Celebrities With the Most Cray Cray Personal Lives

I love watching reality tv as much as the next girl, but sometimes I get a little down when I realize most of the on-screen antics are completely staged. (I mean, did Kim Kardashian really drink her sister’s breast milk? Probs not. At least I hope not.) With that said, often the crazier plot lines take place in the very real lives of our fave celebs.

And sure, most celebrities have crazy personal lives. But this bunch takes it to a whole other level. Small diva moments from these superstars, wouldn’t cause us to bat an eye. I can’t help but be fascinated with their biz and live a little bit vicariously…perhaps.



    1. qwer says:

      er… 50 cent wrote his 1st album with his jaw wired shut, not Kanye. Just sayin'.

    2. Pierlisia says:

      er….Kanye was in a severe car accident which required his jaw to be restructured and wired….and yes he did write his 1st album, as well as, 50 Cent….so er….get all the facts B4 u start checkn somebody…er

    3. dee says:

      No, it was Kanye. Have you ever heard the song "Through the Wire"?

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