ELSE'S. SEX IS NOT THAT GOOD ESPECIALLY WITH A DIRTY MAN.

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