Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: Rachel Bilson Blazes in Her Blazer

Rachel Bilson never fails to impress. She always makes fashion look so simple and easy. That’s what all of my favorite fashionistas have in common. Even if they spend 5 hours on their outfits, it always looks like 5 minutes. True style is a reflection of your personality, so it shouldn’t look forced or uncomfortable. But enough with my philosophizing, let’s get to the clothes.

gray blazer – Macy’s, $34.99; gray hobo bag – New York & Co, $11.99; black booties – DSW, $9.94; denim shorts – American Eagle, $29.99; boyfriend shirt – Lands’ End, $19.99; sunglasses – Forever 21, $5.80

Blazers always make me swoon, and I’m totally jealous of wherever Rachel is that it’s cool enough to even wear one (why does summer have to be soooo hot?). This gray one is perfect for layering. Boyfriend shirts will never go out of style, and they always look sexy paired with a blazer. Denim shorts make this look more summer appropriate, and take it towards a more casual place, especially distressed ones. Black booties add a little rock star/Taylor Momsen-y edge, which fits in very smoothly with this ensemble that flirts very coyly with “grunge.” Accessories include a great, functional, cute little gray bag and classic wayfarer sunglasses. It’s an interesting outfit for day or (especially) for night that combines comfort with sexiness.



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    2. highstreethottiiee says:

      I want to try this outfit….:)

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    4. Nancy says:

      UPSIDE, INSIDE-OUT,I’m driving Rachel LOCA!She’ll push and then pull you out!I know bscauee I POKED HER! Just for the record, it wasn’t that good.I mean, she’s a little bony.But, then again, it could have been bad bscauee I actually like guys.Who knows!?Point being- I had sex with Rachel and you didn’t, Toph.So what if all my songs suck? So what if I was in Menudo? The fact remains that I’m poking Summer and you’re not.Frost these tips, bitch.

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